As a life-loving, empathetic celebrant with a big smile and an even bigger heart, I promise to make your wedding ceremony less ‘I do’ and instead, all about YOU.


Will we be legally married if we have a celebrant ceremony?

So to have the celebrant-led ceremony of your dreams, you’ll still need to complete the legal bit elsewhere. HOWEVER, at any time before (or after) your wedding ceremony, you can go to your local registry office and complete the basic paperwork required to legalise your marriage or civil partnership. This can take as little as 15 minutes and should cost around £50 but please note, you will need to give legal notice of your intention to marry in advance in order to be able to complete this. During this legal bit, you do NOT have to exchange rings or say your vows - all you’ll need is two witnesses who will need to sign in order for you to obtain the paperwork.

Can we get married anywhere we want or does it have to be a licensed venue?

When you choose to have your wedding, vow renewal, life celebration or naming ceremony with a celebrant, it can take place absolutely anywhere you would like it to. You have total freedom of location, date, time and content of the ceremony. You may want to hold the ceremony at the same venue as your reception which may not have a licence, or in a different part of a licensed venue that the license doesn’t cover. You could even choose to hold your ceremony in your own back garden!

Can you incorporate some of my religious and spiritual beliefs into the ceremony?

Of course! Your ceremony will be an authentic reflection of you both as individuals and we will be able to work together to weave any aspects that are important to you into the service.

What are the main differences between a registrar-led ceremony and a celebrant-led one?

Registrar-led ceremony Legally marries you. Has to take place in a licensed venue/council house (Registry office) and can only be conducted in the areas of that venue that have a wedding license ie; if the main hall has a wedding license but the library does not, you would only be able to have a registrar led ceremony in the main hall. Ceremony is usually about 15-20 minutes long. Ceremony has to follow a specific format with specific language used to comply with legalities. No personalisation to the ceremony script is permitted with the exception of individuals' names and choice of vows from set options. Registrars will often conduct more than one ceremony in a day so will be strict with timings eg; if you're running late, they may say that they are unable to wait as they have another wedding to attend. You will meet your registrar approximately 15 minutes before your ceremony on your wedding day. No religious or spiritual content is permitted (including in any readings if included). Independent Celebrant-led ceremony Is not legally binding. Totally personalised and a ceremony written for you, about you. Total flexibility on timings and content. Choice to say your own vows written by you with help and support to do this. Complete freedom of venue/location choice. Your wedding venue doesn't need to have a wedding license so you can get married literally anywhere you fancy, at any time of the day. Spiritual and cultural beliefs can be included. A celebrant usually only conducts one wedding per day so won't need to rush off if you're running a bit behind schedule. Family members/pets/symbolic rituals etc can be included - both in person or made reference to within the ceremony script. Readings and poems of any kind can be included. Your ceremony exactly how you want it including any special moments or mentions.


Could not recommend Em more. She did an absolutely incredible job for our wedding, truly went above and beyond. She has a fantastic eye for detail, excellent suggestions and pulled everything together effortlessly- taking the stress out of it for us. She is pretty much sunshine in a person.

Lucy & Matt

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