Together we'll tell real stories of your day. Together we'll re-write the boring rules. Together we'll create unique electric photos full of raw emotion! Hi, I'm Gavin, your new friend with a camera!


How do you define yourself and your photography style?

I say; unobtrusive, documentary with a sprinkling of artistic fun and pizzazz..they say... "Gavin is an internationally award winning photographer who uses an alternative offbeat style to create unique wedding stories. He pushes the boundaries of wedding photography stereotypes creating artwork that is artistic, beautiful & honest to your wedding day. Wedding photography with Gavin is more than just the imagery. It is an all around experience. He can help you plan while adding a calming influence to your day. From a wedding photographer you once messaged, to a quirky; floral bowtie wearing, crazy shape throwing close friend; who has a camera. The camera that just took the most precious and authentic memories you will ever own. After 7 years, photographing over 200 weddings in 9 countries, he is not short of wedding wisdom too."

What do you love about weddings?

The connections and the people. I'm obsessed with people watching and street photography. As humans we are such fascinating beings. So to capture these little stories in the larger story of a couples love, is what keeps me thriving. That moment you climb a mountain with a couple and have them burst into tears thinking "crumbs, what the heck have I done?!?!" to then be told they are happy tears because you have made their day more special that they ever imagined it could be. That was the ultimate reward!

Do you have any advice for wedding couples?

For picking a wedding photographer? Vibe with them - You'll likely spend more time with them than most on your wedding day. You want to have fun when together and if done right, will likely become good friends with them after. Meet, chat, and if it's not right just say (they are likely thinking the same) and look elsewhere. For general advice? Do it your way, even if someone else is paying or making you feel overpowered, they may be mildly offended when you tell them to pipe down - but time heals. At the end of the day it will be your forever regret, as a couple, to live with if you didn't do it your way.

Do you travel?

Send me anywhere! I'm happy to travel near and far. All packages are inclusive of these costs so no additional costs are incurred.

How much? How Long? Where you based? Do you have cats? Ahhhh So many questions...

Don't worry, I'd love to hear from you so drop me a message and I can answer everything over a chat ...but yeah I have two cats - Mungo & Tinks - I think they like me but deep down I know they don't! Sigh!


Hire him immediately! We chose Gavin to be our wedding photographer because he's images spoke to us. Personal, intimate and fun, we wanted a photographer who wouldn't do just standard 'posed' pics, and we weren't disappointed. Our guests dubbed him 'The Ninja Photographer' as he was weaving through the crowds on the dancefloor, climbing on tables/chairs to get the best shots, and spying out some fab locations. When we received our photos through, it was like reliving the day all over again - better in some ways, as we saw so many things that we missed on the day! Cannot recommend Gavin highly enough.

John + Rachel Hunter

When we contacted Gavin for our Elopement style wedding there was a real worry for us that finding enough material to photograph just us would be an issue as there would be just my husband and I even though the wedding party usually helps fills album pictures... Let us just say that any worries we had simply disappeared after meeting Gavin because not only did he immediately understood us, our shyness, what we wanted, what we were about, the tones of the pictures we were hoping for, he was so attuned to our needs that it wasn’t any real surprise when we got to see the result with awe, happiness and eternal affection. Gavin answered questions after questions after questions, knew how to make us feel confortable and I would even go so far as to say confident which I’m not usually when taken photographs of. He brought us to beautiful venues which were not just great for our wedding pictures but made for beautiful memories. Gavin didn’t just give his professionalism but his kindness and his time, much more than we had bargain for. There could be no better photographer for your important days, be it wedding or other special moments. He will always be part of our that for sure.

Romain + Yohann Galland

Gavin was an absolute dream of a wedding photographer. We wanted someone that could capture the essence of our day without being in our face and he really delivered on that. He also produced a humdinger of a wedding album, he must have taken so much time to make the photos look as spectacular as they did. His talent as a photographer, coupled with his personality makes him the perfect choice. If you're umming and ahhing, don't do so for too long. This man is going places

Steven + Mary Bragg

Without a doubt - one of the best things about my wedding (apart from getting married...) was the photographs. So unique, beautiful, natural and gavin was lovely to work with. If you’re like me and find it awkward to have your photo taken or be romantic in front of a camera, worry not. All our photos were totally natural and not awkward at all. I don’t look at any of our photos and think... goodness that was embarrassing. A lot of my friends have unnatural photos where they were made to kiss/gaze into each other’s eyes. And we have some really fun photos. Plus gavin is so easy to deal with and one less thing to worry about on every front. Do yourself a favour and book him immediately!!

Alex + Clare David

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