I offer creativity, passion, and dedication to craft unforgettable moments for every couple. I work closely with my couples to make their journey memorable and unique to their personal story.


Do you travel?

Yes! Although, I try very hard to keep my environmental footprint as low as possible, so I travel by train or bus when I can (easily done throughout Europe).

Can I rebook if the weather is bad?

Possibly, yes. I am ready to shoot in all weather scenarios and sometimes moody weather can make for the best pictures! But I understand that not everyone wants to shoot in the rain, so if we see in the report that it's going to be wet, we can try to rebook. I will start checking the weather report a week ahead just so we can prepare for what's to come. Rebooking is not guaranteed, it depends on whether or not our schedules will align last minute. I will always try my best to make it work!

How should I prepare for my photos?

This depends on which session you're after. But some common things to think about- do you want your nails done? Do you want a professional hair/makeup artist? Are you physically ready for whatever adventure you've booked with me? Do you have the right shoes, and will you need a pair of slip-ons or extra socks handy? Are you and your partner on the same page about what to wear and ready to put your game faces on?

What should I wear to my photo shoot?

Make sure you're wearing complimenting colours with your partner, and better yet, have a colour pallet you are working with. Please do not fully match! 90% of the time, you look back on those photos and think "what did I do?!". There are times when it works, but just make sure this is one of those times if that's what you want. Try to avoid patterns, particularly small ones (a flannel shirt is still ok, for example, because the pattern is big). Small patterns and lines can mess with the quality of the photo in bizarre ways. Solid colours are best, and ones that aren't too bright/fluorescent. Neutral, muted, and pastel tones/colours are great. Keep in mind any tan lines you may have, or anything you want to hide.

How does your pricing work?

My packages are all customizable. I have a document with them, so please shoot me an email and I can send you my packages that way. That being said, to find what fits for you, a custom package is often best. 85% of my clients spend between €5000-€8500.


I do not have enough words to describe how awesome Shawna was in helping me bring a dream proposal to life, but I'm going to try! Shawna's photos of my proposal to my fiancée turned out so incredible that I immediately ran out to get our favourite shot printed and framed the very next day after she sent them. It's currently hanging up in our bedroom and I still look at it every day. And even before she sent all the final photos, she got a batch of "sneak peek" photos the very same day that we could post on Instagram and we each set one as our phone background. Shawna made us feel relaxed and confident in front of the camera, and she gave clear and easy directions to get the best shots for us. My fiancée and I also talked about how great it was to have that photoshoot time after the initial proposal because it allowed us to be close and kiss as much as possible for all the photos. Naturally, you're excited to tell all your family and friends afterwards, but it keeps you off your phone for a while and focused on embracing each other's presence while she gets some amazing photos. Also, our location was NOT the most forgiving being in Akaslompolo, Finland during winter. BUT Shawna handled it like a champ. Not only did she get in contact with our glass cabin company to arrange flower petals and wine in the room for us before we arrived, but she also sat outside in the snow with a white umbrella to make sure she was hidden and waiting for when I popped the question. And in freezing temperatures with the sun going down... that's serious dedication. She got so many different types of shots for us and directed us through every second of it, and her husband Harry (who happened to work for the travel company we booked with) even got a fantastic drone clip of us from above. She and Harry also knew about a secret spot in the forest where you could find wild reindeer and invited us to come get some photos there the next day as well. And boy did they deliver... We came out to a clearing and saw hundreds of wild reindeer and did a full-on photoshoot in front of them and the photos turned out INCREDIBLE! We were able to get within a few feet of them. It was magical, to say the least. If you're considering hiring Shawna for a proposal, elopement, wedding, engagement photos, etc then take it from me... you will not be disappointed! I am so incredibly thankful I hired her not just for the amazing photos and dedication she put into capturing the moment, but for all the extra help with planning and setting up this incredible moment for my fiancée and I. Thank you Shawna!!

Dale & Mariah

We had such a great day doing our photo shoot with Shawna Rae! She made it easy and fun as we walked around Paris and stopped at beautiful locations to take pictures - it also felt like a very romantic experience with my wife as Shawna had us striking many poses. She knew where to go and how she wanted to frame the shots - you could tell she had done her homework beforehand. My wife and I loved the experience and the photo album looks great! As a bonus we got to enjoy Shawna and Harry's company afterwards at a delicious vegan spot - so it was an all-around great day of fun and adventure! I highly recommend Shawna not just for the great photos, but for the experience.

Sabine & Jeff

Shawna was incredible to work with & we are so happy with our photos! The communication prior to meeting and the chats throughout the day were incredibly comfortable & easygoing. We wanted a fun, energetic photographer to come with us on our elopement in the Dolomites, Italy and Shawna was the perfect choice! Thank you for everything, sending love!

Rachel & Sarah

Choose Shawna if you want the most stunning wedding or elopement photos. For our wedding near Ghent, Belgium, Shawna captured us and our location in the most romantic way. She skillfully directed our children, my husband and me through posing, making us feel completely at ease. Also, Shawna's personality and lifestyle aligned seamlessly with the elegant vegan wedding we envisioned. We’re immensely thankful that we can revisit our special day every time we go through these pictures. Thank you for your impeccable work.

Gretel & Tom

Me and my girlfriend did an engagement photoshoot with Shawna on the streets of Lisbon. Before arriving we were both quite nervous and we had a hectic day behind, but from the moment we got to the location, Shawna made us feel very calm. Even though it was her first time in Lisbon, we could tell she did great research on the beautiful streets and hidden corners where we did the photoshoot. It was our first time to have a professional photographer taking our photos and we absolutely loved that she just let us be us, we were very comfortable in front of the camera and even though there were many tourists around us, Shawna managed to make our own little bubble. I was amazed that most of the time we did not feel shy in front of everyone watching and camera clicking. That was the most important part for me and I think it really shows in our photos. After viewing our album we were simply amazed. The photos are beautiful, we felt a bit like watching some photos of professional models haha. I can honestly say that Shawna captured our love and for that, I can only say thank you. Last but not least, the communication with her was very smooth and easy, she is a great person to be around and we couldn't be happier with our experience! We can only recommend her and will definitely consider her for our wedding!

Eva & Niki

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