Let's make your ceremony the headline act. It's the reason for the party so let's make it just that. Set the tone for your day and the rest of your lives together.


Why you though, Vicky?

You have a long list of things to worry about, let's not make the wedding itself one of them. I will take the reins, and create something that's utterly you. I'll be that reliable friend, who's also excellent at delivering on the day. I have hours of live TV under my belt which means nothing throws me in the moment...in fact, they often make it!

Who would win in a fight, a celebrant or a registrar?

We are all about love baby. But, I have to say celebrants pack an impressive punch as we have ZERO restrictions. Any place. Any time. Anywhere. With a toast, with a cocktail, under the stars or on a beach. Anything goes.

What about the legal bit?

It's true, at this present moment in time, a celebrant-led wedding isn't legally binding. 'Doing' the legal bit is easy peasy and can be done on the cheap or involve close friends and family as a little 'played down' bonus round. Lots of couples save exchanging the rings for the 'big day' for example...but these are all things we can chat through together.


With the perfect mix of levity and seriousness, you set the tone beautifully for the day and our marriage!

David and Stuart

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