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Win Gorgeous Treats For Stylish Brides-To-Be {WORTH OVER £250}

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED. It’s Saturday and we feel like treating our lovely readers, so in celebration of the weekend and the fact that you’re getting married (!) Ekkkkk!!!! We’ve put together a box of gorgeous treats any bride to be would simply LOVE to receive. Enter for yourself. Enter for a friend. Either way, just blimmin’ enter as the chance to win these treats is not to be missed. Simply leave a comment below this post telling us what song you’re having for your first dance…

  • The ultimate wedding planning book, Your Day Your Way, written by our founder Charlotte O’Shea
  • Hand sewn ‘Bride’ sweater by A Finer Thread
  • Personalised leather pouch by Studio Seed
  • Your Day Your Way notebook by Papier
  • Pink peg board & letters by Alex & Alexa
  • Figuier Scented Candle by Diptyque
  • A bottle of fizz – Moët naturally darhhhling
  • Chanel longwear nail varnish in the ultimate bridal shade – Frenzy
  • A box of Charbonnel et Walker Pink Marc de Champagne chocolate truffles

    Simply leave us a comment below this post telling us what song you’re having for your first dance. (Or if you’re entering this as an already married person, then tell us what song you had, alternatively if getting married isn’t on your radar at all then just let us know your favourite first dance song).

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    Author: Fern Godfrey
    Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

    1,354 thoughts on “Win Gorgeous Treats For Stylish Brides-To-Be {WORTH OVER £250}

      1. Myself and my Fiancé have just booked our wedding and soooooo excited!
        I think we’re going to have ‘Wonder of you’ it’s my Dad’s favourite song and holds a lot of family memories for us ❤️ We want to dance half of it as us then invite our (will be by the time of wedding) 4 children up to join us too then the guests. Soooooooo excited to become a Mrs ????????

      2. ‘If I had a gun’ Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds. Sounds strange but the lyrics are just beautiful and sum us up. Later on we are having Dreams by Fleetwood Mac. Music means so much to us so we are choosing the whole play list.

      3. Our song is I want to grow old with you from the wedding singer! Absolutely love the humour in the song and suits us as a couple ????

        1. My sister is getting married and has had the WORST luck since getting engaged (we were stuck in a hurricane just 4 days after!) so this would be amazing. She is having ‘you’re still the one’ as her first dance with her lovely fiancé ❤️

      4. I am surprising my fiance on our wedding day… We are having his best friend play guitar as I walk down the aisle and (although we aren’t massive Beyonce fans) he has always cheesily sang halo to me and it was playing in the car on the way home from our second date… He looked at me, squeezed my hand and we just sat there holding hands with massive grins on our faces… My hearts never beaten so fast. His friend is going to play an acoustic version of halo for me to walk down the aisle to and I can’t wait to see his face ❤️

        Our first dance is still undecided. We have a 50s style jazz band and we are thinking ‘fly me to the moon’ after drunkenly booking a trip to New York on his credit card on our third date and waking up the next day with everyone telling us that we were crazy… Still makes me laugh! But we keep changing our mind (think it’s just an excuse for him to try out his dance moves with each song choice ????). Whatever it will be… I’ll be the luckiest girl in the world ????

        Good luck everyone ????

      5. Our first dance song is Rihanna ‘diamond’. We have chosen it because the lyrics are beautiful and just right for us ❤️

      6. Our wedding date 30.12.17 our first dance will be SADE “your love is king” we’ve always enjoyed listen to her and can have her on repeat all day long!
        We’ve also had a neon sign made with a ” your love is king” can’t wait to see it up in lights on the big day x

      7. We are having Father John Misty- chateau lobby #4 we first heard it at Greenman Festival and we are getting married on the festival site!!

      8. Shania Twain “You’re still the one”

        This one is to be imagined as a little bit tongue in cheek… we both work very demanding jobs which require us being away from each other for long periods of time, each time one of us finishes a project we put this on and dance around to our living room to celebrate making it through another project.

        We will then do a family song inviting both families up so we can celebrate the fusion of the families to “Aint no Mountain High Enough”

        Man I feel like a woman is also his karaoke song so she is an on going joke with our friends.

      9. We were married in April 2017. Our first dance song was Tom Odell Grow old with me.

        My best friend gets married in 2018 and she would love to win this prize!

      10. Our first dance is “Anywhere” by Passenger ❤ we have always loved travelling and have a large bucket list. The words are so fitting! Cannot wait to share our day with all our wonderful friends and family! Less than 6 months to go now xx

      11. After 8 years and two children together me and my partner are getting married on the 31st of May 2019 and our first dance song is going to be Ed Sheeran tenerife sea

      12. We are having Bare Necessities from The Jungle Book as we had our first kiss to this film and our daughter loves it and does the best dancing to it. Both our children are going to come and join us halfway through to dance as a family.

      13. Still not 100% on our first dance song yet, although i think we are going for Igiorni – Ludovico Einaudi, such a beautiful piece.

      14. You make loving fun by fleetwood mac. Our favourite band we’ve seen togther. And a song we always dance to no matter where it’s playing.

      15. We will be dancing to the Beach Boys ‘Wouldn’t it be nice’. As high school sweethearts we used to listen to this song and dream of the days we wouldn’t need to say goodbye. 8 years on, on 30th June next year we will finally make it official!

      16. Cascade – every time we touch accaustic version. Love the meaning of the lyrics, very personal and a good song for everyone to join in and sing along too❤️

    1. Unbeknown to our guests my husband had his mic attached and so when the first dance came on he started singing as we danced around the room. As a singer in his spare time but never singing in front of family or friends this was the best gift ever. “Hero” as that is what he was then and what he is now to me and our two children and I would dance with him every single time xx

    2. ‘Nat King Cole-Let’s Do It’- after memories of my grandparents singing and dancing to the same tune in their kitchen.

    3. Billy Joel – just the way you are. We got married last year and being in our twenties I’m not sure many of our friends even know who Billy Joel is! But we think this is such a romantic song (especially the last verse) and sums up the way we feel perfectly!

      1. We’re getting married next summer too! Making my entrance of Be my baby by The Ronettes and our first dance will be My Hero by Sean Lennon. ????

    4. We’re having Once in a Lifetime by Landon Austin. As someone who has battled severe anxiety and found the person who helped me overcome all of my fears, it resonated so much with both of us. I can’t wait to marry my soul mate in 2018.

    5. We’ve just had our third wedding anniversary and danced on the night to Ben Folds – The Luckiest ????????????

    6. Ben E King – Stand by me. We watched the film early on in our relationship and 5 years later it was our first dance ????

    7. We are getting married next may and will be dancing to walking the wire by imagine dragons. We wanted something more upbeat and not a traditional love song 🙂

    8. Our first dance was to Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles! Nearly 4 years ago now but it was perfect and will always love this song x

    9. We had Fly Me to the Moon, we had some brass instruments in our band and it sounded perfect! We also wanted a song we might catch on the radio every now and then. Then when we were on our honeymoon we took a sunset helicopter ride to the Geand Canyon and on the way back the pilot played our song – we didn’t even tell him and it was the best ending to the trip!

    10. Been married 6 years, together a lot longer. We had Rule the World by Take That for our first dance-performed by a live band. I’m a huge TT fan-always have been and always will be. After persuading (note-dragging!) my husband to one of their amazing gigs he was also hooked. We love the song and felt the words were very apt. I even taught my husband to waltz to it which was a very special moment as I used to dance professionally when I was younger so it meant a lot that I was able to do that on my own wedding day. I would love to win this as I’m currently helping my little sister plan her own wedding and this would be the ultimate treat ????

      1. That should say-this would be the ultimate treat for my sister ???? (Although I might steal a truffle or two-and a glass of champagne…)

    11. Jason Mraz – I won’t give up
      Always been our song from day one; doing long distance and taking the chance on us working is what makes the words even more special. We had our guests join us half way through our first dance to this and it was so special ❤️

    12. We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary (tin!) but if we decided to renew our vows I think we’d go with our first choice – Gary Lightbody and Lisa Hannigan’s duet ‘Some Surprise’- apart from a beautiful sweeping melody it has some touching/funny words:
      Your lips come as some surprise,
      That they would want to come and meet mine,
      They never taste like the last time,
      Your lips come as some surprise!

      Now that we’ve sat for a while
      You’ve shown me yours and I’ve shown you mine
      Even after all this time
      Your lips come as some surprise

      For our actual wedding we had Elton John’s Tiny Dancer which was our second choice but we got pushed into choosing it by our lovely but bossy wedding dance teacher! He said Tiny Dancer would be much easier! I love TD but…if we had a do-over it would be ‘Some Surprise’. There are also bonus good vibes for this particular song as it was part of a charity album to raise money for Oxfam Ireland’s Make Trade Fair campaign and it raised €250,000 to support work in 10 African countries. A song with heart that was on an album that did a lot of good- what more could you ask for?

    13. Tina Turner – Let’s stay together. We wanted to avoid a school disco style awkward slowy, so chose something upbeat and our guests joined in. It was my husbands mums favourite artist, who sadly passed away.

