Hi, I'm Verity and I take beautiful traditions and make them personal by adding an extra special sprinkling of flourish and fun to make your ceremony one to remember!


Why should we pick you to be our celebrant?

I'm a young and dedicated celebrant, passionate about creating personalised ceremonies that reflect your unique love story to perfection. With meticulous attention to detail, I ensure every aspect of your ceremony is tailored to your style and preferences. Let's work together to transform your dream ceremony into a reality filled with meaning, beauty, and modern charm!

Are celebrant ceremonies legally binding?

Not currently! Therefore you will need to pop a booking in for a basic legal ceremony at a register office (most do this a week before their ceremony) to get the legal bit ticked. This simply involves saying a couple of sentences and signing a bit of paperwork. That's it! This means you can save all of the special bits like exchanging rings and saying vows for your wonderfully personal celebrant ceremony with all of your friends and family! You will also have to do something called giving notice, which is just signing another piece of paperwork to say that you intend to get married. All in all, the whole process will cost between £120-150 (depending on where you live) for the two of you. Easy peasy!

How will you make our wedding ceremony special?

I will ensure that your wedding ceremony fully embraces your personalities, styles and cultures, and is sprinkled with all the extra elements you desire to make it nothing less than perfection. Think traditionally beautiful, yet captivating ceremony with your choice of sentimental readings, family or religious traditions, and even modern twists!

How much will a ceremony with you cost?

My prices start from £750 with additional charges for symbolic rituals and rehearsals.

Do you do vow renewals too?

Yes! I put just as much time, care and love into my vow renewal ceremonies as I do my weddings, so the process is just the same!

Can we meet you before we book you?

Most definitely yes! I offer free, no obligation consultations to all potential clients.

Will you travel further afield?

Yes! I will always happily travel across the country (or abroad!), so please feel free to get in touch if your wedding is further afield.


Verity is a real life angel. She is so sweet, mindful and truly loves love. Her passion is shown so clearly in her work. She listened to the smallest details and created a script so unique to us it’s like she’s known us for years. I’m forever grateful for her creativity and kind heart. She made our ceremony so special and I’ll always be grateful for that ❤️

Bradley and Daniella

Where to start..! I don't think I have enough nice words to say about Verity! From the very first call, and for the entire duration, she was always super positive and excited to be working with us on our wedding. Her personality is infectious and we'd always come away more excited than when the call started! She was very thorough and flexible when gathering information to include in the script, but we never felt any pressure to disclose information - it was all at our own pace, and Verity was very patient! The script we received was so highly personalised and told our story so beautifully - we honestly couldn't have asked for anything better. Verity also helped with some suggestions of extra bits we could include in the ceremony to pad it out a bit since we didn't want any readings. Both ideas were completely unique - I had never seen them done at any other wedding before, and neither had most of our guests. Having the ring warming was a really nice touch, as it gave our guests the chance to give the well wishes and be involved in the ceremony, but also gave us a chance to sit for a few minutes and take in everything that was happening, instead of just standing at the front with all eyes on us the entire time. So many of our guests came to us afterwards to say what a lovely ceremony it was, and how wonderful Verity was throughout. They also mentioned how infectious her personality is, and I really think it helped set the tone for the rest of the day. I honestly can't recommend Verity highly enough - she is such a joy to work with, and you will have the most beautiful and unique ceremony with her in charge!

Sian and Jit

Verity is simply amazing and we cannot thank her enough for arranging such a personal and heartfelt ceremony. The script was beautiful and Verity took time to create something that was unique and tailored to us. It was an entirely delightful process which Verity ensured was seamless. Utterly professional with a bespoke and special touch. Thank you Verity! Andy and Amy Yarwood xx

Andy and Amy

Verity is a superstar in so many ways! Firstly, she stepped in late in our planning process after we had to find a new celebrant for our date. Even though timing was tight, her attention to detail, patience and expertise surpassed our expectations on so many levels. Verity puts her heart and soul into every ceremony she does and this shows through the exceptional scripts she produces. Our ceremony was crafted so beautifully with so many wonderful stories and moments of laughter. We couldn't have wanted anything better. We had amazing feedback from our guests who enjoyed how personal and full of love the ceremony was. Thank you Verity for making our day so special - we could not recommend you more highly!

Holly and Anthony

1000000 stars out of 5 I don't even know where to start. I'm not sure I have the words to give you the thank you that you deserve but I will certainly try. The best decision we made for our Wedding day was asking you to be our celebrant and to have a personal ceremony. It made a special day even more special but before we talk about the actual wedding day, we want to thank you for everything you supported us with throughout the whole wedding planning journey. Thank you for going above and beyond and helping us liaise with the venue and the registra when we were starting to feel overwhelmed. You didn't have to do that but you did that out of the kindness of your heart because you are such a kind, caring and helpful person. Then we come to the personal script. So beautiful, it made us both laugh and cry. We loved how personal it was and how nice it was to be able to share our story with all of our guests in this way. Thank you also for helping us to write our vows, your template/guide is so useful and really helped us with the structure and to balance the comical with the more sincere. Wedding day! What a beautiful couple you and Richard are, both inside and out. Everyone came to tell us just how wonderful our celebrant and service was and we could not agree more. You made us feel so comfortable whilst we were reading our vows in front of all of the guests, it was so lovely seeing your friendly face. Thank you also for being our M.C and coordinating the day so that we could just enjoy it. Richard, you were such a gentleman. When I looked across the room during the Wedding breakfast I saw you pouring everyone their drink, which was so so sweet but I hope you also managed to enjoy the day as a guest whilst also watching Verity in her element. We are so happy and honoured that you both stayed to celebrate the whole day with us. Thank you so much for capturing some special moments for us. Finally, thank you so much for the gorgeous gift of our personal script and vows. The presentation is beautiful and perfect for our keepsake box. We cannot wait to read through it again for our 1st year anniversary and over the years to come. Verity, you really have found your calling. I am so so proud of you. Love A&a

Alannah and Adam

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