We are a conscious luxury fine jewellery brand. All our diamonds and gems are lab-grown. They have exactly the same properties as mined but are purer and less expensive. Not to mention more ethical.


Are lab grown diamonds real diamonds?

The only difference between lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds is their origin. Lab grown diamonds are produced by scientists in a laboratory and natural diamonds are formed naturally beneath the Earth’s crust. Lab grown diamonds have identical chemical, physical and optical properties to natural diamonds. Only an expert and a high-tech machine can tell the difference between a lab grown diamond and a natural diamond.

How are lab grown diamonds made?

There are currently two main methods for producing lab grown diamonds: High pressure, high temperature (HPHT) and Chemical vapour deposition (CVD) method The HPHT Method This was the first commercially viable method for the creation of diamonds and is still the main production method in use worldwide. This process mimics the conditions under which natural diamonds develop when they form beneath the Earth’s crust. This method uses a central reaction cell surrounded by a large mechanical press, which is subjected to high pressures and temperatures. Inside the reaction cell, a diamond seed acts as a nucleus upon which the lab grown diamond crystal grows. Production of gem-quality lab grown diamond of a few carats can take only a few weeks. The CVD Method This method is quite different to natural diamond formation and is now becoming much more widespread. The process produces lab grown diamond from a heated, carefully controlled mixture of gases in a vacuum chamber at very low pressures. As the required, extreme temperature is reached, the gas molecules break apart and carbon atoms bond to the diamond seed crystals. The carbon atoms repeatedly attach themselves to the diamond seed, growing the lab grown diamond layer by layer. Production of gem-quality CVD lab grown diamonds takes only a few weeks.

Are lab grown diamonds more expensive?

No, in actual fact you get a much better larger diamond. There is only one difference, they have not been mined. All Created Brilliance lab grown diamonds are hand-selected and graded by the 4C’s (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight), in the same manner as natural diamonds. To be a Created Brilliance lab grown diamond, diamonds must have a minimum colour and clarity of GH SI2-I1. Each piece of Created Brilliance jewellery is accompanied by an authenticity certificate which guarantees your piece is lab grown diamond.


"Michael selected the Created Brilliance Margot ring as my engagement ring - it is just perfect in every way possible. I knew I wanted a diamond but sustainability is a topic that is very close to our hearts. I will cherish this diamond heirloom forever and pass it on through the generations to come.....I now need to select the wedding band!"

Rachel & Michael

"A Created Brilliance diamond allowed me to purchase my future wife a much larger diamond - she was over the moon when I proposed to her with the Freya 0.85ct ring - she always dropped hints she wanted a diamond with a halo of diamonds around it! Thankfully I delivered on her wishes. Thanks to the team at Created Brilliance".

Georgina & Elliott

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