    14. We met while we were both working in Japan and as well as falling in love with each other we also fell in love with karaoke. So it was only right that instead of a first dance we had a first karaoke duet instead. The song was “Jackson” by Johnny Cash and June Carter-Cash

    15. Argh this is such a great comment section for me because we’re just in the process of choosing our first dance! Can’t wait to see what everyone else has had as it will be very helpful information! Currently we’re thinking ‘God only knows’ by The Beach Boys which we both love, but we don’t really have a song that is ‘ours’ as such so it has been hard to pick one from the ether.

    16. My uncle is a musician and he’s learnt moon river for us 🙂 We are also having some dance lessons as my fiancé was worried he can’t dance!

    17. We had ‘Lover of the Light’ by Mumford as we wanted something fun but sentimental. We have a flipping good old jump around to it as our first dance as I hated the thought of a slow dance!

    18. We had Olly Murs “Please don’t let me go” when we married 4years ago because we both liked it and the other half wouldn’t let me have “Fearless” by Taylor Swift which I consider our song as it fitted the bill when we first started dating 8years ago and I played it on repeat ☺️

      1. Perfect by Ed Sheeran, might sound cheesy but ‘We were just kids when we fell in love’ is so fitting for us as we fell in love age 16 and have been together 11 years…took him long enough to finally pop the question! ????

    19. We just got engaged after almost six years together, and we’re planning a small wedding in France in 2019. We’re hoping to have Joshua Radin ‘I’d rather be with you’ as our first dance song. Hopefully the first of many dances together!

    20. At our wedding almost two years ago, our first dance song was The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice. The lyrics are dreamy and resonated with us when we were first dating many years ago – so when I asked my husband to be to pick our first dance song but to keep it a surprise, I had a sneaky suspicion he might choose that one, and he did! ????

    21. We had ‘Sugar Pie Honey Bunch’ by The Four Toos at our wedding 4 weeks ago and I wish I could do it all over again already

    22. Been together 15 years, got together when I was 16! Had Richard Hawley ‘Baby You’re My Light’ ????????????

    23. We’re getting married in April 2019 and having Madness – It Must Be Love as our first dance song, because our first date was watching Madness at Buckingham Palace as part of the Queen’s Jubilee in 2012!

    24. What a beautiful prize.
      I have never been married & I’m in my 50’s but believe it will happen one day & for that reason I would have
      Ain’t no mountain high enough????????????????
      For my first dance????

    25. We had “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. The first dance was one of my favourite parts of the day and I always feel emotional when our song comes on the radio.

    26. We’re having a country song by Brett Eldredge called ‘mean to me’ the lyrics are perfect and we met in Canada so we have a heavy country influence in our lives! X

    27. I’m entering for my sister.. she choose Gavin Degraw – Soldier. Although she got married in July (and oh how it was perfect) we have about 5 weddings in 2018 so this prize would help her out massively for one of her bride to be best friends xx

    28. We’re having Northern Wind by City and Colour. It’s always been ‘our song’ and I can’t wait to have our first dance. The lyrics are perfect. ????

    29. We had Maps by the Yeah, yeah yeahs. The perfect combo of slow dance with a bit of rock. We now have the poster up in the hallway as the lyrics mean so much “wait, they don’t love you like I love you”

    30. Ed Sheeran ‘Perfect’ A cliche I know to have to have Ed as your first dance but as we’re getting married in Tuscany I really can imagine ‘dancing barefoot on the grass’ Can’t wait 🙂

    31. We are getting married on 12 May -our aisle song is Shania Twain still the one – as out wedding day is also our 11 year anniversary! Absolutely love this competition and the beautiful book and gifts up for grabs ????????

    32. Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons!
      My fiancé and I got together at Glastonbury, I was on a hen do and he was working a jacket potato stand. We got chatting one of the evenings and bumped into each other again watching Mumford heading and he has asked me out on a date and never looked back and this is our song 🙂 we have been together 4 years now and he proposed to me 2 weeks ago 🙂

    33. You make my dreams – Hall and Oates

      And oldie but a goodie. The song we request at every wedding we attend, all practice for our big day next October.

    34. We are having Kodaline- The One! Its a truly beautiful song that means the world to us! As we got engaged in Dublin and Kodaline are Irish,it seems only fitting we have an amazing Irish cover band to sing the most perfect song!

    35. We’re still working out our first dance song ready for next September, but I’m keen for a boogie to the Epilogue from La La Land…! 11 months today to get the choreography started!

    36. We think we are having a version Alicia Keys Some people want it all. My fiancé have pretty different music taste (me more garage, r’n’b and him indie rock) but we saw James Bay perform the Alicia Keys song and it is a perfect compromise! Plus James Bay is from his home town. If only we both could dance ????????????

    37. We are having KC and the Sunshine Band “Give It Up” – and also having this filmed throughout the day as a Marryoke video for lols. It’s just a super fun song which guests of all ages will know and can dance and sing along to (what a chorus!????) plus we loved the coincidence that we are “Kevin” and “Chloe” getting married and it’s “K” “C” and the sushine band. Can’t wait!

    38. I’m getting married next year, we are going to have ‘stolen’ by dashboard confessional, as a reminder of how far we’ve come from those teenage years.

    39. We’ve been together 10 years and have two daughters. We’ve finally set a date – 28 July 2018 so we are having At Last by Etta James which seems fitting! I really can’t wait ????

    40. We’re still deciding on our first dance for our wedding next May! We’re between a Gavin Degraw song (who we LOVE and have seen together) or Joseph Arthur, Honey and the Moon.

    41. We’re having ‘Beyond the sea’… our engagement was a surprise weekend in Paris, and we kept hearing this (and the French version, La Mer) so it had to feature! Wedding next June 🙂

    42. L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole. We’re getting married in April 2019 and want something classic and romantic for our day.

    43. We are having Ed Sheeran- perfect. We’ve been together 16 years (since we were 16) and have 2 babies so the song just seemed…perfect! ???? We are getting married next June.

    44. Love on top by Beyoncé accoustic version. We announced our engagement to single ladies, so it only seems fitting that the Beyoncé theme continues

    45. I’m marrying my best friend in April next year and we haven’t QUITE decided yet, but because neither of us want it to be awkward, and love to make people laugh… we’re thinking of having Disney’s ‘beauty and the beast’ ????❤️

    46. We were married in July… but still in denial that it’s all over! Our first dance was oasis – wonderwall as it’s a special song to both of us for different reasons. We never had ‘our song’ so it made it quite difficult to choose! Entering this for a friend who is getting hitched next year!

    47. Ed Sheeran – Tenerife Sea. It was playing on an episode of TOWIE whilst we were doing the washing up when we first moved in together, we danced like idiots round the kitchen and the memory brings the biggest smile to my face!

    48. After we got engaged at the top of a mountain in San Sebastián we walked back down and had a glass of champagne in the first bar we saw. The song playing as we drank was “perfect” by Ed Sheeran. He might be cliche to have as a first dance artist but it was like it was chosen for us. I can’t wait to marry my soul mate!

    49. I walked down the aisle to how long will I love you (the about time version), my friends played it live and it was so emotional when they started playing.
      First dance was it had to be you – we’re big when harry met sally fans!

      1. Our first dance in June 2019 is going to be an acoustic version of Maroon 5 – She will be loved. Not your obvious song but has the best meaning behind it ????

    50. We’re getting married next year and want our first dance to be: Seal – kiss from a rose.

      We’ve been obsessed with his music since we met so this is a perfect choice for us.

    51. We want to do things a little differently for our first dance and want the song that was played CONSTATNTLY on Australian radio when we re-met (we went to school together, but it took a chance meeting in the middle of nowhere, working on a farm in Australia for us to realise we were perfect for each other). The song is called ‘like it like that’ by Guy Sebastian, and it reminds us of when we were young, carefree and starting a wonderful adventure together. Next year, when we get married, we’re hoping it brings the same good fun and lifetime of happiness that we’ve already had in our nine years together.

    52. We are having Boyce Avenue version of Faithfully! Getting married next July in the Cotswolds ???????? Xx

    53. My fiancé and I met when he was 16 and I was 18. Back then I refused to go out with him despite liking him because I was subborn and age gaps were seen as such an issue! Now, 11 years on we are getting married. Our wedding music is a lot of the bands we both listened to when we first met, your Sum41 and Blink182 feature highly. We are both huge 80s power ballad fans and are partial to a guitar accompanied sing song when we are at home. This being said, I’m walking down the aisle to Always by Bon Jovi. I’m hoping for tears (his not mine!)

    54. For our first dance we’re having ‘are you going to be my girl’ but performed by a 1920s style band.

    55. First dance song was “Drops of Junpiter” by Train. The song was performed live by our amazing wedding singer Alex Birtwell.
      When I read this competion and saw that the closing date was the 21st I thought it must be fate as that is our first wedding anniversary! ❤️

    56. Getting married a year today (argh eek!!). We’re having The Shirelles ‘Then He Kissed Me’ as it pretty much sums up those first few days. Sadly I was refused Let’s Go Crazy by Prince, but I’m pretty impressed we’ve managed to agree on this already!

