Inspired by light and connection and created with soul, I tell the story of your day by capturing the moments and emotions that become the treasured memories and the fabric of our lives.


1. What happens after the wedding day ?

I start the process of backing up all your files and editing them. I will send you a few images a few days after the wedding so you have something to look at. The rest of the images will be up to 4 weeks after that. Immediately the photos are finished - you will get a link to a slideshow that is fully shareable and also a link to an online gallery, where you can download both low res (for social media) and high res ( for print). There is also a print shop attached to the gallery should your friends and family wish to purchase prints (taking you the middle man out and hopefully making things easier and less time consuming for you) The USB will be a couple of weeks

2. Will our images be shared on social media?

I often get asked by blogs to share weddings i’ve shot. It's an important thing for my business and gets me more clients like yourself. The biggest thank you that you can give me is to be agree to be featured and to return any questionnaire that might be needed. Of course, being featured isn’t for everyone and if this is not something you are comfortable with, please just say.

3. Do i need to backup our images?

Please make sure you back up all your images and store them in a couple of places - i recommend a cloud back up as media can fail and i would love you to be able to love looking through your images in decades to come.

4. Who has copyright?

I maintain copyright of my images and you have print rights, meaning you can make albums and prints - just not a deal with Hello magazine without my permission! If any other suppliers would like to use my images, please give them my contact details so i can liaise with them.

5. How do we book ?

I ask for a £500 deposit to secure the date and i will send you over my contract for you to look though and sign. Then we’re all done and i’m yours! If there’s an engagement session to book - i suggest you book the date as soon as soon as you’re booked in - especially if you want to send the pics out with the wedding invite. If not, then i suggest 3 months till the date of the wedding.

6. I hate having my photo taken. Is this a problem?

I would be very rich indeed if i had £1 for every client who asks me this. Know that you are not alone and please know that i am very used to it! You will be so caught up in your day, you won't notice me. I also will do my best to put you and your guests at ease. I pride myself on being able to read the room and i am a very sensitive, unobtrusive photographer, so i will never push you, your partner or your guests out of your comfort zone. My biggest advice is to focus on each other, your guests and everything going on in your day and let me think get on with the pics. I often hear my clients saying, they can't believe they were so nervous. Honestly, please just enjoy your day.


We are completely blown away by the photos Jo took at our wedding. She makes you feel so comfortable and relaxed - it was as if we had another friend at the wedding. Jo managed to capture the day exactly as we remember it and her photos tell a story and have an energy and honesty about them which we love. Book her, I promise you won't be disappointed! Maddy and Stan xx

Maddy & Stan

Jo was absolutely brilliant! She put both us and our guests at ease and made sure having photos didn't impact on our enjoyment of our day. Her eye for beautiful things and natural shots is amazing. She also captured the silliness and laughter between us that is key to our relationship. Looking at the pictures afterwards actually made me cry as they were so beautiful. Lousie and Ryk xx

Louise & Ryk

Jo is an artist - she took spectacular, natural photographs of our wedding day and was an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you so much!

Poppy and Joe

Jo is an amazing photographer. She listens to your brief and captures the most beautiful pictures, we loved every single shot Jo took. During the lead up to our wedding Jo was amazing, super communicative and post wedding she was the same… I would definitely recommend!

Natasha and Christian

Jo was everything we could have wished for in a photographer. So easy to work with, and really happy to help shape the direction of the day with her immense experience of wedding photography. It felt like Jo was one of our guests on the day, she was so easy to be around and her innate ability to get on with everyone meant that all our guests felt at ease. The photos themselves were magical. So immensely beautiful, and we will love looking back at them all for years to come.

Hannah and Matt

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