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Stylish Balloon Cloud Wedding Decor at Soho House London with Bride in Sassi Holford Separates and Bridesmaids in Nude Ghost Dresses by Irene Yap Weddings Pin Image

Stylish Balloon Cloud Wedding Decor at Soho House London with Bride in Sassi Holford Separates

The best thing about working at Rock My Wedding is seeing all the innovative ways couples decorate their weddings. People’s true personalities really shine through and you get a sense for what couples are really like. We can tell from Caroline & Dan’s gorgeous balloon cloud they are a super stylish, incredibly fun couple. They also give great advice to future newlyweds “Just do you”. Don’t try and please anyone else, do the things you want, have the food you like and revel in a day that’s all about you both. Just be a bit selfish and don’t worry too much what people think – the main thing is you have the best time.” Here, here!

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Tara & Ben

Irene Yap is a legend behind the lens, beautifully capturing epic moments at this festival and feather filled wedding weekend at The Copse in Berkshire. It certainly helps that bride and groom Tara and Ben are ridiculously cool and totally into each other. The love and laughter they share is off the chart and will have you beaming from ear to ear.

The couple envisioned, designed and made all the decorations at their natural stretch tent reception, not without a little help from their family and friends, and not without a good old helping of planning and style from Wedding Planner Jenna Hewitt.

Add a truly stunning bespoke gown, a pizza van, and a dressing up box and you have the makings of one hell of a wedding.

Nadia & Michael by Irene Yap Photography Pin Image

Nadia & Michael

Nadia & Michael undoubtedly had their day their way. From the Townhall hotel wedding venue chosen for sentimental reasons, to the bright florals and all those delicious meringue treats. Not to mention Nadia’s beautiful blush bridal separates, consisting of a tulle skirt and detailed corset top.

When there’s contemporary vibes and a whole lot of love on display, I can’t think of a better photographer to capture all the precious moments than Irene Yap Photography.

Sian & Robin by Irene Yap Weddings Pin Image

Sian & Robin

Irene Yap Weddings I applaud you, because the image of groom Robin standing at the altar waiting for his bride Sian literally speaks a thousand words. I swear I can feel the exact same butterflies, love and anticipation as him, and as soon as I saw that image I couldn’t wait to see more.

Not only will you go on an emotional journey at this fabulous city wedding, but you will also be mesmerised by the stunning St Stephen’s Trust, deconsecrated church venue. It screams elegance, history and looks like it was the perfect place to celebrate such a lovely union.

Now on to bride Sian’s exquisite Inbal Raviv gown, which I thought was not only elegant, but incredibly stylish with its cutaway midriff, almost giving the illusion of bridal separates. Her maids look just as beautiful in floral gowns and matching them perfectly are the sumptuous red blooms by Panache Flowers.

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Ceri & Andrew

Ceri and Andrew are just the loveliest couple – I’m basing this purely on these gorgeous images from Irene Yap, along with Ceri’s words of course, but anyone who describes their other half as ‘the kindest man I’d ever met’ is clearly a lady who knows what’s important in life.

Irene’s work is always dreamy but there’s something extra special about these images. Whether it’s the golden late afternoon sunlight, or the loving vibe radiating from Ceri and Andrew, I don’t know, I’ll let you decide…

Leigh & Luca by Irene Yap Photography Pin Image

Leigh & Luca

There’s so much inspiration to take from this London wedding, probably the most relevant is how much fun you can have moving to different locations during your wedding day and the different dynamics you’ll gain from each venue.

Leigh & Luca had their heart set on a gondola ride from their ceremony at York House in Twickenham to their botanical reception at Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, resulting in some fabulous photo ops and memories captured by Irene Yap along the way.

Then you arrive at said botanical reception and your jaw hits the floor with all the beautiful blooms and decor. It’s literally a flower lovers heaven, so of course we feel right at home and will be enjoying this wedding over and over again.

Before I leave you to enjoy every last detail, I’d just like to say the brides immense gown… she made it. I know bloomin’ talented as well as bloomin’ beautiful.