    57. We’re going for a timeless classic which was also one of our grandparents favourites who sadly are no longer with us.. Elvis Presley .. ‘can’t help falling in love’. I’m marrying my childhood sweetheart & we’ve been together for 11 years since we were 16. We get married on 03/05/2018 & I absolutely can’t wait!!

    58. “I wanna dance with somebody” by Whitney Houston.

      Because who doesn’t wanna dance with somebody that loves them?!

    59. Im going to surprise my fiancée with the first few choruses of b*witched C’est la vie as the beginning of our first dance. It’s a bit of a private joke and just makes us makes us laugh and have a stupid smile on our face. Which i’d love to be photographed xx

    60. TREASURE by Bruno Mars. Rogue choice you may think, but we heard it performed by Eliza Doolittle on Radio One’s live lounge and the words are beautiful and it felt so special to us. It was played live by our beyond brilliant band ‘The Something Blues’ who have now been hired for so many of our friends weddings. We loved having something a bit different that was unique to us. Give Eliza Doolittle’s version a listen!

    61. We are having Kiss me – Sixpence non the richer , “you wear those shoes and il wear that dress” did it for us ❤️????????????

    62. Mumford and Sons, Lover of the Light. It’s one of our favourite songs and has been since we went to see their gig 3 years ago! It’s got the nice slow tempo at the beginning but it really picks up tempo towards the end and we can just see all our guests joining in to lead into dancing the night away!

    63. We’ve been married for a year now 🙂 my country music obsessed husband managed to convince me to have “Die a happy man – Thomas Rhett”. His twin brother is getting married next year and would love to win this for my future sister-in-law

    64. We’re having Uptown Funk as my OH plays bass and it’s the only song we both absolutely love! ( plus we both LIVE dancing to it together too)

    65. No first dance but ‘First Pint’ instead! We’re not dancers at all so brewing our own beer and tasting it first to Carly Rae Jepson – Run Away with Me!

    66. We are having some wonderful Elton John – ‘Are You Ready For Love?’ when we get married in Cornwall… I simply can’t wait ????

    67. We are having Sam Smith – Latch, which is the acoustic version of the Disclosure song.
      We have always been into dance music and my fiancée used to be a DJ, we have also been to lots of festivals so it really means a lot to us!

    68. We had Lay, Lady, Lay by Bob Dylan. A favourite of ours for years: “you can have your cake and eat it too”. Together for 11 years, married for 1 ☺

    69. Our first dance will be The One by Kodaline. The lyrics remind me of when my fiancé proposed. For him, it’s how he felt- so a perfect song for us! Can’t wait to dance to it next year!

    70. Well, for us it hasn’t been an easy choice!! We love so many songs & don’t want to be a cliche! So for our winter wedding this coming January we have picked INXS – Never tear us apart…. hopefully we won’t change our mind before the big day!!!

    71. We’ll have Jamie Lawson’s ‘I wasn’t expecting that’.
      The song came out just as we started seeing each other, and one evening we met up and told each other about this song we had both heard on the radio that day that made us think of each other – we were talking about the same song! Now it always reminds me of our first few months together – autumn nights cooking and listening to music together or driving down for weekends at the coast ❤️

    72. We’re having ‘Slide Away’ by Oasis.
      ‘Now that you’re mine
      We’ll find a way
      Of chasing the sun
      Let me be the one that shines with you
      In the morning we don’t know what to do.’
      It played on our first trip to Scotland about 4 months into our relationship and we knew then we were going to have it for our first dance.

    73. We’re having a song by our favourite band The Gaslight Anthem. We’ve loved this band since we got together 9years ago.

    74. 500 miles – Daniel Duke cover. We’re scottish and I don’t think I’ve ever been to a wedding/party where this has been played – usually at the end of the night but when I heard this cover and really thought about the lyrics it seemed perfect for us.

    75. Wouldn’t it be nice-the beach boys. We’re getting married in April and I’ll occasionally put the song on and we dance around the flat, I think we (I) need all the practice we can get!

    76. We’re having The One- Kodaline. We have loved this song since we first got together, and it reminds me of my hubby to be every time I hear it. So it was an easy choice ❤️

    77. We are getting married in the Ibiza sunshine but next June and hopefully having a Sax playing to our ceremony music..thinking of Songbird by Eva Cassidy, John legend and Ryan Adams Wonderwall x too many gorgeous songs to choose from! ????

    78. We’re getting married next year, and there is still a lot of debate about said first dance song! We know we want something a bit old fashioned, and nothing that’s been used too often. Maybe Stevie Wonder – Once in my Life, or The Ronettes – Be My Baby ???????? something love that gets the party started!! Xxx

    79. I’m walking down the aisle to an instrumental version of Beauty and the Beast. Our first dance is a cover of Bonfire heart.

    80. Nothing’s gonna stop us now by The Starships – so many fun nights dancing to this at birthdays and friends weddings. We are gettting married in June eek! ????

    81. We will be having diamonds and pearls by prince at our wedding next November 2018. We are both big fans of prince and have always loved this song. The lyrics mean a lot and love is not about material things for us, so this song is somewhat our motto.

    82. Less than a year until our big day! We are having ‘Yours’ by Ella Henderson.. our actual song is ‘Help me lose my mind’ by Disclosure ft London grammar. So we may try and work something on that too! Love all these products, fingers crossed for a win!

    83. My husband-to-be and I have 8 weeks to go and are still torn between an old classic ‘Save the Last Dance For Me’ or a modern favourite ‘Rule The World’ – Take That… We are having a 7 piece jazz band so either song will sound fantastic…perhaps a mash up?!

    84. Our first dance song will be rather an untraditional choice and most people might not have heard of it but it will be a song by the artist Mac De Marco – my fiancées favourite artist

    85. Our first dance is likely to be You’ve got the Love. Still undecided between Florence & The Machine or Candi Staton’s version. I would love this prize for my June ’19 wedding! We’ve been together since I was 17, 10 years ago.

    86. An acoustic version, sang by our wedding day singer, I Get to Love You – Ruelle. Sums up the reason for a Wedding Day in my eyes! ????

    87. We haven’t my quite decided yet but we are either having Amazed by Lonestar or Tale as old as Time from Beauty and the Beast. November 2019. I can’t wait to marry my Mr!

    88. We’ve been married for two years, it’s flown by! Our first dance song was Ellie Goulding,’How long will I love you’

    89. We will be dancing to Harvest moon by Neil Young 239 days. It’s a song my fiancé and I dance along to in the kitchen whilst cooking so many fond memories attached to it. It’s so beautifully written and quite unusual as a first dance so think it will be lovely to share with our friends and family on the big day.

    90. We are having Vance Joy’s Riptide. We worked in Oz for 18month a couple of years ago and this reminds us that time and all the adventures we shared together. It makes us think of the sun, beach and dancing outside on warm summer evenings ????

    91. 11 weeks until our big day. I’m walking down the aisle to “Love Me Like You Do”. Our first dance is “Stand By Me”

    92. I’m getting married in April 2019, our first dance will be better man by Paolo Nutini, a song we have danced to many times in the kitchen before

    93. Ella Henderson – Hard Work (ironic but lyrics are very appropriate!) “99% of the time, you’re hard work….but you’re good for me” ????

    94. We’re having ‘on call’ by Kings of Leon is both of our favourite songs of all time, many of our dates were spent at their gigs and the arrangement is beautiful
      It instantly immerses me into ‘us’ as soon as it begins and the lyrics are simple and relative …. love it ????

    95. Wow what a prize! ????
      She’s the One by Robbie Williams – his choice! Followed by Love on Top by Beyonce, my choice ❤

    96. We get married in October next year and our first dance is goinggtobbe Stand By Me by Ben E King. We both love the classic movie and it was the first film we saw together so it was just he perfect choice. Despite all that though it’s a beautifully simple song about love…and I can’t wait to take a twirl to it with my ‘new’ husband!

    97. We got married 8 weeks ago in Santorini after been together since we were 14/15! I walked down the aisle to A Thousand Years (the piano guys version). Our first dance was Sway by Bic Runga, we decided it would be our song about 12 years ago and it was perfect!

    98. I’m not married yet but my best friend had Andy Williams ‘Can’t take my eyes off you’. It was a great choice, started slow and they could do a little bit of proper dancing, and then it bursts into something you can boogie to and everyone can join you!

    99. We are getting married next March after 13 years together! Our first dance will be to Nat King Cole, Unforgettable. I cannot wait!

    100. We’re having Mura Masa ‘When u Need Me’ completely non-traditional or wedding’y’ but we both love it and listened to it the night we got engaged! We’re getting married exactly a year today! ☺️

    101. Ooo what a lovely prize! I can just imagine sitting with my mum and my girls the night before the wedding, casually blowing the diet with all of the chocolate ???? also love the look of that Chanel nail colour…dirty enablers, I might have to go and find that regardless!
      We are having a highly sedate bit of Ed to start with (Tenerife Sea), but halfway through we are going to shake it up. Ever seen the American Pie the Wedding? Think the Stiffler dance off scene….Worst bit is this wasn’t even my idea. It was his! ????

