Hello! My name’s Tim Maguire, I’ve been a Humanist Celebrant since 2005, and I absolutely LOVE what I do!


How do you work?

Humanist marriage is currently legal in 8 countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Northern Ireland and certain states within the USA, but that didn’t happen overnight. In Scotland where I live, humanist marriage became legal in 2005 but humanists campaigned for more than 20 years before that to give you the freedom to speak about your love in your own words on your big day (and they’re still campaigning in England and Wales as I write…) It’s a huge privilege which I take very seriously, and that is why unlike most celebrants, I won’t write your ceremony; instead, I’ll help you to write it yourselves. Yes, it requires a bit of work on your part, and yes, you may well curse me during the process, but I know that you’ll definitely thank me afterwards!

Do you conduct same sex weddings?

Of course I do, and I'm delighted that I've been able to conduct many same sex ceremonies since they became legal in 2014. My only sadness is that it has taken so long for society to accept that #loveislove

Tell us a bit about you

I’m delighted to be a celebrant with Celebrate People, the humanist and spiritual care organisation. I’m also the first ever Honorary Humanist Chaplain to the University of Edinburgh, and in 2019 I published my first book, “WE DO!” which has been described as ‘the ultimate guide on how to create your very own, personal, wedding ceremony’. Before I became a celebrant, I had a long career as a voiceover artiste and spent 25 years working as a writer, producer and director which allowed me to meet a lot of interesting people and see a lot of the world. Check me out on my site, where you’ll find lots of ways to make your big day unforgettable, then drop me a line or give me a call. Slainte!

Where can we get married?

You can get legally married anywhere 'safe and dignified' as the Registrar General of Scotland defined it when he made humanist marriage legal in Scotland in 2005. For most people that usually means a hotel or a castle or a country house, but I'm happy to go wherever you want, even if you want to get married on a mountain, in a foreign language, in the rain and snow…


A few of our guests have told us it was the best ceremony they have ever been to (including their own!)

Caitlin & Andrew, May 2021

You played a great big part in our joyous day; we couldn’t have done without you, and we are eternally grateful!

Kari & Stephanie May 2021

The ceremony was the most important part of our day; it was truly magical and more than we could wished for.

Natalie & Jamie, January 2021

We both so very much enjoyed our day; we were very happy you could be a part of that and make it so personal and emotional. Everyone commented on the ceremony and how special it was. Thank you for that!

Fiona and Graeme, June 2021

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