I love love in all its glorious ways.Your ceremony will be filled with laughter, love and unforgettable memories. Lets make your day one to remember!


What can we include in our ceremony?

The answer, whatever you’d like it to be. It can be readings, or singalongs, I’m open to any suggestions happy for family, friends or your dog to be involved. Your ceremony should reflect you every step of the way, simple, classy or anything that matches your personality, it has to be right for you. There is even the possibility to sign a commitment certificate and have witnesses if that’s your thing some people like it as it makes the ceremony look more authentic. I offer a free, no obligation. Call you’ll soon be able to tell if I am the Celebrant for you and together, we can hatch a plan.

Do we have a time limit?

The answer is no, it is most definitely your day. I only book one ceremony on any day, so if someone is running a bit late, absolutely no clock watching, it alleviates any stress we just want excitement. I will be there super early and in fact, if you’re local to me, I’m more than happy to do a rehearsal if the venue allows. It’s amazing how that can just brush away those nerves. I am always happy to help out with any last-minute hitches (I always carry safety pins and plasters). So, in essence, your ceremony can be as long or as short as you’d like it to be.

What is a Celebrant?

As a celebrant, I would be your wedding officiant, and your ceremony conductor (I can think of a few other names but we will keep it clean) I create fully inclusive and memorable ceremonies, that honour and celebrate the love and lives of the couple. I specialise in unique and bespoke ceremonies; I get to know you as a couple and create a ceremony that is perfect and personalised to you. I am the perfect fit for your special day with my vibrant personality and love of all things glamorous. I will bring a touch of magic to your ceremony. I will ensure that your celebration is filled with joy love, and of course plenty of glam from my stylish attire to my sparkling personality, I always aim to create a memorable and unforgettable ceremony for you and your guests.

What areas of the country do you cover?

I am based in Shropshire and I live right on the Welsh border, Cheshire is also right on my doorstep. As a travel ready Celebrant, I am more than willing to go the distance to make your special day truly memorable. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding, elopement, or simply have a unique location in mind. I am ready to pack my bags and join you wherever your love takes you I’m happy to travel to Cornwall or jump on a plane if a beach destination is your thing, there would be a charge incurred for the travel expenses.

Can you legally marry us?

Sadly, no I can't at this moment in time what you will need to do to be legally married is go to your local registry office and they offer what they call a 2+2 ceremony so that’s the two of you and two witnesses. You need to check with your local council and what days they provide this service, It’s really very reasonable. Some couples feel concerned they are doing things twice? It’s a choice you can look at it as a double celebration or it’s just a legal formality. My analogy is that you don't remember the day you passed your driving test, however, you do always remember your first solo drive, so the registry office is just a form filling exercise. You then have the freedom to enjoy the real wedding with all of your friends and family alongside you except you are no longer solo.


Well what an amazing wedding. We couldn't have had someone better to of married me and Billy you made everyone laugh, cry, and say Ho Ho Ho, you truly got us all into the Christmas spirit .

Katelen & Billy

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