    102. We’re not having a traditional first dance but we’re filling the room with a medley of our favourite meaningful songs through the Sonos system all night 🙂

    103. ‘Signals’ by Junius Meyvant. It’s a really simple song. When we met my other half was only in England visiting family for Christmas, and three days after we met he went back to Australia! We did long distance for a while, and he would listen to the line “sending out signals, to you” imagining me here in England getting his messages. Fortunately, he moved to England later that year and the rest is history!

    104. I have only been engaged 2 and a half weeks but at the moment we are thinking of ‘The one’ by Kodaline as the lyrics are perfect! ????????????????????????

    105. We haven’t chosen our first song dance yet but we do like Ed Sheerans Perfect and Bryan Adam’s Heaven. Hoping to be able to get a few wedding dance classes in before the big day next year to make it extra special ????

    106. I am walking down the aisle to Vivaldi four seasons, we are having our ceremony outside so it goes well with that. I lost my dad in 2012 and I always remember him whistling the tune when I was younger. After the ceremony we are playing you got the love by Florence and the machine because her voice is just beautiful. Not decided on a first dance yet, that is my fiancés job and there are too many good ones to chose from. None of our songs are slow enough!

    107. We get married in October next year and our first dance is going to be Stand By Me by Ben E King. We both love the classic movie and it was the first film we saw together so it was just the perfect choice. Despite all that though it’s a beautifully simple song about love…and I can’t wait to take a twirl to it with my ‘new’ husband!

    108. We’d been to Brighton to look at engagement rings, on our way back in the car we heard Daniel Caesar – get you, we both looked at each other and said that’s the one.

    109. We’re having a winter wedding, our first dance will be Otis Reading ‘that’s how strong my love is’, played on my late Grandpa’s old record player ????????????

    110. We’re getting married next year and are going to have You’re My Best Friend by Queen! We didn’t want to go down the traditional slow dance route for our first dance because it’s not us. We are genuinely best friends and can’t wait to marry eachother so it seemed like the perfect choice!

    111. Modern Love by David Bowie. It’s upbeat, great to boogie too and the one song we both love (we have very different music tastes!). And, it’s a surprise for my dad who is a Bowie fanatic xxx

    112. What a wonderful prize! Well we recently celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary so I’m not a new bride but our first dance was ‘Baby I love you’ by The Ramones

    113. Our first dance was God Only Knows -The Beach Boys. My husband bought me the Pet Sounds record to put on morning of the wedding.

    114. my fiancé and i are having “i see love” by passenger. when we first started seeing each other, he would always play passenger songs and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with passenger’s music (nor did it take long for me to fall in love with my now fiancé!). we even got to see passenger live together last year so it seems completely fitting for us to have one of his songs used for such an important part of our big day 🙂

    115. We will be having Lana del Rey – video games! It suits us perfectly ❤️ Can’t wait to marry my everything May next year! X

    116. We are getting married next August can’t wait! Our first dance song is “You’ve got a friend in Me” from Tit Story. Our bands version is going to be super cool. Can’t wait….

    117. We just got engaged in the summer so have just started wedding planning for July 2019 ???? We are thinking about the Lumineers – ‘ho hey’ or Paolo Nutinis’ cover of ‘Caledonia’. We went to a wedding recently that had more upbeat first dance music which was really nice, the song was by Paolo Nutini but we need to find out what song it was! Exciting ????

    118. I’m getting married next September, we are going to have the song Kiss Me by Ed Sheeran played whilst I walk down the aisle but I want something a bit different for our first dance. My family are absolutely mad about Queen (the band ????), so something like Bohemian Rhapsody would be hilarious. Me and my fiancé have been together since we were 16, we’re both now 23 so he knows my family are slightly crazy. Love all these prizes, would be amazing to win!

    119. Our first dance will be the 30 seconds to mars cover of Rihanna’s Stay. I get emotional every time I hear it now, Jared Leto’s husky voice is just perfect ❤️

    120. Our wedding is 18/10/18 and we haven’t decided yet what our first dance song will be. ‘What if I ho’s by Mura Masa would be my fiance’s choice 🙂

    121. Filp N fill- ‘true love never dies’ this song is not only suited to our taste in music but we hope as a first dance it will bring our friends and family together with us instead of your normal ‘slow dance’ which just isn’t us. I also plan on having a first dance with my dad to ‘guns n roses- sweet should of mine’, my dad has recently been diagnosed with a form of blood cancer and it is important for me to have him there with me on my big day with his all time favourite song. X

    122. First dance is Rag n Bone Man – As You Are. Not so well known but the words are perfect for us ❤️
      Walking down the aisle with my Dad to Rolling Stones Wild Horses as it’s his favourite band and I took him to see them for his 60th so it will be full of memories for both of us. Our wedding is 7th April next year so 6 months today!!

    123. We get married May 2018 and for our first dance we are having ‘Ain’t no mountain high enough’ – we love the song and always sing the different parts to each other!

    124. Our wedding is 18/10/18 and we haven’t decided yet what our first dance song will be. ‘What if I go’ by Mura Masa would be my fiance’s choice ????

    125. We are having tom odell real love. Even though we only know of it from the john lewis advert the lyrics tell the story of our relationship and it fits perfectly with out winter wedding ❤

    126. We are having ‘Baby I’m Yours’ by the Artic Monkeys. My other half doesn’t really dance and we wanted something that would be a different and we love the band

    127. We are planning a tiny wedding with only 8 guests to the ceremony (including our two boys) and are having Hunter Hayes Wanted as we love country music. I can’t wait!

    128. Florence and the Machine – you’ve got the love, we get married next year in 238 days and we chose a song that’s upbeat so we can fling ourselves around the dance floor, then be joined by our nearest and dearest!

    129. We were apprehensive about 2 things at our wedding: church ceremony and the first dance. Whenever we tried dancing together it looked awkward and not in sync. We decided to mix things up and this way feel more relaxed, plus we couldn’t decide on 1 song. So we did 4 that were edited into 1. We started with John Legend ‘All of Me’ for obvious reasons. Then Frank Sinatra ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ as its my husband’s favourite artist and we did a bit of swinging moves. Next my favourite Arabic song since that’s my husband’s heritage and we danced in a traditional Middle Eastern way. We finished with Copacabana just to set the moon for the rest of our reception. All tracks represent us as people and as a couple and our entire wedding was a mix of tradition and things we love.

    130. We are having Tristan McKay – Last Love. We saw him at a charity gig 18 months ago and loved him so we booked him for our wedding. It’s a beautiful song that really has a lot of meaning as it is my fiancé’s second marriage. We also are having Gavin Degraw – Where You Are as the walking down the aisle song, as it has a really special meaning to us from when we first started seeing each other 🙂

    131. We get married in April and our first dance will be Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney, we both love it and it doesn’t get much more romantic, and you can’t beat a bit of Macca!

    132. We are still unsure about what song we will definitely have for our first dance but it’s between Pink skies by Lany and Good together by Honne both songs we sing our hearts out to in the car on our travels! And we love the lyrics! ????

    133. Our first dance was to Newton Faulkners “Dream Catch Me”, our wedding band sang it live adding their own slightly stripped back, acoustic style and it was just perfect ????. We went to a Newton Faulkner gig for our first official date

    134. We had ‘Let’s Get It On’ by Marvin Gaye and have been married for 3 years now but it would be lovely to give some of these prizes to my friend who is getting married in January! We also had Flight of the Conchords, ‘Most Beautiful Girl (In the Room)’ for signing the register which always makes me chuckle and ‘One Day Like This’ by Elbow for walking down the aisle which I listened to non-stop when we first got together. We both love music so it was a big part of the day and lovely to have a few specific songs for poignant moments in the day! Have loved looking at other people’s weddings ever since!!

    135. One year today till we get married! We are having father John misty, chateau lobby.

      “I have never hated all the same things as somebody else”

    136. We are having Start of something good – Daughtry. When me an my fiance got together, we had just recovered from some pretty bad break ups and some other traumatic periods in our lives, and it took us both a while to knock our walls down. Boy are we glad we did.

    137. We’re having No Letting Go by Wayne Wonder. It was a huge song for us both when we met at University and is still a song that makes us both so happy and want to dance all those years later! Xx

    138. We’re having Nat King Cole – L-O-V-E. We love it because it’s upbeat and we can have a good twirl around. It’s a bonus that it’s not too long too so everyone else won’t have to wait long before they get their dancing shoes on!

    139. My fiancé and I are getting married in June 2019 and haven’t 100% decided on a first dance song just yet, but we have a few in mind such as “can’t help falling in love with you” or “stand by me”. I would LOVE to win this prize, we have had our wedding booked for quite a long time so it still doesn’t feel real at the moment. By winning this prize I think it would make it feel a bit more real!

    140. My best friends getting married and would love to give this to her! Not engaged yet but ours would be life house – you and me.

