A quick snapshot in 200 words or less. That's hard... and I've just wasted half of them! I love what I do... I know how lucky I am to be able to say that. I hope my work reflects as such. You decide!


Do I travel?

Yes! I love travelling. Whether near or far it doesn't matter. If the wedding is right for me, and I am right for you... that's all that matters!

What happens if you are sick on the day?

Hopefully this won't happen, but if it does, don't worry. I have a plan in place that I am happy to talk through in more detail should you wish to hear it!

Do I take group photos?

Yes. I'm more than happy to take a few group photos. They way I like to work it is to ask what you would like me to do, I then put a schedule together for the day that I can work through. It might sound a little 'officious' but it means that side of things gets done quickly.. giving you more time with your guests.

What about photoshop?

I would like to think my work is very organic. I don't typically pose or stage much at all. I want my images to be real and honest. Consequently, making wholesale changes to peoples appearance using photoshop would defeat the object somewhat. I do edit all of my images, but it is a light edit.

What Camera do you use?

I get asked this all the time and to be honest, I don't really know why! At the end of the day they are all pretty similar. I've settled on Nikon as my brand of choice and most likely won't change now... I like the files they create and have been using them for long enough to have developed pretty good muscle memory. I don't think I could learn a new system now!


“John is an exceptionally talented photographer who captured our day perfectly. Every time we look at our photos it brings all the memories back and allowed us to see some parts of the day that we may have missed without him capturing every detail. John was such a calming presence throughout the whole of our experience, from booking him at the beginning to the day itself. John also worked well with our videographer, it was like they had worked with each other for years when in fact they had only just met. The photos themselves came packaged beautifully and John listened to exactly what we wanted and delivered everything we asked for and more. Considering we booked our wedding during the pandemic John remained positive and helpful throughout and was always only an email or phone call away. I am not very good with having posed photos taken but John’s unintrusive style of photography was perfect for us and allowed us to feel comfortable and ourselves. It also meant we could enjoy our whole day without feeling like we were being taken away for photos all the time. We are so happy with our photos they are beautiful cherished memories forever and we can’t thank John enough for all of his expertise and help. Not only is John a superb photographer he is a lovely, kind and genuine person who went out of his way to help us with everything. Do not hesitate to book John for your special day you will not be disappointed!”

Rosanna and Tom

"Good evening John, the photographs arrived a little while ago and we've finally had time to go through them together and just want to say how absolutely delighted we are with them. The attention you gave so many of the characters of the day, the artistry and the diligence you gave to each moment has made a really incredible album and we couldn't be happier. The case, wooden USB and printouts are such a nice touch as is the sectioning of the event in the bitesize folders. From the storytelling experience of the engagement shoot, through the events of the day and the production of the finished product we couldn't have asked for more or for a better capturer of one of the most significant periods of our lives. Thank you so much for the fantastic work you do and the honour you did us and our day. All our love”

Shannon and Will

“From the first few minutes of speaking with John we knew he was the photographer that we wanted for our Wedding! Not only is John a very friendly, kind and down to earth person he is also extremely talented and conscientious and nothing was too much trouble, he also has a natural eye for capturing the most perfect moments on camera. We usually hate being photographed but John made us feel so comfortable and relaxed and he worked in a way that we did not even really realise he was there. John kept in contact with us in the months leading up to our wedding and really got to know us and we found we could contact him with any queries and he always responded in good time to help, you can tell he really loves what he does. John gave us a straight forward quote from the start and we really liked the fact that there was no hard sales pitch. We were happy to be guided by John's experience as to what would work best at our venue and he didn't disappoint us. We were so excited to receive our photos, they arrived in a beautiful wooden box, very well presented and John got them back to us sooner than we expected. Wow, they were breathtaking! We couldn't have been happier, he captured all our special moments and gave us a wonderful documentary of our day with such attention to even the tiniest details, he told the story of our day through his work and we have these photos to cherish and look at for the rest of our lives! Thank you so much John, we cannot compliment you enough and thank you for being such an important part of our special day, you have made us so happy!”

Tracy and Paul

“We finally settled down the other week with some tea and left over wedding cake and went through all the photos together. Wow. They are brilliant. They really enabled us to relive the whole day and for me I got an insight into all the parts I wasn’t there for like Nisha and the bridal party getting ready. It brought up so many little moments we had both completely forgotten during the whirlwind that was our wedding day. Not only do they perfectly encapsulate our day, they are also brilliant photos. Thank you so much. We spent about a week trying to whittle them down from 800+ so we could post them online for our friends and family to see….and after a week of trying really hard to cut them down with our target being about 100 photos….we were still at over 500! Just too many good ones to choose from. We are going to make a few little things from our photos as Christmas presents for our family so we are excited about that. It probably isn’t something we’d look into till the new year now, but do you still offer physical Wedding Albums? This is something we will definitely look to do at some point as these photos deserve to be made into a keepsake that we can look at any time.”

Nisha and James

Having the best photographer we could find was a non-negotiable priority for us on our wedding day and John went above and beyond our expectations. It goes without saying that his photos are incredible - he captured our day so beautifully and in such a natural and emotive way. He took the time to meet with us before the day so we really felt that he knew our personalities, and this was reflected in our photos. John is insightful, creative and he has a great sense of humour too, so we felt totally at ease being photographed on the day. He was a really lovely presence to have around and many of our guests were singing his praises too. We can’t thank you enough John for immortalising these wonderful memories and we highly recommend him!

Amy and Tim

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