We're a small, independent business who care passionately that you receive the most beautiful natural dried petal confetti and confetti packaging for your wedding day or event...and we're fast!


Is biodegradable confetti important nowadays?

In a word, Yes! Increasingly many wedding venues are now insisting on the use of natural, biodegradable confetti only! It's much easier for them from a cleaning perspective but more importantly it degrades naturally, avoiding any negative impact on local wildlife and the environment in general.

How soon before I my wedding should I order, and how long will the confetti stay in good condition?

The confetti lasts for as long as 6-12 months, if stored correctly away from moisture and sunlight. So as a result we take order several months before wedding dates! Ordering anywhere from between 2 weeks to 12 months before the wedding is fine.

Is natural confetti less attractive than non-natural, traditional confetti?

Not whatsoever! We'd argue the opposite, in fact. When it comes to flowers, natural is always generally prettier than artificial...Take a look at our range and we're sure you'll agree!

How much confetti will I need?

With small petal confetti, we estimate that 1 litre of confetti will provide 10-15 loose handfuls and fill around 15-20 packets. (For extra detail, we define a 'loose handful' as the exact amount of a double shot glass, i.e 50ml - Not a small scattering but not a huge mound either, just the typical amount someone would hold to throw) With medium/large petal confetti, we estimate that 1 litre of confetti will provide 8-12 loose handfuls and fill around 10-15 packets. If you're wanting to scatter the confetti down the aisle prior to the ceremony, we loosely estimate that 1 litre of natural confetti scattered lightly will cover approximately a metre.


I was so surprised with how beautiful the confetti was when it arrived. And the smell was epic !!! It came so quickly, the packaging was beautiful, and it even had some cheeky sweeties inside. Quick emails and updates on postage took all the stress out of this decision. They will look so cute on the seats in the church for the guests - I can’t wait to see them floating over the bride and groom on the day !


Absolutely stunning. It was refreshing to find something that is different to regular paper confetti, as well as environmentally friendly. This is confetti with flair and a huge range of beautiful florals! We cannot wait to see our wedding photos.

Isabella Houlihan

I have just received my very cute confetti bags and I love how they are packaged, how they smell and the overall service from Confetti Bee! I had no idea that the delayed dispatch service would be so straightforward, I’ve had no stress at all! Thanks so much for our lovely confetti bags!

Courtney Lancaster

You have a wide variety of lovely petals to choose from. I went with colours that would complement my colour scheme and I was not disappointed. The colours are amazing and I can't wait until my wedding day to be showered in beautiful petals. Ordering was a quick and easy process, with delivery being super fast and efficient.

Kelly Spooner

Lovely soft textures of petals. Colours just as described and on the photos. I also found the selection and website a great experience. We cannot wait to see our confetti shots :))

Laura Asselborn

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