    141. We’re having Ed Sheeran – Thinking out Loud as our first dance! It’s got a lot of meaning to us both; we’ve seen him live, the song was playing in the background when my fiancé proposed to me and I’m tweeting Ed everyday in the run up to our wedding in the hope he’ll come to our day! ???????? Xx

    142. We had Swallowed in the Sea – Coldplay. Coldplay were the first gig we saw together and the lyrics are beautiful, ‘And I could write a song
      A hundred miles long
      Well, that’s where I belong
      And you belong with me’
      We knew our guests would love it too! When I hear it now it takes me straight back to that moment.

    143. Oh my word!! I love this blog our Lee and Karen used you guys for theirs and it’s AMAZING!!!.. my wedding song is The Beatles Twist and Shout xx

    144. ‘A little love song’ by Jose Vanders. We loved this song when we first got together at 15, now it’ll be our first dance as Mr and Mrs ten years later in August next year!

    145. We’re eloping so won’t be having a first dance, but I’m walking down the aisle to Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore and back up the aisle to Throne Room by John Williams.

    146. We are currently contemplating. I like Edward Sharpe home- he likes bowling for soup sometimes. Who will won? Noone knows

    147. My husband and I like very different types of music to each other, but we both love disco! So we had Love Train by The O Jays as our song 4 years ago! ????????

    148. We get married six weeks today! My Dad and I will be walking down the aisle to ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ – Elton John, played by a brass quintet.

    149. Ahhh we’re (i’m) torn between Michael Buble’s ‘Everything’ and Sheeran’s Perfect. I’m a sucker for classic pop 🙂

    150. Our first date was a blind date at a Miles Kane gig, I will walk down the aisle to ‘Rearrange. Music is a massive part of our lives, most of our dates at the beginning and throughout our relationship have been gigs so we have decided to do our own playlist for the wedding ceremony and reception *music snobs* Our first dance will be to White Lies ‘Death which lyrics ‘everything’s got to be love or Death’ will be on our wedding cake and new tattoos for us afterwards! I can’t wait.

    151. We’ll be getting married next summer and have decided on Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac. Not very traditional for a wedding song but it brings back happy memories of driving around sunny Scotland on holiday when all we had was a Fleetwood Mac CD to play. I’d love the champagne in this prize to share around with my sister’s while getting ready in the morning and maybe sneak a few chocolates 🙂

    152. We are one of the many to have Ed Sheeran ‘Thinking our loud’ but we couldn’t have had it any other way, from the time I tried on my wedding dress and it was playing on the radio there was no going back!

    153. Everything is awesome from the lego movie (an acoustic version) is a contender at the moment! We are getting married next summer so we still have some decisions to make ????

    154. We had The Lumineers Hey-Ho. Slightly random choice but whenever our friends and family hear the song it reminds them of us so everybody was loving it! They all joined in too which was just amazing.
      We walked down the aisle to James Vincent McMorrow’s higher love which we just love!! Best day ever 🙂

    155. Very cliche but we are having John Legend’s All of Me… it was released at the same time my partner and I met each other and we always used to sing it to each other (after we first said the I love you’s!). Perfect romance song and as always there will be a twist! 😉 707 days until our wedding day and counting! ♥️

    156. We are getting married in santorini next August we are have Ed Sheehan perfect he is our favourite & I can’t wait to dance bare foot on the beach ❤️

    157. We are having At Last, Etta James. Getting married 1st June 2019 although I would give this prize to my friend who is getting married the following month. She and her partner had only been on a couple of dates when she learned she had breast cancer. A month after that she was told she had an even more life threatening illness-Aplastic Anaemia. Many hospital stays, bone marrow transplant, radiotherapy and other such delights followed. They stuck together through it all and are now planning their dream day. We are enjoying all the “what will you have for?” chats and whilst I don’t know her first dance, I would be delighted to giver her this prize.

    158. We had ‘Darling Be Home Soon’ by The Loovin Spoonful my husband picked it before we were engaged. It’s featured on a McDonalds advert where the husband searches gherkin for his pregnant wife, the words are perfect for a first dance and the song is more relevant now I’m expecting our first baby!

    159. Getting married sep 2018, we haven’t decided on our first dance yet but it is likely to be Luther Vandross, Never Too Much

    160. I would love to win this for my wee cousin CLaire who is getting married,
      I had embrace glorious day for our first dance followed by journey don’t stop believing, wish I could go back and relive my wedding????????

    161. We had ‘Love never felt so good’, the original Michael Jackson version. My husband has two left feet and the day before the wedding decided he wanted to cancel the first dance all together (it hadn’t helped that we’d attempted to practice and in doing so had watched too many amazing choreographed dances!). But when it came down to it, he plucked up the nerves and we went ahead. We have the most hilarious video showing me essentially just dancing around my husband while he shuffles from side to side but it was just absolutely perfect????

    162. We’re going to have ‘best day of my life’ by American Authors when we get married in June next year. A beautiful song with such sentimental meaning. It was also played at my sister in laws wedding so has become a family tradition!

    163. Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud ???? getting married on Valentine’s Day 2018 in the Scottish Highlands. These goodies look amazing ????????????

    164. My sister in law gets married next year and her husband to be sang our first dance ‘let’s stay together’ he has such a beautiful voice and our guests danced all night. I’d love to repay the favour with this prize as neither me or my husband can sing without hurting people’s ears 🙂

    165. We are very much open to suggestions for our up and coming Wedding in August so are enjoying ready everyone’s posts for less well known ideas!

    166. We had Thousand Years by Christina Perry, as I’ll be loving him for a thousand more. That dance was my favourite moment of our big day last year!

    167. ‘How Long Will I Need You – Ben Folds.’ Living in London, the tube is part of our everyday lives together. We have this thing, where we love listening to the buskers together in the morning on our way to work – so much so we want one of them to play at our wedding.

    168. We are having Don’t wake me up by Avicci.. not the most usual of first dances but it takes us back to our days travelling together! 9 months till our big day and I cannot wait!

    169. First dance song: Ed Sheeran (Alex Adair remix) Thinking Out Loud. Roll on 11th August 2018!

      Selection of song choices to be played acoustically at our ceremony in Provence include:
      The Beatles – all you need is love
      Wet Wet Wet – love is all around
      Robbie Williams – she’s the one
      John Legend – all of me
      Aerosmith – I don’t want to miss a thing
      Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply
      Tom Odell – Grow Old With Me
      Van Morrison – Have I told you lately
      Train – Marry Me
      Kodaline – The One
      The Wannadies – You and Me Song
      Ben E King – Stand by Me
      Des’ree – I’m kissing you
      Bryan Adams – Everything I do, I do it for you
      The Calling – wherever you will go

    170. We get married in 364 days and our first dance is to Ed Sheeran, How would you feel. I can’t wait for my wedding day!!

    171. We are going to have 5 Years Time by Noah and The Whale. A fun loving but romantic song. It would be even better if Noah and The Whale would perform live! 🙂

    172. We had ‘Kiss Me’ by Sixpence None The Richer as our first dance song. Suited us perfectly and was a lot more family-friendly than ‘our’ song ???? Married for 7 years this year – time flies!

    173. Ho Hey by the Lumineers was our wedding song. My husband chose it and it was just perfect! We had the band play it live and it was amazing ???? xx

    174. We are only just starting to plan our wedding after an autumn engagement. I like ‘God Only Knows’ by the Beach Boys for our first dance but think I will have to do some persuading to get it! X

    175. We got married in May and had Otis Redding’s These Arms straight into Chuck Berry’s You Never Can Tell. It took us ages to decide but we love old music and Pulp Fiction – they worked perfectly and got everyone dancing. Happy memories 🙂

    176. We had ‘Runaway’ by The Coors…kind of tounge in cheek as we had a 6 week engagement and had hoped to elope but our parents wanted us to do things properly. I was only 21! That was 19 years ago. Three children on I would still Runaway with him…

    177. We are getting married in may next year, and our song is walking the wire by imagine dragons. We wanted something upbeat and not a traditional love song 🙂

    178. We get married next November, and our song will be the very popular and beautiful ‘all of me’ by John Legend. We heard this song for the first time driving the long and winding roads in New Zealand. This became the theme tune to our wonderful adventure so it seemed fitting we had this played for our first dance starting our next adventure xxxxx

    179. We had never tear us apart by INXS – with a live band and sax! It was amazing. Entering for a friend who is getting married next year, this would be a lovely surprise!

    180. You me at six – be who you are.

      I stick on the best guess record and sit outside in the sun,
      Pull a chair next to you,
      See that you are the one.
      Show me joy division,
      Show me dead man’s bones,
      Just a summer romance,
      Look how far we’ve grown.

      It won’t always be summer,
      It might be Autumn too.
      Winter might come join in,
      But I’ll be next to you.

      ‘Cause you are, my little star,
      I said you are, my little star,
      I said yo-ou are, my light in the dark
      Don’t change.

      Just be who you are

      Describes our relationship perfectly. Not a dry eye in the house. Love my husband.

    181. i by chance heard about Petfect by Ed Sheeran and fell in love with it. We’re having it played by a string duo as I walk down the aisle then as our first dance

    182. Ok, sounds super cheesy but my wedding song is ‘nothing’s gonna stop us now’ by Starship. I absolutely love the 80’s and a bit of cheesiness so this is the one! Can’t wait to dance to it! :-))))

    183. Truly Madly Deeply
      Savage Garden – it was the song that was playing in the background when I first bumped into my husband to be , i was walking my dogs , he was chilling.

