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Bible Wedding Readings – Perfect Verses for A Modern Church Wedding

If you’ve chosen to have a church wedding, you will not be short of readings. The Bible has a lot to say about love. So much so, in fact, that it was quite the emotional task to whittle it down to our absolute favourite Bible wedding readings. We’ve shared some known favourites and found some hidden gems as well. The first section is full of verses that would be beautiful wedding readings and the second half of the post focuses more on small verses that would be perfect either read aloud, embedded in your wedding stationery or dotted around your venue. However you choose to use these verses, it’s a wonderful way to pepper your wedding day with words that have deep meaning. 

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Wedding Poems – 16 Of Our Favourite Love Poems

If ever there was a topic that warranted a poem, it’s love. And if ever there was an occasion to recite such romantic poetry, it’s your wedding day. You may already have a piece in mind that holds sentimental value for you. Or you may be looking for examples of wedding poems so you can choose the perfect loved themed verse, sonnet or haiku. We won’t pretend to know the difference between those types of poetry, but what we do know is that these are 16 of our absolute favourite wedding poems. 

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29 Modern Wedding Songs – That Can Be Performed Classically

No matter what type of wedding you’re planning on having, religious, traditional, wild, contemporary, relaxed or a beautiful smash of a few of the above… Music will play a big part. It will set the scene and tone, relax your guests and you. It will also be a big part of your lasting memories for years to come. That song will play on a random Sunday afternoon and transport you right back to the moment you walked up the aisle. Whilst creating those moments with traditional, classical pieces can be the perfect choice for some. Others may want to hear a more popular song that they know, love and already means a lot to them. We caught up with our talented List members, Adel and Karina from 2 of Harps to find out how to take those modern wedding songs and transform them into unexpected, beautiful classical harp pieces that you and your guests will love. 

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Funny Wedding Readings – An Unusual Selection To Give Your Guests A Giggle

Sometimes wedding ceremonies, whilst joyous, can be a little a bit laden with the enormity of what’s about to happen. Sometimes the room can feel full of all the love but still confined by the tradition of the ceremony. Sometimes it’s good to break that all up with a bit of a laugh. If having a laugh and subsequently relaxing your guests is important to both you and your other half, then you might want to include one of these beautiful yet hilariously funny wedding readings at your wedding ceremony.

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How To Personalise Your Wedding Vows

If the type of wedding ceremony you’re having allows you to personalise your wedding vows, then we think you should go for it! It makes your ceremony feel even more special and can often make you feel more relaxed because the words you’re saying really do come from the heart.

With a little help from our recommended wedding celebrants, we’ve pulled together some great advice to help your personalise your wedding vows in a way that’s truly authentic to you…

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10 Romantic Songs That Make Excellent Wedding Readings

If you’re on the hunt for alternative wedding readings, then have a think about using a song instead. There are a million love songs out there, all with absolutely gorgeous lyrics that you could use in place of a traditional wedding reading. Here are ten of our favourites…

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Wedding Reading Ideas For Your Non Religious Ceremony

When it comes to finding non religious wedding readings, it can be really hard to plough through the cheese, or find something that resonates to both you and your partner. Today we’re sharing some of our favourite, more unusual wedding reading ideas. More and more of you seem to be doing the legal bit in a small and intimate way, then going hell for leather on a humanist ceremony where you can have whatever readings and songs you fancy.

As always, we LOVE to find readings we’ve not come across before, so if you’re having something really different please let us know in the comments box below the post. Although I don’t think anyone will be able to top this wedding where they used the lyrics from ‘Ain’t Nobody’ by Chaka Khan 😉

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Rock My Wedding The Book – It’s Launch Day!

The 9th of February has been a significant date for the team for many months now. The day our book “Your Day Your Way” officially launches, we are so excited to see that so many of you have already pre-ordered, as I type we are already on the Amazon Bestsellers list – number 1 in Fashion!

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Wedding Readings – Ideas For Your Civil Ceremony

Choosing the wedding readings for your ceremony is one of the nicest jobs of wedding planning – whatever type of ceremony you are having, there is usually room for a personal reading or two. Often it’s something that you’ll work on with your fiancé, choosing meaningful literary extracts or poems that really relate to your relationship. And alongside the vows, it’s often the part of the wedding ceremony that brings tears of joy to my eyes. The world is full of beautiful writing on love – from passionate and intense Bronte novels to light-hearted poems by Edward Monkton, there’s something for everyone out there.

Our lovely couples often mention which wedding readings they’ve chosen for their big day so we’ve selected some of our favourites to share with you this afternoon. Some of the choices I think would make excellent wedding readings for little ones to read, but if you go down this route, make sure you have a backup plan in case of stage fright!

If you’re after more inspiration, check out these posts from our archives which contain even more ideas – Say it like you mean it & Speak to me of love. And as always, if you have any wedding readings you absolutely love, please do share them in the comments box below the post, we love finding new treasures we’ve never seen before.