Hey, I’m John and long gone are the days of boring wedding photography! Looking for cool photos that don’t suck? … I’ve got you covered; Just beautifully bright & natural shots bursting with colour!



I live in the beautiful city of Glasgow, Scotland and I’ll shoot absolutely anywhere I’m invited. I always love a good journey and I’ve shot weddings as far afield as Abu Dhabi and Spain and as close to home as just down the road and just round the corner so no distance is too much or too little!


I'm a single shooter over here and every photograph seen on this site is me. My style of shooting is to capture images from the inside out, not the outside in. I don’t ever want your photographs to feel like they’ve come from the perspective of a stranger but instead from a close friend. I‘ve found that adding a second photographer to the mix can change the dynamic and make guests far more aware that there are people with cameras creeping around. When I shoot weddings alone I am less obvious and I’ll never be part of a wall of lenses and flashes pointed your way. My couples really aren’t looking for that frantic paparazzi style coverage but instead just want to have an absolute blast whilst knowing that their photos will be a perfect reflection of the love, fun and madness they all had ... When it comes to one or two photographers, I firmly believe that less is more here guys!


I’ll stay as long as you need me! A full days shoot covers from the mornings preparations right up until you and your best buds are killing it on the dance floor. This usually lands as somewhere between 8 to 12 hours of photography so when we approach roughly a month before the wedding and start working on your personalised timesheet for the day, this will become very clear. That’s not to say if (and when) things run over that I’ll simply drop my cameras and say “later guys”. Hehe, no way. You’ve got me for the day and I just keep shooting until we’re all happy! Of course if you’re planning on something crazy like sending your love to the stars by burning a 20ft effigy of you both at midnight and want me to stay and continue to photograph it then I’d charge an additional 180 pounds per hour. I’m more than happy to decide on this during the advanced planning stage or by just winging it on the night!


I don’t charge any travel costs for weddings throughout Mainland Scotland. If there were any ‘necessary’ expenses such as flights/accommodation then you would be made well aware of this right at the beginning. I always do my absolute best to keep these costs to a bare minimum and make a point to include my couples in any and all decisions. Hey, I just wouldn’t want to have to do an 8 hour drive back home after shooting all day or have to sleep in my car like a degenerate. Makes sense right?


Just shoot me a message so I can check my availability (fingers crossed here). Depending on where you guys are, we can either sort out a meeting in person or a ZOOM/Skype/FaceTime call and here you can ask me any questions you’d like ... “How do you balance your shooting time during the ceremony?” “Have you ever photographed any really horrible brides?” “Do you believe in UFOs or worse ... BigFoot?” ???? All questions are on the table and it’s really just a chance for us all to sit down, shoot the breeze and get comfortable with each other. If everything feels good and you wanted to move forward then high five! All we’d do then is draft up and sign a very simple contract and have you guys pay a ‘Save The Date’ fee of 400 pounds (which is then deducted off of the final price) and that’s you ... Booked!


“OUTSTANDING PHOTOGRAPHER & ALL ROUND GREAT GUY! We hired John for our wedding in November 2022. We were let down fairly last minute by another photographer and he was our hero in our hour of need! He instantly made us feel though we were in good/safe hands and his communication was excellent! He answered any questions or queries we had quickly and efficiently and put my nervous bride vibes at ease. John took time to get to know us as a couple and really understand our vision. He did thorough research on the venue and figured out how to use the space. On the day he was a great laugh and made everyone feel at ease. The photos … there are no words to describe how amazing they are. They truly capture the emotions of the day and really tell a story. His imagination in utilising the space made for some epic shots. We could never have dreamed that our pictures could capture our special day so well.”

