'You made our dream come true in the most beautiful and joyous style! The little details were just genius. You are completely brilliant at your work'! Quoting a client after a 3 day celebration!


How do I choose which marquee or tent I would like?

We have lot of experience at working in a range of tents from tipis, to sailcloths, petal to stretch, clearspan framed to traditional pole. We will show you pictures, explain about each structure and if you are still not quite 100% sure of which one to choose, we can organise site visits for you to experience a tent in full situ, first-hand.

When should we have our speeches at our wedding?

There is no right or wrong answer about this. Preferably I suggest grouping them up into two 'sections' rather than having each speech totally separately. The most important thing is that each one is not too long. Aim for 5 minutes max and if it runs to say +/-8 minutes it's not the end of the world. But definitely not 20 - 30 minutes each! And also no bad-taste, risqué jokes or stories!

Is it OK to have a marquee wedding in the winter!

Yes - of course. There are various factors to consider which is when an experienced planner will come into their own, guiding you. For example - think about car parking and do you need tracking. I would seriously recommend a solid floor to the tent rather than matting, and definitely try to build the loo unit into the tent structure - often framed marquees are best in the winter as it's so much easier to abut other tents up against them (with no guy ropes in the way). If the loos are built within then there will be no rain or mud for the guests to contend with, and it will keep the draughts to a minimum with no doors opening and closing to the outside.

How do I decide on the tent layout?

An experienced planner such as myself will help you with this and draw up sketches to show you the various options, making the most of the space you have and keeping the flow going throughout the whole event. It is important to allow 2' of space around each table for every chair, PLUS space between the tables and chairs for either guests to get in and out or go to the loo, plus for the waiting staff to serve guests!

I am nervous about the power at my wedding if I have it in a marquee....

We have organised many, many events in tents with generators. First of all, I always recommend that clients have a back up generator. It is so rare that one breaks down, but invariably even if it does and there is an emergency helpline, your could still find that your caterers are unable to continue cooking, and that your guests are plunged into darkness for a while. So definitely, if funds allow, book a second one and ideally with a switch overboard so that it will immediately click into action if the first one stops or runs out of fuel. That said, a good planner will keep an eye on the fuel gauge and will top it up every so often. Also - any good planner will collate all power requirements from all suppliers, and measure out the length of cables required between each point within the event, so that the power supplier can provide cables to each supplier from the distribution board. A planner, or you, if you're doing it yourself, need to know not just how many plugs the band or the DJ or the caterer needs, but what they will actually draw ie kW's.


I just wanted to thank you so much for all your hard work on the wedding. I don’t know how we could have pulled it all together without you. Your suggestions and help in sourcing suppliers was invaluable and your input and coordination of the day made the wedding seamless and a fantastic success. I am SO GRATEFUL to you, particularly as it meant that, once the wedding started, I could just relax and enjoy the day without having to worry. It made such a difference to me and I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you did to make the day such a memorable occasion.

Alex & Collette

Apologies for this delayed communication….it has taken a couple of days to recover!.......The number of comments and compliments received has exceeded all expectations. Without your guidance, experience, professionalism and sheer hard work, none of this would have been achieved. We cannot thank you enough.

Kathryn & Glen

Just a quick note to thank you for your amazing help & advice from the first time we called you to the many days after our truly epic wedding. We had just the BEST day and the fact that both of us and all four of our parents were just so relaxed and able to have such a great party is that you were there taking the stress away from it all! Thank you so much. You really did help us to have the absolutely most perfect wedding to kick off our marriage!

Kate & Josh

We just wanted to say the hugest thank you for all your amazing efforts, co-ordination and help throughout the whole wedding planning process as well as on the day. You were absolutely amazing and we could not have done it all without you. You honestly made the whole process so easy and stress free. So THANK YOU!

Jo & Piers

I wanted to say an enormous, heartfelt, huge thank you for everything you did in helping Jeremy and I plan our wedding. Whether coming up with creative ideas, producing names of suppliers from your impressive list of contacts, booking transport, advising on information to include in our invitation insert, or organising from start to finish the rehearsal dinner, you were utterly professional, calm and cheerful throughout.........Your negotiation skills were also superb, particularly on solving the issue around our marquee booking, and with some of the hotels we had booked, where you helped us to get a better deal.......Not only do I think you did a fantastic job professionally, you are also a really great person to be around and helped to calm my nerves in many a stressful situation! You really are an inspired events planner. But more than that through all the months of hard work I really feel that I gained a friend.

Victoria & Jeremy

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