No posing & no fuss. Just real emotion, real moments and real memories. I tell stories in pictures without making you feel weird.


Sorry, did you say no posing?

Yeah. I hate being in front of a camera more than I can express in words so I wanted to find a way to do wedding photography for people like me who can't quite stomach the idea of hiring a stranger from the internet to follow them round all day with a camera. All of the photos on here and on my website are completely candid, even if they look like they're posed. You get on with being married, I'll do the rest.

Where are you based & do you travel?

I'm just outside of Framlingham and tend to stay within East Anglia but I like exploring new places so I'd easily be persuaded further afield.

How many pictures will we get?

So this is hard to answer accurately because it obviously depends to some extent on how long your wedding is and what happens on the day but on average, probably somewhere in the region of 300-500?

Do I need a second photographer?

Because I specialise in people who don't like a fuss, I tend to cover most weddings by myself. If you have a larger guest list though or you'd like to maximise your coverage I can provide a second photographer who will work in the same style as me. It costs more (obviously), but it means that we can cover both of you getting ready, guests arriving for the ceremony, a wider variety of angles during the ceremony, and generally better coverage of the reception. It's not easy to be in two places at once and there's a lot going on during a wedding. It's very much your call, but if your guest list is well on its way towards the 100 mark and you've got the cash, it's well worth it.


"Sorry but HOLY SH*T. These photos are incredible. They are beyond my expectations, I cannot even explain to you how happy we are with them."

Brad + Kerry

"For us not being a fan of our photo being taken, Joshua certainly did an amazing job on the wedding day as there's not a single picture we haven't loved and our guests haven't stopped saying how great he was"

Tom + Lizzy

"You were so stealthy, couldn't even remember you being there for most of the photos taken. You captured the most amazing moments and have allowed us to remember the day as it was, silly faces and all."

Tom + Joelle

"We thought you were fabulous, we were so happy to have you share our day and capture some really special moments."

Tom + Nicole

"You were incredible. We have beautiful photos that have captured the moment perfectly and thought "I didn't even see Joshua there" which created some truly "us" moments without having to act for the camera."

Will + Lucy

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