    184. We had Luther vandross ‘so amazing’ sung by a live singer. We got married on 25.8 on what would have been my Nans 84th birthday and we had sunflowers as our theme as it was her favourite flower.

    185. You got the love, Florence and the Machine. We have always loved the song and how it is so emotive while being fun.
      We’re having a string quartet for our ceremony with some beautiful song choices ❤️ Wedding is on 15th December and would love to win!

    186. We’re getting married next year and walking up the aisle to Belle & Sebastian ‘I’m a Cuckoo’. We met in Glasgow and used to go to gigs every week when we were in uni. This song always makes us dance around the kitchen and reminds me of him as soon as I hear the opening chords! Still working on our first dance though, all suggestions gratefully received!

    187. Escape – Rupert Holmes a.k.a The Pina Colada song. Spent many a date, rainy weekend, drunken karaoke screeching this together that it inadvertently became our song. Much to the disappointment of friends and family who have to listen to is screech it.

    188. We had “Dreams” by the Cranberries for our first dance. Now every time I hear the introduction I am transported back to being twirled around in my dress surrounded by all of the people I love the most ????

    189. ‘You’ve Got the Love’ – Florence and the Machine. We both love the song, and love this version of it. Cannot wait. We don’t have a date yet but the music is so important for us that we have it picked already!

    190. I will be walking down the isle to “Thousand years” by Christina Perry & our first dance song will be to “All of me” by John Legend. We will be married next year on the 18th May 2018, the day we got together, the day I said yes & it will be the day I say “I DO” can’t wait to be Mrs Holmes! Really enjoying the planning of our wedding and creating the perfect day ????

    191. After changing our minds so many times, we think we’ve settled on Ellie Goulding’s ‘Still Falling For You’ as when we heard it we thought it fit our relationship really well and made the most sense for us rather than just choosing any love song

    192. Our first dance will be ‘So into you’ by Tamia. ???? Something a little bit different but we both love the song!! X

    193. We’re getting married in July 2019 and haven’t decided on our first dance yet, as we can’t agree on one! ???? we are music lovers so it’s got to be good, these decisions take time!

    194. We will be taking our first dance to the lake that surrounds our tipi venue and dancing under the stars to Jamie Lawson – I can’t see straight.

    195. We are finally getting the knot tied on the 17th October 2019!! In will be walking down the isle to an acoustic version of ‘Tale as old as Time (Beauty &the Beast)’ Then our first dance is ‘Far Away – Nicklback’ we had a long distance relationship to start with so means alot to us after 9 years! Xx

    196. We got married 8 weeks ago today. Our first dance was by Queen Bey herself- Love on Top. There was no awkward swaying to this song!
      We also had End of Time as entrance music to the wedding breakfast!

    197. Getting married in July 2019 after being together since we were 14 years old (Now nearly 27..). We’ve had many ‘songs’ through the years but James Blunt – You’re beautiful is one of the first songs that had true meaning to us. We would love to win this competition! Wishing everyone luck though 🙂 x

    198. We’re getting married next June and we cannot wait. From the moment we got engaged and started planning we knew our first dance would have to be “Baby I’m Yours” by Arctic Monkeys. It’s our Sunday morning tune; the words are very sweet but this version gives it an edgy indie vibe – which is definitely us!!

    199. ‘Something’ by The Beatles. We both adore them and the guitar riff is so beautiful in that song! Super excited to have my first dance!!!

    200. Our song will be Say you won’t let go – James Arthur because the lyrics are so realistic to modern day couples ???????????? that’s us ???????????????? Xxx

    201. We get married in 670 days our song will be better Man by thunder. Would be a lovely treat whilst continuing wedding planning!

    202. We were married last year, and music was such a central part of our day! I walked down the aisle to the piece of score ‘The Balcony Scene’ from Romeo & Juliet, and we walked back up the aisle to ‘The Throne Room’ from Star Wars (coupled with a surprise lightsaber arch planned for my husband – his face was priceless!) played by a string trio. Our first dance was ‘Moonlight Serenade’ by the Glenn Miller Orchestra – we chose this as it was something I had grown up listening to with my grandmother and as she sadly wasn’t there for the day, it was lovely incorporating her memory into such an integral part of the day.
      Other than that, my husband created a playlist for the wedding breakfast and the rest of the evening was a mixture of cheesy pop, belters, classics and current hits that were all chosen by our guests to make sure everyone got up and stayed on that dance floor! X

    203. We’re going to have ‘I don’t want to set the world on fire’ by The Inkspots. We began singing along to it in the car when we were first seeing each other and knew right away it would be the perfect song for our wedding day (and yes, we do drawl the spoken bit in the middle at each other as well!)

    204. Our first dance will be to Brian Adams – Here I Am {live at Sydney Opera House version} once we had heard it we knew it was the song!

    205. We will be getting married in Florida next year, and we will be having Bright Eyes, First Day of my Life. It’s the song that always comes on shuffle when we get in the car together, or are out in public and chatting about the wedding. It feels like a sign! X

    206. Chosing our first dance song is proving really difficult! Weve been together for 11 years so have loads that mean something special to us:
      Feeling Good by Muse
      How wonderful you are by Gorden Heskall
      Rule the World by Take That
      Stars by Simply Red
      Im sure whatevsr we chose itll be perfect! Would love to win this as now hitting the very stressful part of wedding planning.

    207. Walking into ceremony to ‘first time I saw your face’ but the stereophonics and jools Holland version and our first dance is Usher and David Guetta ‘Without you’…. only four weeks today until our wedding! ❤️

    208. We are having Bon Iver – Stafford Apts. both fell in love with it the moment we heard it and it gives me chills whenever I listen to it! X

    209. We are having One Great Mystery by Lady Antebellum ???? that’s if I haven’t played it too many times before now and next October ????

    210. I’m walking down the isle to acoustic Romeo and Juliet dire straits ( my dads favourite band who is no longer with us) and our first dance will be Do you love me by the countours, From dirty dancing. We’ve been together 8 years and marry next year.

    211. Still need to finalise but I think il walk down the isle to a string quartet plying elvis Presley can’t help falling in love, and then possibly first dance will be Keane the one. Both give me goosebumps!

    212. We’re going to have ‘The power of love’ by frankie goes to Hollywood – just love how atmospheric the song is and it was on a lot when we first got together as it was around Christmas!

    213. Recently got engaged to my boyfriend of 7 years, I’ve always imagined us dancing to ‘better together’ by Jack Johnson.

    214. Either – Crystal by Stevie Nicks from my all time favourite film Practical Magic (it gives me goosebumps every time) or I Choose You by Sara Bareilles. I actually had that song playing in the video I made to propose! We both love her.

    215. Love on top by Beyoncé, accoustic version. We announced our engagement with single ladies so it only seemed fitting!

    216. My partner and I get married in March and we’re having our first dance to Brandon Flowers – Lonely Town. I’ve never heard of anyone else having their first dance to it (I suppose it’s quite an unknown song) but it’s a song that makes us both smile and I have countless voice notes of us singing it to each other when we hear it anywhere! I’m also torn between two versions. Traditional wedding me wants to go with the slow acoustic version. Our actual wedding me is saying stick to the original version which sounds beautifully 80s-esque and is the version we dance around the kitchen to. Given that we’re doing our wedding our way, I think I’ll go for the latter! X

    217. Robbie Williams ‘Love My Life’ – after we got engaged on New Year’s Eve in Paris, we switched BBC1 on to watch the fireworks (so we didn’t miss out!), and Robbie was performing this song live – seems fitting ????????????????????

    218. We will be having ‘I Love U’ by The Ordinary Boys. It’s a song that brings back very vivid memories of when we were sat in the back of a camper van 10 years ago… backpacking around Australia for a year, with very little money left, blissfully happy and as in love as we are now.

    219. We’ll be dancing away next year to Never seen anything by the script. We’re having one of our best friends sing it for us to make it all the more special!

    220. We are getting married 5th July next year. We are planning to have Jimmy Durante ‘Make someone happy’ as our first dance. It’s a fun happy song perfect words for us together xxx

    221. We are having you & I by the crystal fighters – quite a fast song which I don’t think many people will know…we better get practising!!

    222. We are getting married next year and we are going to have Tom Walker, you and I. My boyfriend heard it on a playlist on Spotify and suggest it as he said he feels like it describes our relationship. I was shocked it was even something that would cross his mind and thought it was quite sweet that he had.

    223. We get married next year in March (TOO CLOSE!) and have finally decided on our ‘aisle’ music – Beauty and the Beast. Because I’m the beauty and he’s…. HA. Just kidding – really, we love Disney, and that film, and that song. And to this day the story has such a wonderful message to it – love conquers all!

    224. We had Kodaline – The One. It was the part of our day that made my husband the most nervous (we normally aren’t the dancing type!) So he suggested we take a few lessons beforehand. It ended up being one of my favourite moments of the day!

    225. We are having Rodriguez – silver words, followed by red bone – come and get your love to get everyone on the dance floor!

