Book a wedding photographer who feels like a friend and will capture the day from the heart and create photos and video that will take you right back to the moment.


Hannah is a rare photography gem because she embodies three key traits: arranging beautiful compositions, having an eye for subject and context interaction, and capturing people's expressions. We really noticed how skilled she is in our very small setting at balancing actively directing people with staying in the background and just letting things happen. The icing on the cake is that Hannah is a fun and friendly person who you would like to add to your guest list.

Nikki & Thomas

Hannah is truly a class act and we’re so glad she captured our wedding! She made us feel so at ease and had so much helpful advice throughout the day. She has a knack of capturing the moments of pure joy in a wedding. Our photos and wedding video provide an absolutely perfect snapshot of our day and remind us every day of how much love, happiness and fun was involved! We can’t thank you enough!

Jonny & Laura

From start to finish Hannah was brilliant! She was lovely to work with, and really reassuring and supportive of the style we wanted. She really knows how get a beautiful shot without interrupting anything, the only other time we’ve had such stunning candid photos of ourselves was when she was taking them at a friends wedding when we first met her.

Laura & Jake

Camera Hannah is fantastic at capturing the mood and the moment. If someone cracks a real smile - she is there, if someone does a fabulous lunge on the dance floor - she is there - without even knowing she took the photograph! Her photos reflect humans at their best with all emotions involved. She has a unique gift for sensing when a moment is about to happen and captures it beautifully. A very warm and down to earth character. She was very easy to work with on the day, always happy to get some impromptu shots when we thought a moment needed capturing, even during the official group shots. We were very at ease with the photography in general it was not in the slightest bit intrusive. The short film captured the day so perfectly, we are really happy we chose to include this - such a magical thing to look back on! Everyone has commented on how wonderful it is!

Soleil & Dave

I couldn't have asked for a more super-chilled and helpful on the day person. She even helped with my brother's buttonholes and checked my makeup. She was just so good and made us feel so relaxed when we were really nervous about photos. And the video. Oh my god. So good. Even when we presented her with the ridiculous challenge of taking photos in the (very dark) longhouse she just was like "okay. That's fine. I can work with this." And she did!

Bethany & Loic

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