Do you want an experience that transcends ordinary weddings? I'm Jacki, your adventurous Wild Wedding Celebrant from Cornwall. Enjoy your dream elopement or small wedding in nature's rugged beauty.



It’s Freedom.. It’s a totally personalised, unique, unboring and bespoke Wedding Ceremony, created and led by a Celebrant (me) for awesome, free-thinking, nature-loving, wild-spirited couples (like you), so that you can celebrate your love story anywhere you want, however you want and with who you want. Freedom to focus on your LOVE, not the legalities!


Handfasting is an Ancient Celtic Ritual where the hands/wrists are bound together with ribbons, cords or fabric to symbolise the binding of two lives together. A Handfasting Celebrant creates and conducts this ritual which is most often used in Wiccan or Pagan Wedding Ceremonies to publicly declare your intent to marry (Betrothal) and would usually last for a ‘year and a day’ or for your wedding ceremony it would be for ‘as long as love lasts’ or ‘for eternity’. A Hand-tying has now become more popular as a ritual within its own right in mainstream religious and secular wedding ceremonies around the world. There are many ways to include this ritual into your ceremony and you can personalise it with different colours and types of ribbons and cords.


Yes, most definitely! And No! If you have a Celebrant-led Intimate Elopement, Handfasting or Micro-wedding Ceremony in Cornwall, with a bespoke script that includes all the rituals, poems, readings, music and words you want, you will be able to have your wedding ceremony anywhere, anyplace and anyhow you like. Cornwall has such a varied landscape so you can choose from the beach, a sea-cave, forests, woodlands, mines, sacred stone circles or any other location of your choice! If you have a significant spot, outdoors, perhaps where you first met, had your first kiss or somewhere that holds precious memories for you, you have the freedom to celebrate your Wedding Ceremony there. I have a selection of secret, mostly unknown wild wedding locations for my couples to choose from. If you are wanting to have a legally binding marriage outdoors, you will need to find a licensed venue with a permanent outdoor structure that has a solid floor and a fixed roof structure (not a tent or marquee) and you will need a Registrar to sign the register. As your legal ‘marriage’ only requires a 10 minute signing appointment and the reciting of your contractual words and your name, this can be done anytime, before or after your wedding ceremony, at your local Registry Office, just email them to find out more or to make an appointment. I know which one our freedom-loving couples would choose!


A celebrant is someone who performs and officiates non-legal ceremonies. There are Humanist Celebrants who offer non-religious ceremonies and Civil or Independent Celebrants who are happy to include spiritual and religious elements along with non-religious content. They both take time to get to know you and work with you to craft a beautiful, bespoke ceremony that reflects your ideas, values and personality. Celebrants usually only do one ceremony a day. A Celebrant has no restrictions, regulations or rules (other than ethical ones) to adhere to so you have the freedom to enjoy your ceremony anywhere, anyhow and at any time. As a Wild Wedding Celebrant in Cornwall, I specialise in officiating your Ceremony, usually outdoors in wild locations. With amazing views and dramatic backdrops to not only enhance your Elopement, small Wedding or Handfasting but your photographs too, you will experience a wedding day unlike any other! The Good news The best option if you are Eloping and want to legalise your union is to have the “simple, no-frills ceremony” in the Registrar's office itself. You say your 40 contractual words, sign the register, get your certificate and you will be “done and dusted” in about 10 minutes. This costs about £60 depending on your council. This step can be done before (or after) your wedding ceremony.

Am I LGBTQ+ inclusive.

Yes I am. MY MISSION - TO INSPIRE AND EMPOWER FREE-SPIRITED, HEART-CONNECTED COUPLES , ONE AUTHENTIC AND INCLUSIVE CEREMONY AT A TIME, IN CORNWALL AND BEYOND. I am committed to Marriage Equality. Love is Love. I believe that love should be celebrated in a way that is respectful to everyone. My Ethos and Values are - AUTHENTICITY, INTEGRITY, INCLUSIVITY AND SUSTAINABILITY .


Our special day We had the absolute pleasure of having Jacki as our wedding celebrant, she created a ceremony that was both meaningful and unforgettable. From the moment we met Jacki, we knew we had found the perfect person to officiate our special day. She has a unique ability to connect with couples on a personal level. She took the time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple, to create a ceremony that reflected our love story and values. Her warm and genuine manner made us feel comfortable and at ease, creating an intimate and heartfelt atmosphere for our ceremony. She invested time and effort in understanding our vision for the ceremony and incorporated personal touches that made it uniquely ours. Her creativity in weaving together our love story and the elements we wanted to include made the ceremony truly memorable for us and our guests. Her presence and energy filled the space, creating an atmosphere of love, joy, and celebration. It was evident that she genuinely cared about our happiness and ensured that every moment of the ceremony was infused with love and meaning.

(R & R - April 2023)

Perfection If you want a ceremony that blows your expectations out the water, Jacki at wild blessing is the only call you need to make. She delivered the blessing in a way that made us feel she knew us inside and out. Couldn’t ask for any more.

(L&S May 2023)

Beautiful and meaningful ceremony I contacted Jacki, at very short notice and asked if she could perform a handfasting ceremony on the beach in Cornwall. We were very lucky that she was available as even though she did not have long to prepare, she took the time to get to know us and our ceremony was perfect. Jackie far exceeded our expectations in the service she provided, she totally understood what we wanted. She is a warm, kind and genuine person and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone.

(L & R - May 2023)

Jacki is the warmest, wildest, wonderful human being that made our ceremony so incredibly personal and perfect. She has a beautiful energy and you want to spend more time with her. She captured the uniqueness of our family and told our story with such passion and emotion. She included our six year old and wasn't put off by his randomness and request for chocolate mid vows! So special! Jacki, you are an absolute gem! The BEST decision was to have Wild Blessing Ceremonies. You won't regret it. All our love

Hannah and Roy

We don't know where to begin with our experience with Jacki! We felt so special with her blessing and the ceremony was filled with laughter, love and tears. We really believe that this was a unique and personalised way to wed! Her words couldn't have been more perfect - thank you so much Jacki!

W&S Oct 2022

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