    226. I will be walking up the aisle to ‘Book of Love’, Gavin James’ version. I loved this song from the moment I heard it and it just really rang Home for me. Little did I know at the time that the original singer of this song is Peter Gabriel, one of my dads all time favourites! I’m so happy to be walking up the aisle to something that means so much to me, my fiancé and my dad!

    227. Far from what we are about and what kind of wedding we had, we had one direction steal my girl played as our first dance. Was a real crowd pleaser ironically

    228. Our song is “It’s all about you” by McFly. The song came out when we just got together and my then boyfriend bought me the cd single as a little gift. We’ve been married for (almost) 10 years!

    229. We’re having English Rose by The Jam. We’ve been together for 6 years, we get married next August and it’s a song by one of our favourite bands!

    230. We are getting married in just 6 months time ???? we will be having Jason mraz- I won’t give up as our first dance.

    231. My husband and I are dancing to ‘The Night is Young’ by Bing Crosby. It’s a special song for us as my grandfather used to sing it to my grandmother as she played the piano. We are learning a short dance sequence to avoid the awkward shuffle!

    232. The Lumineers -Ho Hey was our first dance. At one of the first weddings we attended as a couple the band played a cover of it which we danced to and after that it was always our song.

    233. We got marriwd in November 2010 and danced our 1st dance to Stay With You by John Legend, my absolute fave and a song that we both love. We were at a friend’s wedding a couple of years ago and they chose the same song so that was a pretty special moment x

    234. We’ve been together for 10 years and getting married in Malta next year. I’ll be walking down the isle to a harp playing (not sure on song yet) and our 1st dance will be Beauty and the beast. Good luck to all the ladies x

    235. Getting married Nov 2018!! Its all about having fun, so we’re having Chuck Berry – You never can tell! “ was a teenage wedding and the old folks wished them well…” and pulling some serious Pulp Fiction moves on the dancefloor!! Can’t wait!!!
      Would love to win all these goodies!!

    236. When I get my hands on you by bob Dylan. My fiancé sent this song to me while pregnant with our son it just meant so much. When my son was 9 months old I was diagnosed with cancer and have been battling it since our son is now two. My partner proposed this summer in cornwall which is where we had our first holiday together and holds special memories. I hope we get our special day and can have our first day to this song

    237. Wouldn’t it be nice by The Beach Boys, it has always been our song since we got together aged 17 and had 7 years of long distance, the lyrics express how we felt during that time, now it’s all happening!

    238. As my other half is a massive 90s dance music fan we’ve gone a bit alternative with Cece Peniston- Finally ❤️ Eeeep only 5 weeks to go!!

    239. We are not having a traditional first dance, but starting the ceilidh dance to The Gay Gordon. We have a lot family and friends coming from Canada and we want to bring everyone together so what better way than to begin the night as we mean to go on! 🙂

    240. Twist and shout by the Beatles! We’re getting married next year but met almost 5 years ago in a bar. The night we met twist and shout was played as we were sat chatting. My fiancé just got up, not caring who was looking, and madly danced! I joined in and the rest is history!

    241. The very untraditional Can’t Do Without You – Caribou. The moment is for us, nobody else and every time we dance to this song nothing else matters.

    242. I married my husband in secret and we had Lady Antebellum’s when you’ve a good thing for our first dance. However, we’re doing it all again with friends and Family next Christmas and intend to have Caledonia (chosen by my English husband) this time around. Can’t actually wait.

    243. We got married in Las Vegas at a chapel but we had Bruno mars – I think I want to marry you playing all the way there in the limo!

    244. We will be having Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald.
      It’s a song both of us adore, with a bluesy sound that will make it easy to dance to, especially in my dress!

    245. Just beginning our wedding planning so haven’t 100% nailed it down yet, but thinking it’s likely to be a toss up between ‘Is this Love’ by The legend Bob Marley or ‘Biblical’ by Biffy Clyro!

    246. My little brother is playing guitar as I walk down the aisle, 2 of my bridesmaids are playing violin/oboe during the register signing and our first dance will be Songbird by Eva Cassidy 🙂

    247. Our First dance will be Ed Sheeran – perfect when we get married in August! We met at school so the words seem very suited to us 🙂 goodies look lovely!! Xx

    248. Jay Z & Queen B – Drunk in love – probably one of our best ever memories is being at the last night of their on the run tour at Stade de France in Paris with a load of our closest friends, some had flown in from Oz and NZ. It was literally unreal and unforgettable, I spent most of the night on my boys shoulders and hope to do the same next year!

    249. By the time we walk down the aisle, we’ll have been together for 15 years. So it feels like Etta James – At Last is very appropriate! ???????? Wedding is Feb 2019, after thinking I had lots of time to plan it’s suddenly coming around very fast! ????

    250. We’re having ‘Do I love you (indeed I do!) by Frank Wilson’ as our first dance. It’s really fun, so we can have a good boogie and get all our friends and family up on the dance floor with us! The lyrics are really special, and the song holds lovely memories from my husband-to-be’s 30th birthday party which was a northern soul event! Other poignant songs through the day will be ‘This Must be the Place by the Talking Heads, ‘Let’s Stay Together by Al Green’, ‘Wildest Moments by Jessie Ware’, ‘No one knows me like the piano by Sampha’, and ‘Champagne Supernova by Oasis’. We’ve also got Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, Bruce Springsteen and Chic too! There will certainly be a song for every moment of our wedding, we love music and make the annual pilgrimage to Glastonbury so lots of songs hold special memories of the years at the festival. Too hard to pick just a few songs so we’re going to have them all! I’d love these goodies in the run up to our wedding next August!

    251. We got married in June this year – with much inspiration from RMW! Our first dance was feeling good by Nina Simone, perfect for us. These would be a lovely treat to share between the three newly engaged friends we have (all in the last week!).

    252. We got married last summer and had not even the king by Alicia Keys. It still makes we well up when I listen to it! I am going to be bridesmaid for my sister in law to be next August and this would be an amazing treat to kick off the celebrations!

    253. We will be having ‘Georgia’ by Vance Joy for our first dance. My fiancé came to pick me up from an adult tap class and saw me dancing through the window, he said as he was watching me, this song came on the radio and it was when he realised he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. It’s a bit cheesy, but it’s the only song we would have because of that reason. 🙂

    254. Toothpaste Kisses by the Maccabees – there was no question, it’s been our song since our second date ❤️

    255. We met at work, and relationships were frowned upon, so we kept it very quiet (even my best friend who I worked with didn’t know). We were outed when we were spotted having a cuddle at Liverpool Street station by our Team Assistant’s friend. We picked Secret Love (the George Michael version) although it was a toss up between that and Kiss Me (Sixpence None The Richer) as we had our first kiss to that. We secretly also had dance lessons – as it was a swing song. Strictly eat your heart out ????????????????

    256. We got married nearly a year ago and had Florence and the Machine – You got the love. The words mean a lot to us and as a nod to our partying days we had a little house remix version and our very own sax player which really got the party started. Happy memories 🙂

    257. We’re having Songbird Bird by Eva Cassidy! In the early days, this was on my fiances soundtrack when I visited his place. And now we fake audition it to each other whilst the adverts are on when watching X Factor, desperately trying to hit the high notes…! We’re getting married July 2018 on our 10th year of being together – Can’t wait!

    258. We are having Noel Gallagher – If I Had a Gun – which is such a beautiful song, followed by Dean Martin – That’s Amore – because who doesn’t love the king of cool 🙂

    259. We are having Escape (aka the Pins Colada song) when we get married next September. Just to remind ourselves life doesnt have to get boring as a married couple. We met 16 years ago at school and the song always get us up dancing x

    260. We had ‘in the sun’ by Coldplay and Michael Stipe. Our friends had learnt to play it for us, which made it all the more special.

    261. Wow what a great competition. We get married in a year and we will have James Arthur – say you won’t let go as our first dance.

    262. We are having here comes the sun acoustic for our first dance 🙂

      And the music from Disney UP on the harp for our aisle music ❤️

    263. We are having “Can’t take my eyes off of yoh” but the Muse version. We both love Muse and wanted something with a bit of a twist but that everyone would know. Seemed perfect!

    264. We have been together 7 years and John Mayer has been a key musician we have loved throughout! So I will be walking down the aisle to XO, His cover of the Beyoncé song which is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Then our first dance will be to Edge of Desire, the song that brought us properly together. Nobody will really know it but it means so much to us. Both songs make me and him cry just thinking about them!

    265. I met my fiancee in 2003 aged 11 at secondary school! We are getting married April 5th 2018 and have chosen “it must be love” by Madness. We both grew up listening to Madness and can’t wait to surprise our families with our choice.

    266. We had the acoustic version of Yellow by Coldplay when we got married 3 years ago. Everyone joined in singing, it was so unexpected and made the moment even more special.
      Pregnant with our daughter, she would kick lots whenever it came on and I got a canvas with “look at the stars, look how they shine for you” for her room. So it’s now a family song, as well as our song!

