I'm a destination wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, working across the UK, Europe and internationally. I love beautiful light and capturing natural moments that show the real you!


I knew I booked you for a reason. These look like they are from a magazine: wow wow wow. Ahhhh. Just getting ready for dinner and I cried lol. The pic of me and Ben from a distance sums up our wedding, the scenery of me and Ben in a place we love. I am speechless seriously. Honestly Ricky, I am still blown away. I can’t stop looking at them, but I keep crying and we have dinner at 8! If I had a word better than utterly stunning, beautiful, out of this world fantastic, I would use it. They are above and beyond anything I had imagined. I knew they would be good but that’s just another level. You are fabulous. I said to Ben, “Ricky will capture all the little moments”. And honestly, with those photos, they totally sum up what our memories are of the day.

Sarah & Ben

If I could rate Ricky 500 instead of 5 stars I would. If you take anything from these reviews it’s that you honestly MUST book him. We knew from the day we got engaged he was the ONLY choice for us and that was whether it was a home or abroad wedding, even though he is renown across the country for his stunning location shoots. Ricky’s’ work speaks for itself, he captures such magical spirit and feeling in any image and does the most stunning things with the light that I didn’t think were possible. Ricky came out to do our Santorini wedding and not only have we been moved to tears by the breathtaking beauty of what he captured but we have been in hysterics at the hilarious moments that would’ve been long forgotten if he didn’t know to be sharp as a tack and quickly capture them for us too! So funny and a joy to keep looking at. I remember being quite exhausted 2/3rds of the way through my greek photo shoot as it was so intense in the heat and all about capturing that fleeting famous Santorini sunset of which he had me literally climbing up the side of a greek church to get the perfect image in my dress haa!! I wanted to go back and Ricky said honestly let’s keep going this is exactly why you have me out here and why you’re paying me, trust me this is what I’m here to do and so I did keep going with the photoshoot in the full on cliff top wind and I am so so thankful I did. The images shocked all our friends and family. He is a true professional and truly wants to bend over backwards to get the very very best images and memories he can for any couple he works with! And by the way it paid off, as he won 3 prestigious awards (including wedding photo of the year!) for our set of photos!!! My husband and I will hold Ricky dear to our hearts for the rest of our happily married days. Thank you so much again you wonderful talented man.

Lynsey & Gary

I could not recommend Ricky highly enough. We are absolutely delighted with our wedding album, which we recently received in a beautiful presentation box. I don't know much about photography, but I know that I have never had so many good photos of myself! As the bride I am entitled to be very fussy, but I could not fault these photos and I really am so pleased with them. They are amazing. One of my friends (who does know about photography) has emphasised to me the high quality of the images and particularly the way Ricky was able to capture the light and use different lenses and cameras to create unique effects. He also captured loads of tiny precious moments between family members and ourselves which we were unaware of at the time but which will ensure we never forget how special the day was. Many of our guests have mentioned how good Ricky was on the day, and mentioned his kindness and professionalism. I was worried about having a photographer take photos while I was getting ready but in retrospect I would be completely happy with Ricky being there as he was so unobtrusive and helpful - just a really lovely person! My husband (!) and I have also been very impressed by the way Ricky has handled all of our meetings and correspondence. He made sure he knew exactly what we wanted and really listened to us and explained clearly what would happen. He was very flexible when we had to change some previously agreed items, and it was super easy to download the images and share them digitally which I really appreciated. He was also very responsive when we did have a problem, he sorted things out straight away with no fuss which I think really says a lot!

Coreen & Richard

We saw Ricky's photos way before we decided to get married. Being Greeks living abroad, we have chosen our wedding to take place on the scenic, tiny Greek island of Paxi. Ricky was a natural choice. The only thing was to find out that he was not booked on that day. Indeed, Ricky was available and he planned to arrive two days before the ceremony, just to make sure he knows his way around and discover all the secret spots for some very special shots. Ricky shot three days non-stop; our family breakfast, the rehearsal dinner, a boat trip planned for our guests, and of course the ceremony, the party and a next day session only for the two of us, the newlyweds. Ricky is truly an amazing photographer. He managed to be everywhere: He climbed on rooftops, he jumped into the sea with his camera, he resisted the burning sun, always being polite, smiley and taking the most amazing photos someone could wish for. A year later, we still look often at the photos and we feel like living the moment again. We really can’t recommend him enough. Book him now!

Margarita & Asteris

Where do we begin? We got married THREE times - one elopement, one full wedding in the United States and then our final (and most glamorous!) wedding in Scotland. Ricky photographed our Scotland wedding but since it was our third wedding, I said I didn't really need all the fuss of "getting ready" photos or of the scenery. Thankfully Ricky said he would just capture a few photos because he liked his work to create a story that would take us back to that day over and over again. Well that man behind the camera sure delivered on his goal!! I didn't realize how much I would cherish his work until I got back home and settle back into our daily routine and received our photos. Every single time I scroll through the hundreds of photos, I am full of emotions as if I were right back in the moment of that day. His professionalism, creativity, vision and talent extend far beyond anything words might depict. My only advice to future brides and grooms who hire Ricky - is just say yes to whatever crazy thing he asks you to do or whatever crazy place he asks you to get to for your photo. In the moment it may seem crazy, but his vision and talent for capturing that one perfect shot will make sense when you get his work delivered to you. (The delivery of your photos is also quite an experience - care and creativity goes into everything he does). Thanks for sharing your talents to create memories that truly will last a lifetime.

Ashley & Chris

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