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Last week we talked to you about the sustainability initiatives we're investing time into at Rock My Wedding. Including Recycle My Wedding. And we promised we'd be back this week with some really easy, quick win, sustainability initiatives/changes you can make to your own businesses to become more eco-friendly. 

Here are our 6 favorite quick wins when it comes to sustainable practices for your business.

Donate to sustainable causes

Donating to sustainable causes is one of the easiest ways to make a difference to the environment. You can offset some of your carbon footprint and maybe even re-wild forests. Oh, hang on... You already do that as part of your membership to Recommended. So you can get that one ticked off your list. Of course, feel free to donate outside of your Rock My Wedding membership. We'd love to hear about the sustainable causes that you support. Not sure what your carbon footprint looks like - you can work it out here.


Think outside of your day-to-day

Let's look at your supply chain. Where does your paper stock come from? Is it recyclable? What practices do your printers have in place to be more sustainable? Who do your suppliers donate too or how do they run their businesses to be eco-friendly? Investigate who you are working with along the way to make sure they align with your ethics.


Turn your lights off

Did your parents always moan at you to stop the tap when you brush your teeth or to turn the light off when you leave the room? Turns out that they were right and these simple practices can still help you become more eco-friendly. And what about the energy you use? Is that from a sustainable provider? Not sure? Most energy companies will state their sustainability practices on their websites. Considering swapping to a more sustainable company? Just visit any comparison website and you can easily find a company to switch to. 


Take the sustainability quiz

We love this quiz from Compare Ethics where you can find out just how sustainable your business already is. It will likely ask you some questions you probably haven't considered yet so as well as giving you a sustainability score it also gives you some food for thought too. If you want to broaden your knowledge of sustainability in business and understand more ways in which you can become more sustainable on a deeper level, we really enjoy the change-maker articles on the ING site. 


Recycling & REplacing - get clued up

Ink cartridges, batteries (unless you're going reusable which is preferable), paper. Build recycling into your day-to-day operations. Are you using both sides of the paper before you recycle it? For a full list of items that can be recycled, you can check out this website. It allows you to search for items you're unsure about what to do with too. Could you replace bottled water with a water filter? Maybe get a reusable coffee cup instead of relying on take-away cups? Assessing your day-to-day use and making micro-changes can have a big long-term impact.


Spread the word

Encourage colleagues and customers to also be more sustainable. You can recommend easy changes you have made to them and the benefits of those changes. You can point your couples in the direction of our sustainable and eco-friendly wedding articles. And you can mention Recycle My Wedding to them too. And don't forget to let them know that you donate to Trees For Life every month. The population is becoming way more eco-savvy and so by shouting about your eco-friendly practices, you could just win out over the competition. 

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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