Our eyes have been popping out of their sockets at all the divine inspiration we've been treated to this afternoon by Gluecksmoment and Julia Schick. From the pink wedding flowers to the intimate sweetheart table, whiskey station and dessert table, no stone has been left unturned to ensure this nature-inspired elopement has it all. Look out for the bride's interchangeable shoes too, effortlessly changing from kitten heel to block heel and stiletto depending on your preference. Genius.

Spring, nature-inspired elopement on the rocks at Dörenther Klippen in Germany with greenish seafoam, teal, violet and pink hues.

Inspiration & Styling

Since we liked the austere look of the bare cliffs, we chose to shoot our editorial in Spring, so that the trees would still be bare, while our florist Anne Oberwalleney of Ikoflowers would have the abundance of Spring flowers to choose from. Adding some blush and light pinks to the teal and lilac colour palette. The beautiful flowers complemented the ginger hair of our sweet couple. Anne only used sustainably grown flowers and worked completely without using floral foam. We had the idea that our bride Kim should look like a wood nymph in Spring, with flowers in her hair and natural, minimal makeup and our stylist Daniela Gessner did some awesome work, as the hair stayed that way all day without needing any adjustment

Julia Schick


Pink Wedding Flowers

Hands up who has fallen for the immense colour scheme and florals?! I know I have. The beautiful use of cool turquoise decor against the stunning pink wedding flowers is mesmerising. From the delicate cheery blossom branches to the deep purple tulips and coral ranunculus, every stem brings this elopement on the rocks to life. And, although these are Spring blooms, the delicious jewel colours wouldn't look out of place at an Autumn wedding too.

Styling & Planning

Since we wanted our shoot to be as realistic as possible, we kept our decorations as minimal as possible. A couple eloping this way probably wouldn’t have tons of people trampling around in nature, so we chose to style everything like a sort of elopement picnic just for the couple tucked away between the cliffs. From the crockery over the stationery to the cakes and macarons, everything was inspired by the structure and colours of the rocks. For the table setting, wedding planner and designer Katharina Grownwald-Stolte chose a light seafoam-coloured table cloth to set off the hand-made Portuguese ceramic by Motel a miio. The water-colour wedding stationery by Jubelzeiten was also handmade by Designer Julia Kehrt especially for this shoot to mirror the shapes the ice age left behind on the rocks in a soft way.

Julia Schick
As photographer Julia Schick mentions "One of the great advantages of eloping is the chance to take couple photos whenever the light is best. Of course, the golden hour has the most amazing light, but at a normal wedding, you’d normally be having dinner. We love the idea of having a beautiful, intimate wedding where the couple doesn’t have to consider other people’s wishes or expectations and only does what the bride and groom want." We've seen this carefree attitude on so many of our featured elopements, search our archives and see for yourself.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Planning : Gluecksmoment | Florist: IKO Flowers | Hair & Makeup: Daniela Gessner | Stationery: Jubel Zeiten | Crockery: Motel a Miio | Cake: Tortenmacher | Macaroons: Jö Makrönchen | Bridal Shoes: Mim e Moi | Grooms Shoes: Hobo Shoes | Malefiz | Dress: ASOS | Models: Florian | Kim

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