Looking to add truly unique text to your day? Enhance any ceremony or reception with beautiful bespoke wedding vow, toast and speech ideas, using your words and/or those of loved ones. 500+ 5* reviews


What kind of personalised wedding ceremony writing do you create?

If you’re seeking unusual wedding ceremony ideas that stand out for all the right reasons then you’ve come to the right place. I can create various bespoke written ceremony elements, suitable for any wedding (Register office, venue or church), as well as a legally-compliant full script for your Registrar-led ceremony. On my site you’ll find details of my original wedding readings; bespoke ‘Story so far’ and ‘The Why’ sections; unique wedding declarations, vows and ring exchanges; symbolic act writing and personalised well-wishing wedding poems. I also offer a wedding ceremony consultancy service – all the wedding ceremony inspiration you need in one place.

What kind of original wedding reception writing do you create?

Whether you’re wanting unique wedding toast and speech ideas for a groom, bride, best man, father of the bride or another loved one then I can help. My bespoke wedding reception range includes everything from personalised wedding toasts written with one contributor’s words; to a mirror-image pair of original wedding speeches for a newly married couple; through to multi-part performance pieces presented by more than one speaker, all created to complement each other perfectly. You can choose who contributes to our writing, either using all your own words or including nominated family and friends. Wedding reception inspiration doesn’t come more varied than this.

What qualifications and experience do you have?

I’ve been a professional writer for 14 years now and currently run 3 small bespoke writing businesses: Words and Wisdom (the versatile wedding and reception writing you’re reading about on this page), Portraits in Prose (innovative bespoke photo book texts) and Your Three Days (one-of-a-kind humanist ceremonies). I am a seasoned wedding Celebrant as well as creator of personalised wedding writing and so all my original wedding ceremony ideas and unique wedding reception ideas are based on real wedding experience. You can find out more about my other writing in the final question below.

Where do you work?

I don’t have to be physically present at any point in this very flexible process, which means I can write for anyone, anywhere, based in the UK or abroad. In the last 14 years I have worked for the widest range of clients imaginable, based all over the world. All that matters is that the beauty of bespoke writing appeals.

What are your fees?

That really depends on what I’m creating. You’ll find guide prices on my site, but the best way to get an accurate figure is for me to create a tailored quote. It will be influenced by 3 factors: the length of the writing, its complexity and how many people are contributing to it. If time allows, flexible payment is possible.

Do you create other bespoke wedding writing too?

Yes, I certainly do. I write innovative Portraits in Prose: bespoke texts you can use to create a delightful photo book celebrating your engagement or marriage. I also design, write and lead exceptional Your Three Days humanist weddings in Yorkshire, the Peak District and North West. All 3 of my sites are linked so you can easily move between them.


'We absolutely LOVE it! It's beautiful, engaging, and funny - a perfect reflection of our relationship and story. The words are spot on, exactly what we'd like to say. Thank you, thank you, for writing such a beautiful piece for us.'


'The feedback has been amazing (tears of happiness from guests) with everyone telling us all day they've never been to a ceremony like it. Hannah is your only option if you want an A-class wedding. We cannot thank her enough.'

Luke + Ewan

'We wanted someone experienced, personable and confident: Hannah. Nothing was too much trouble and, positive and reassuring, nothing seemed to faze her. We loved the perfect script she wrote. So personal, it was as if she'd known us for years.'

Emma + Sean

'Our wedding was so perfect – equal parts romantic, moving and funny. If you're looking for unique and truly meaningful vows, don't hesitate in booking. Ours were absolutely amazing and meant so much to us. We cannot recommend Hannah highly enough!'

Gillian + Ankit

'Thank you so much for all the work you put in, the process made so easy by your friendly and professional approach. It was perfect, everything we hoped and more. No words can express how much that means to us.'

Melanie + Carl

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