The WEDDING BOUQUET is one of the most important details from your wedding, so we think it should be cherished forever! We can PRESERVE it for you in a work of art, just send us the flowers.


When should I send the flowers?

Ideally, the flowers should arrive at our studio 2-4 days after the wedding so they are as fresh as possible. But we also accept slightly older flowers.

Can all types of flowers be preserved?

All flowers can be preserved. We offer 2 types of preservation, by pressing or drying, depending on the style frame you choose for your bouquet.

How long it will take to receive my framed bouquet?

From the moment we receive the flowers we need around 5-6 weeks to complete the frame. The flowers have to be 100% with no moisture when arranged in the frame, otherwise they can mould.

Can I offer my mom, grandmother or bridesmaids frames as gifts from the wedding flowers?

Absolutely! And we think this is such an amazing gift for your closest family & friends. If you don't have a bouquet for all of them, you can just send some of the flowers used in the wedding arrangement at the venue.


"Fantastic keepsake of wedding flowers. Beautifully crafted with tiny details of the flowers exposed. Excellent communication with Roxana, a great service offered. Thank you very much!"


"The finished frame is absolutely stunning, could not be happier with how it turned out!"


"Roxana was amazing both in terms of communication, going above and beyond to make sure all the details were as I wanted, and the frame itself is beautiful. Perfect and 100% recommended!"


"The item is simply stunning and a lovely keepsake from our wedding day. Roxana's customer service was excellent, she was really friendly & perfect communication. I'd definitely recommend to anyone!"


"Gorgeous frames and such a lovely keepsake. We had two frames made from the bride's bouquet, so the maid of honour had one too. Really recommend this seller."


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