Marianne is a multi-award winning documentary wedding photographer from London with a unique, fun and bold approach that believes your wedding photos should show so much more than your wedding day!


We reckon we might be mega awkward in front of the camera, is that going to be ok?

Yes, it’s going to be ok, don’t panic! A majority of the couples who approach me tend to bring this up, and actually, the way I work is perfect for people who don’t feel they’ve perfected their Vogue poses. My default mode is to not interfere or pose anything, so for most of the day, you’ll look absolutely brilliant by just ignoring me! Even when I shoot couple shots, I’m secretly snapping the fits of giggles and stolen looks when you’re not noticing, and this is how I capture relaxed happy faces!

We can see that there’s a hellalotta of people in your photos… but will you take a shot of the cake my Auntie made? And a shot of my Famalam for the mantelpiece?

Yes of course! What I show on my website is the tiniest % of what I actually cover, I like to show the essence of my style so you know what I’m all about, but I shoot all parts of the story including details and even couple and group shots! I discourage people from spending tooooooo much time on the staged photos, simply because my ethos is that people should enjoy their wedding day and spend it with loved ones, rather than me, a silly stranger! But essentially I’m flexible in my approach to these and can advise you when/where/how long they will take so you can choose how to customise your photography!

Can we print our photos?

Of course you can! I believe your wedding day belongs to you so I don’t force your friends and family pay extra to have a copy of your photos, I simply give you all the best .jpg photos for you to share and print as you wish. Although you have the license to print your photos on the high street, I also offer the highest quality printing services through labs that are only available to professional photographers. I currently offer small, large, mounted, framed and fine art prints, but if you would like to request other printed goods please don’t hesitate to ask! You might wonder what the difference is, well, the professional photo labs have greater colour accuracy and paper quality in their prints, guaranteeing that your wedding photos look the way they should. They also offer a wider range of products. If you would like to order professional prints you can do so from the client galleries.

How many images do we get from our day?

I work in an unlimited way, essentially all that means is that I photograph everything that looks interesting and wonderful to me, and if there’s more, I will give you more. I’m there to shoot your wedding for YOU, and it’s pointless for me to take nice photos that never get seen by anyone because there’s a maximum capped number. Having said this, I can reassure you that generally I will produce a minimum of 300 photos for a full day’s shooting and that I select the best photos all edited in my wicked way!


Marianne is THE BEST!!! She was so funny and nice to hang out with on the day, made sure we got the shots we wanted, (and even made sure I ate a snack before the ceremony) was organised about who needed to be where and when, but also she has a real gift for capturing the unexpected- turning up just at the right time to capture such fleeting moments so perfectly. She caught our 'vibe' on camera utterly brilliantly, we were so delighted when we got our photos back. The *many* photos we received were gorgeously edited and presented, and we LOVED the slide show she put together- it really told the story of our day- no need for a videographer! There were loads of non-stagey emotional realness shots which is exactly what we wanted, but also the more formal and traditional romantic photos were gorgeous too- full of colour and energy. Would definitely recommend working with the lovely Marianne!

Jasmine and Alex

Where do we begin with Marianne's talents? We met Marianne on a pretty dark and wet winter's evening back in November but she had chosen a pretty little cafe in Camden that instantly made us feel at ease and forget the cold weather outside. Instantly we came away knowing we had found our wedding photographer. Despite my husband Adam being a photographer himself, he was apprehensive about having professional photos as he much prefers being behind the camera rather than in front of it! However Marianne's style was perfectly suited to us as it captures moments as they happen rather than trying to make the magic happen for the camera. Marianne on the day was the perfect balance of stealth photographer while always being a constant support to the wedding party - running between everyone and everywhere to make sure all elements ran smoothly. The results have made us cry and laugh and cry with laughter. When we first received the images we felt like we were moment by moment reliving ALL the magic of the day. There is a picture of each and every friend and family member and these photographs are now our most treasured possession. Images that we will return to forever more and share with present and future loved ones! Marianne you are AWESOME. We cannot thank you enough.

Adam and Katy

Marianne was the best wedding photographer we could have asked for! She was extremely flexible and willing to work around last minute scheduling changes and inclement weather on the day of the wedding. Plus, her shots were amazing and truly captured the essence of the day itself. Finally, she was definitely the most friendly of wedding photographers we approached, especially when it came to distributing photos to the attendees. Would not hesitate to recommend!

Calvin and Diba

Wow wow wow wow woweeeeee. We feel so honoured that Marianne was able to shoot our wedding. The photographs are very beautiful, and she captured some gorgeous and timeless moments, as well as real grit and humour of the day. Marianne is such fun to have around, so natural with the camera and with fantastic talent, and I don't think anyone could have done a better job. Thank you Marianne for your dedicated work on the day, and afterwards putting the photographs together. And thank you Marianne for making such an epic journey across the UK in your car, with one of our wedding guests, who was also stranded in London due to train problems. That truly is an extra mile! We discovered Marianne when she shot our cousin's wedding, and was blown away by the phenomenal colour and ability to catch the essence of their day. We count ourselves very lucky to have met her indeed. Good luck with your marathon and future photographic adventures Marianne!

Natasha and Ben

Wedding 7th September 2019 - I am not sure where I should start. When planning for your wedding and having an idea on Budgets, you always realise that you underestimate down the line. This was the case when we researched for our Wedding Photographer as we have various offers in all price lines so you need to follow your instincts. And where we right when we meet up with Marianne the first time - we where already blown by her Website and Images and where a bit reluctant as we didn't believe our wedding would be that glamorous. Marianne very quickly ensured us that no wedding is to small and boring and we both where convinced she fits in with our Guests. From beginning to end we Marianne was extremely professional in her lovely quirky way. On the day itself she was there for us over 12 hours, she had the right vibe if she felt you where uncomfortable and was extremely discreet. After a while she was just one of us. When Marianne send us the link for the preview, we where both stunned at what she has captured on the day - it was everything we had ever hoped for and that was love, fun and laughter. Marianne in the end tool over 1000 pictures of the day and every time we look at them ( at least a million times now) we find a new little detail we have missed. It was as if we are reliving the whole day over and over again and also being part of moments we have missed. The pictures are just unbelievable. We both can't thank her enough for being there - not sure how we shall choose the pictures for the Album and we might actually leave that up to her so that we have another surprise. We can only say "Thank You" for the amazing pictures and the never-ending memories you have managed to capture and share with us and that will be with us forever. So if you are the next lucky couple and Marianne is available, don't search any further. She is worth every Penny and we find ourselves extremely lucky to have had Marianne be our Wedding Photographer for our special day. Thank you so much - also for the lovely pack of Biogradable Cards that came with the USB Stick.

Tina and John

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