We are a luxury online jewellery retailer based in the UK, offering the very best quality moissanite, simulated diamond and coloured gemstone jewellery in a variety of precious metals.


Why choose Infinity Diamond Jewellery?

We are proud to offer an extensive collection of the worlds finest moissanite jewellery, sourcing the very best D-E-F colour moissanite stones. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our products. Our Vibrant collections showcase exciting jewellery designs and the latest bridal fashion, crafted here in the UK. Each and every piece offers unrivalled quality at an exceptional price. We understand the importance and significance when purchasing bridal jewellery and only use the very best craftsmanship and materials. All our moissanite jewellery is covered with a 12 month warranty covering any defects with the setting. All our moissanite stones are covered with a lifetime warranty.

Why choose moissanite over diamond?

Moissanites are fast becoming the go-to gemstone for modern couples getting engaged! Moissanite is much more affordable than diamond but offer the same dazzling look with a little extra sparkle! Only a trained eye could distinguish between the two. It’s well-known that diamonds are the hardest mineral known, but did you know that moissanites are the second hardest? On Mohs Hardness Scale you can see them right up there, at around 9.25, making them very durable. Being very scratch resistant, they will never go cloudy over time.

Are moissanites an ethical choice?

Yes! Since moissanite is developed in a controlled environment, i.e. man-made in a laboratory, there’s no mining necessary. Creating these gems is not harmful to the earth and avoids any issues with conflict trade. Compared with natural gemstones, moissanite’s origins are both traceable and completely eco-friendly, so you can admire your beautiful new bling, and feel good knowing exactly where it comes from. Infinity Diamond Jewellery goes one step further to ensure peace of mind as all our Gold products are made from recycled Gold.

Do you offer international delivery?

We ship globally and offer free UK, European and international delivery.


Great jewellers! Infinity Diamond Jewellery has a great team, I believe they are family jewellers and they are truly awesome! I was a bit hesitant ordering expensive items online at first but I'm glad I did! I love their moissanite jewellery, I've got couple of pieces from them by now and if we'd ever think about my engagement diamond ring upgrade, I wouldn't hesitate purchasing from them as they now also do lab-diamonds. They are a busy team so sometimes there are delays but Elize always followed up and even resolved an issue with my rings as a part of warranty. All in all I would definitely recommend them!


Beautiful piece of work! I would like to say massive thank you to Infinity diamond store for their wonderful job they do! I have received beautiful ring my husband ordered few weeks ago and it's just perfect! Beautiful piece of work. The way how it's packaged it's also beautiful! We will definitely come back to you when we will be looking for something very special and beautiful. Excellent service! Highly recommended!


I have the ‘large oval cut moissanite… I have the ‘large oval cut moissanite classic four claw’ ring as my engagement ring & it is absolutely beautiful. The original size purchased was the 3ct but unfortunately this looked a little too large for my small hands. However Elize was absolutely fantastic in helping me exchange this for a 2ct. The 2ct is now a perfect fit & I am so pleased that I went for a moissanite as it is such a beautiful stone. Thank you again to Elize & IDJ for such a positive experience, I will be back again soon for my wedding ring!

Amy Louise