Louise & Hauke

“What can I say about John? It’s taken me ages to write my thoughts – not because I couldn’t think of nice things to say but purely because it’s hard to put into words how great John is on so many levels. We had been searching for a photographer for ages who could capture natural, candid moments of the day and came across Johns work and instantly fell in love with his photography and all round style. After speaking with him we felt he was the first photographer to actually “get” us as a couple, appreciate the fact we didn’t want too many staged photos and actually listened to our thoughts and wishes for the day. As soon as we got talking to him we knew he would be perfect for our day. On the actual wedding day John was an absolute legend! He fitted in perfectly with our wedding. It was weird – you really don’t notice him taking photos until the moment that you actually need him and then he just seems to be there. He’s got a remarkable talent for blending into the back ground when he wants to but two seconds later he will be there, chatting and laughing with guests while still snapping away. Nothing about John is forced – neither with him personally or his photography style. He makes you feel at ease and doesn’t make you do anything your not happy with. He has a knack of reading you as a couple and making the experience exactly how you want it to be. The end results were insane! John managed to some how capture our entire wedding absolute perfectly and the photos were exactly how we pictured them before hand. What’s great about his style is that it gives you a little insight into little events that may have been going on during your wedding that you missed as you were doing something else. John manages to provide a wholesome, accurate, unforced, unposed and fun reflection of one of the best days of your life. And he’s an absolute dude.”

Laura & Jason

“From the first email to the last, John was just amazing. When planning our wedding, we knew we wanted someone a little different to capture our day, and when we came across Johns page, we knew we had struck photography gold! John and his lovely wife Emma took the time to meet us for coffee, before we had even booked him. This small kind act spoke volumes with us, and from then on knew we had made the right choice! As a nervous couple, John put us completely at ease. He soon began to feel like someone we had known for years, not just a cool guy shooting our wedding. On the actual day of our wedding, John blended in completely. It’s wasn’t until we received our pictures we realized how much hiding and sneaking around to get shots he must have been doing! John really does capture every single little detail and 100% took on board any shots we wanted. John very quickly got some pictures ready for us while on our Honeymoon and the rest came not long after. The results really were incredible and better than we could ever have imagined!Johns attention to detail is totally unreal. When we look at our pictures we feel like we are reliving the day and seeing all the little moments we didn’t necessarily take in before makes it all sweeter. My favorite shots are the little candid moments most photographers would miss – but not John! We will never be able to thank John enough – It’s hard to put into words just how amazing he is! John you really are a Legend! If you are thinking of booking John, you will not be disappointed!“

Charlotte & Sam

“November’s cold wet and windy meeting with John didn’t quell the enthusiasm that shone from the moment we met him – John in his shorts of course, despite the freezing weather – we both knew within moments of meeting that we HAD to have this guy as part of our Wedding Day – relaxed humorous and incongruous – John totally got ‘us’ and our plans for a relaxed nature-filled day. We didn’t want posed shots, more those stolen moments that only a very sharp eyed and skilful photographer could capture. Talented, funny, and discrete, we are so in awe of what he has created for us. Its said that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ – in John’s case we’d say that its a million words….. every tiny detail subtly captured, every smile, every tear, every raindrop and every sunbeam oh and the odd chicken to boot too ! We love you, thank-you will never feel enough but its all that we have – Nix & Craig x”

Nix & Craig

“We hunted high and low for a photographer, we were looking for someone who thought outside the box, we didn’t want your bog standard wedding photos, we wanted someone who fit our style and on first meeting we knew it was John, we didn’t need to meet with anyone else we just knew he was perfect. Laid back, fun and no awkward posed shots for hours on end! From many rescheduled dates (cheers covid!) we knew we could count on him and every time he posted pictures of weddings he’d done on Instagram we were wowed and just couldnt wait for it to be our turn! Absolute pleasure to have him with us on the day and everybody loved him, especially us! Nothing was too much trouble and he captured our day exactly as we wanted. The photos have completely blown us away and we have had so many comments on how amazing the photos are! I would recommend John to anyone who would listen, his pictures truly are a work of art. We wanted an alternative and fun day and he just captured it so beautifully so thank you John for making our vision a reality. I just wish we could do it all again!!!”

Dianne & Kevin

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