Hi! I'm a professional cellist performing beautiful luxury music for weddings worldwide. I can perform all of your favourites, and I also take bespoke, customised musical requests!


Can we choose the music we want?

Absolutely! In fact, I encourage you to do so. I have a list of pieces I can play, but it doesn't include *everything* I can play! Plus, if you have a piece which means the world to you but isn't on me list, just let me know and I can arrange/transcribe it to learn and play for you.

Do you travel?

Oh yes, definitely! Sid and I have travelled to many places around the globe, and we definitely travel anywhere in the UK - we have no limits.

Do you only play classical music?

Definitely not! In fact, it's rare that Sid and I get to play classical music at weddings at the moment! We've played The Beatles, Adele, The Beegees, Gershwin, film music, game music, soundtracks - honestly, there are no limits and we haven't been stumped yet!

Do you have backing tracks/a pianist?

Because it's important that I'm able to slot into any place you need with minimal fuss (can wires and plugs!), I currently play completely acoustic. If it's your heart's desire to have accompaniment for the cello, I'm more than happy to discuss options with you.

Who is "Sid"? Why do you keep saying "we"? I thought you were solo?

Sid is my beautiful cello! He is a 200+ year old English cello, and he means the world to me. Without my cello, I wouldn't have much of a voice to produce beautiful music!


The music you provided for us was absolutely beautiful - every song was perfect and will remain such a memorable part of our day. I've lost count of how many people have commented on how much they enjoyed it, especially my entrance music. Hopefully, our paths will cross again in the future. Thanks so much again. x

Sophie & Matt {Walcott Hall, Shropshire}

Jay definitely exceeded our expectations. She is both a wonderful musician and a very kind woman who paid attention to all our wishes and suggestions. Our wedding was a very happy occasion and thanks to her music, it was even more romantic, elegant, and fun.

Josephine & Carlos {Dartmouth House, London}

Thank you very much for all you did to make Emily and Pats wedding so special. Your music in the church made such a difference as the organ is old. Your ability to be so adaptable and to even play the hymns as well was amazing and very much appreciated. The sound of the cello was perfect from the onset. You were extremely professional, arriving in good time to set up and just ‘getting on’ with the job if making a cold country church come to life with beautiful music. We all send you a huge thank you.

Helen, MoB {Cornwell Manor, Cotswolds}

Jay arrived on time and mingled into the scene immediately. She provided a varied playlist that matched our wedding perfectly. She was friendly and professional. Would highly recommend!

Charlotte and Daley {Outdoor Woodland Wedding, Huddersfield}

Hearing the beautiful sound of Jay's cello soar to the rooftops of our ancient Threshing Barn was simply magical. Thank you so much Jay for filling our spaces with your music and for giving us such joy, we are delighted to have you as part of our team and look forward to seeing and listening to the happiness you will also give our couples.

Lisi {Barns & Yard, Malvern}

Jay Émme, Cellist Social Channels