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You’ve heard of an elevator pitch, right? The idea is you have 15 seconds to convince someone of your idea/product/service. 15 seconds. It’s not long, is it? Although if you’ve ever recorded an Instagram story then you’ll be pretty used to only having 15 seconds to cram everything in. Here’s everything you need to know to nail the elevator pitch on your Recommended profile.

Get to the point

Remember, it’s just 15 seconds. We’ve applied a word count to your description in order to help you make it punchy and to the point. The best place to start is to write everything down that you want to say. All of it. And then read it and edit it down. And then do that again. And again. Until you’re left with your 200 (ish) characters. Each time you read it you will be able to refine your words. That might mean reformatting sentences or changing two sentences for one but using more descriptive words to get to your point more quickly.

Use Grammarly

And a thesaurus. We’re not all wordsmiths. And you don’t have to be. With loads of great grammar apps, such as Grammarly, it’s very hard to get it wrong. Don’t have an extensive vocabulary? That’s fine too… Use an online thesaurus to help you get more creative with your adjectives.


You can edit and update your elevator pitch any time you like by signing into your dashboard and selecting 'edit profile'. Remember that it’s really important to have a consistent tone of voice when it comes to selling your product or service. You can find out more about creating your tone of voice in this business hub article.


What to say

Couples want to know who you are and what you do and most importantly, why you do it. Your ‘why’ is so important. What is your USP? What is unique about your offering? Tell them. Consider asking your audience a question. E.g. Are you ready to create the menu of your dreams? 

Add a CTA

CTA is short for Call To Action. Let couples know your preferred way of contact so they know what to do next. E.g. ‘Give me a call!’. Couples can contact you via the contact form on your Recommended profile or they can call you or visit your website.

And that folks, is all you need to include! Not as daunting as you perhaps thought right?

Here's what our elevator pitch might sound like as an example:

At Rock My Wedding we want you to have your day your way. As well as our intuitive online platform where you can log in, favourite articles and peruse our network of recommended industry suppliers we also have a pro-planet pre-loved sales site; Recycle. We also have a podcast. And a book.

We want you to have a marriage even more beautiful than your wedding.

Ready to get inspired?

Have fun creating your elevator pitch and defining your business description. Remember, it should be a reflection of your brand so get creative, enjoy the process of refining your description and tell all of our incredible couples your why!

Written by Becky Sappor

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