Summer And Robin

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Summer & Robin: The Perfect Blank Canvas.

summer real bride header 2Today I’m going to be telling you a little bit about our venue.

Court Farm is a 16th Century farmhouse set in ten acres of grounds. A lovingly restored farm house just outside of Bath, it’s an absolutely beautiful, contemporary (yet rustic), comfortable home and business. I feel deadly excited to spend my wedding weekend there. The extended farm house has enough space for both of our families to be able to spend a joyous long weekend together. My family don’t really ‘do’ quiet and reflective, we’re a pretty rowdy bunch, but I’m looking forward to some personal (hungover) moments together the day after.

On the day of our wedding the outdoor space will be the main attraction. A marquee is going to be attached to the back of the barn to extend out to a dining area, leaving the main barn space free for dancing and a bar. This is were all my hard crafty work comes in. In my head it’s decked out in all the Pinterest ideas ever (and looks good) but what is it that Coco Chanel said…”simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. I will need to channel some Chanel where decorating is concerned or I might get a bit carried away. Or not, haha.

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Summer & Robin: The Inspiration.


Hello all you shiny lovely people. I am so overwhelmed to actually be a RMW real bride for 2014-2015. Although a part of me feels like an impostor: you see I’m not a hopeless romantic, we hardly ever do ‘date nights’, I don’t have a folder with clippings of my dream dress and Robin never buys me flowers (not since his uni days anyway when he worked in a corner shop and got the ones on their last legs for super cheap).

Having said that, we are the King and Queen of sarcasm and both have a deep love for anything weird and dorky. Holla to all the David Lynch fanatics in love. Plus Robin can sing the whole of the Men In Black theme word for word, and he understands what I’m saying with my mouth full of cookies. So yeah I’ve found my match and we have our own ideas about romanticism.

Our engagement story isn’t a huge extravaganza. I already wrote all about it here. My ring is called a teensy diamond ring which is pretty self explanatory. I am not a blingy girl, I don’t plan to cover anything in diamantes for my wedding day (sorry) and I couldn’t love my teensy diamond any more; it’s perfect.