My films are all creative & range from the emotional, to the quirky, to the totally wild. Whatever they are, they are designed with care specifically for each couple.


Why Should I have a wedding film?

Ever since I started filming weddings the one thing I get told the most is 'oh I wish I had my wedding filmed, it was my biggest regret' and the one thing I get told the most from couples that book me is 'it was the best thing I spent my money on'. Your wedding day really does go so quickly, people spend a lot of money on their wedding day, they will always have a photographer, but bafflingly some choose not to have a wedding film or they 'didn't budget for it'. I always sound like I am selling it to people when I say it but you will regret not budgeting for it, photographs don't capture the sounds, the speeches, the vows and they can't be formatted into something you can watch over and over again. The day flies by, I am there to make sure every element of that day remains on film, the sound of the guests mingling, the laughs, the congratulations, the cheers, all put to a beautifully selected soundtrack that suits your day and edited in a way that looks like a cinematic movie. I cannot express enough how much I believe every couple should have one, that's not said because I want people to pay me to do it, it's said because I genuinely believe they are the best way to bring your day back to life.

How do you film a wedding?

I have over 7 years experience in filming weddings now - which feels crazy to say! Throughout the day I pride myself on staying as inconspicuous as possible, gone are the days of giant shoulder mounted cameras. I have two very compact but incredibly good cameras and I stay in the shadows for the majority, but interacting just enough to have a good time with the guests and the happy couple. I have so many amazing reviews from couples saying they didn't even notice I captured some of the moments that I did and they were so shocked & in tears when they saw the final product. I capture everything naturally, but in a way that looks like a fully produced cinematic film. I take about 5/10 minutes of your time where I might ask you to pose for a few shots, usually around the same time as the photographer does, but apart from that, it's all natural.


Ben made not only the most amazing wedding video but unreal trailer too that still gets my hairs on end over a year later. Ben is clearly an incredible editor as he made us look amazing and in all seriousness he picked out the absolute best bits throughout. Ben was super relaxed in the lead up and was a calming and non invasive influence on the day. For those on the edge of whether to do a wedding video or not, do one and do it with Ben!

Becky & Fred

We cannot recommend Ben enough. He is super talented are what he does. So friendly and just slotted in on the wedding day, we barely noticed he was there! You can tell by the video how much he cares and can’t even imagine the time that goes into making them! If you are looking for a videographer definitely get in touch with Ben! Best videographer around! Ben you are awesome!! X

Chloe & Jack

Ben really is such a talent. We were hands down blown away by his creativity and uniqueness. If you want a wedding film like no other then look no further. People often don’t want to spend the extra money for a videographer but it really does bring something very different to the party. Photographs are incredible but having a video, capturing every essence of your day is something I would recommend to everyone. Ben captured our wedding in a way I never thought possible. He really makes every video personal to the couple and it evokes every emotion experienced. The time, thought and effort that Ben puts in is remarkable. Everyone who has seen our film says it’s like nothing they’ve ever seen. Friends even want to get married again so they can hire Ben! Thank you Ben for so much joy you’ll bring us for years to come. Book Ben - he’s definitely your man! Xxx

Liberty & Charlie

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