    267. Our first dance is Take Over the World by The Courteeners and our ‘leaving song’ is Champagne Supernova – Oasis ☺️

    268. Our first dance song is going to be “Follow you” by Bring Me The Horizon. It was something we knew even before he proposed! A non traditional song to go with our non traditional wedding; it means so much to us to be able to have a song that we value and cherish for so many reasons. Isn’t it amazing how much music can offer you?

    269. We had our first dance to ‘Pearljam just breath’. We knew as soon as we heard it live it would always be our song.

    270. Im entering for my friend who is getting married next year 🙂

      Our first dance was ‘beautiful war’ by kings of Leon, our favourite band. It was important to us to choose an artist who we both loved. The opening lyrics also turned out to be very fitting ‘bite your tongue, don’t make a scene dear’ – as we were both bickering about my husband not wanting to do some of the dance moves we had learnt! Haha

    271. I aren’t actually sure what my first dance will be as I’ve left the decision to my husband-to-be! However, it will definitely be a song by the Stone Roses (I will be walking down the aisle to “This Is The One” by the Stone Roses too) as we met whilst queuing for gig tickets to see them and then he proposed to me a year later at a Stone Roses gig at Wembley! I owe a lot to that band so it’s only right we have them for our first dance!

    272. We will be dancing to Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers for our first dance. This was my fiancées parents first dance as well as my parents first dance, we’re hoping to make it a tradition as it’s such a beautiful song and means a lot to us all!

    273. We haven’t decided first dance yet but for the ceremony I am walking down the aisle to the Monty Python theme tune to keep with the Python theme of the day. Certainly something completely different.

    274. We are getting married in May 2019 and are planning on having “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship for our first dance.

    275. We’re going to have a live jazz band play Sigma – Nobody to love but change the lyrics. It was strangely the song we listened to most when we first met ????

    276. Gold dust by DJ Fresh and just as the beat dropped confetti cannons went off and everyone got on the dance floor with us. We followed it with 4 high tempo tracks and then we went for the wedding breakfast – the happiest most buzzing dance floor I’ve ever been on. In the evening we had a ceilidh, followed by my dad doing a northern soul set and then we had our playlist. Just thinking about it now gives me goosebumps and makes me grin. We got married in May this year.

    277. We’ll be dancing to Vic Damone – almost like being in love, taking dance lessons for it at the moment ready for our wedding in December! 🙂

    278. I’m mother of the bride❤.Not sure what Ellie and Sam’s first dance will be but sure to be a tear jerker .Kxx

    279. We’re struggling to decide at the moment but thinking of having Ray Charles Hallelujah I love her so or the coral dreaming of you.

      We went to see the Rolling Stones last week so Honky tonk woman is also a contender. So many choices I don’t know how we are ever going to decide. We have until July though 🙂 My favourite part of a wedding is the first dance and seeing what people choose. The second song is also to start people dancing. Our second song will be the Beatles I saw her standing there.

    280. We get married next summer after 10 years together. We have chosen Al Green Let’s stay together for our band to perform live. I can’t wait and get butterflies every time I think about it ????

    281. Ours is a complete secret, but also very unique. It will make our friends and family smile as they realise why we’ve chosen it. All I’ll say is it’s by our favourite NYC rapper who has an absolute queen of a wife who occasionally performs the song with him.

    282. IM getting married next October and we havent picked a official first dance song but I love ‘Robert Kelly’ ‘yours’ if you haven’t heard it then please listen to it. Makes you all warm inside !

      Oh and I would LOVE to win these goodies !!

      H x

    283. Ah, loved reading everyone’s first dance songs and stories! We were married almost 8 years ago and had Stevie Wonder’s ‘All I do’. Lyrics are amazing and always takes us back to one night during the summer we met – young, carefree and bouncing around to the Cleptomaniacs version singing (badly!) to each other! We considered Rae and Christian ‘Spellbound’ as we’d probably say that’s officially ‘our song’ but decided to keep that just for us 😉

    284. You are the best thing, by Ray Lamontagne! Amazing song and the lyrics couldnt be more true! Was the most amazing first dance, our band did a beautiful version!

    285. Well I am happy married but have totally fallen in love with the prizes. We had Christina Perry ‘A thousand years’ and it was just perfect xx

    286. My fiancé and I have been together coming up to 15 years (school sweethearts) and we’re getting married in June, 2018! Finally it’s actually going happen, I’m so excited!!! ???? We’ve always known our first dance would be to Etta James – At Last – its symbolic of our relationship that has had a few ups and downs but we’ve always made it back to each other and we’ve danced around the living room to it on many occasion, so it’s also very personal and special! Plus, it’s quite a short song and that makes him happy ???? The prize is fab – I’ve longingly flicked through the book whenever I see it in shops so actually having a copy would be wonderful ????

    287. We are getting married in Mallorca on 15 June 2018 and having so much fun choosing wedding music. I plan to walk down the aisle to One Day by Elbow. It’s such a beautiful song, it literally gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it! ???? We will then have a Spanish guitarist for the ceremony and cocktail reception. Our first dance is still tbc – some of the songs in the running are Van Morrison Someone Like You, Crazy Love and Into the Mystic (big Van fans! ????), Stars by Simply Red, and Addicted to You by Picture This. I don’t know how we’ll decide! For the evening, we have an Irish band called the Raggle Taggle Gypsies and then a DJ and sax!

    288. Currently were having Damien Rice The Blowers Daughter with the last line edited out…. my boyfriend never nearly proposed whilst we were in Disney and sitting on an Irish bar this came on and he said he looked at me so happy and if he’d of had the ring then he would of done it

    289. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
      All these prizes are amazing!
      Me and my hubby married in 2015 and our first dance was Ellie Goulding’s version of ‘How Long Will I Love You’. We chose this because of how soft and beautiful it is but also because of the words and how it makes us feel. We also CAN NOT dance so a slow steady one was definitely the choice for us. I have always been in love with how music makes me feel calmer and happier so we actually had a lot of important songs playing all throughout our day.
      3 other most important ones included:
      ❤ my walking down the isle song was Sara Barielles ‘I Choose You’ which was played by a pianist only
      ❤ Immediately after our first dance we had our fave by Paramore ‘Still in to You’. We wanted this as our first dance but thought this would be better to start the partying off instead.
      ❤ My 2nd favourite memory of the wedding (after the laughing with the Mr once we were officially wed) was dancing with my Dad for our father daughter dance. My love for music is because of my Dad so we had many songs we wanted to dance to but we chose the Boss’ ‘When You Need Me’.
      I’d like to finish by recommending a fab idea we did to anyone reading this, which was to request a song from each guest on rsvp. It was really nice to have everyone’s favourite song playing in the evening too.
      I’d be over the moon if I won this prize as I would share them with my best friend who is getting married next year. I would give her all of them, but I would like to hold on to one prize to remind me of this lovely trip down memory lane. Thank you for letting me reminisce

    290. We got married 3 years ago after 18 years together! My husband chose Duke Dumont – I got u. First line, “Ask me what I did with my life
      I spent it with you” isn’t he romantic?!!
      I would love this prize to give to one of my gorgeous brides xxx

    291. We are totally mad about music- our wedding is themed around our favourite records (each table is a 7″ vinyl). On our first date (12.5 years ago!!!!- we were both young teens) we sat and had a gin and tonic with the fire on, picking records from his mum and dads collection- it was perfect.
      Our first dance is going to be Van Morrison- into the mystic.
      My favourite lyric being ‘ I wanna rock your gypsy sole’ ❤️
      I love it.

    292. We are still going back and forth but I think we will have ‘peaches and cream’ by the John Butler Trio, as it not only describes how much you care for each other but centres on how our little girl is the whole world to us ????

    293. ‘Send Me On My Way’ – Rusted Root

      Not a classic wedding song, but it’s most definitely our song, and he suggested it!

    294. We had “Rule The World” by Take That. Not a huge TT fan but the words in this song were perfect! My Best Friend is now getting married and as her Bridesmaid I am so excited to help plan her special day! She would love these goodies!

    295. We didn’t have a first dance at our wedding as we weren’t comfortable with everyone watching us, (we like watching others but it’s just not for us). If we were to have a first dance we would be alone in a room with candles around us dancing to the acoustic version of Everlong by the Foo Fighters.

    296. One day like this – Elbow.
      One of our first dates was to see Elbow at the o2. We got married 3 years ago and have seen them 3 times since then, so when they play it, it makes us feel really special x

    297. Ellie Goulding and Calvin Harris: I need your love! It’s our song as we both love a party (even though my fiancé hates dancing, he doesn’t care when it comes to this song) and too many cocktails! We also like having fun and we’re big kids at heart so I’m sure there will be a few videos of us loving life when that song is on!!!

    298. The Way you make me feel – Michael Jackson. I mean there’s still a little bit of convincing to do with the better half….but surely if I commit us to it for this, then we have to have it right?! 😉

    299. We are getting married on Godd Friday next year- eeek. Less than 6months to go!! Our first dance is You Make My Dreams Come true, Hall and Oates. We are having our friend sing an acoustic version, and then will go into the normal version where everyone can dance along! CANNOT wait ???? It’s been our song for 7 years, so to finally be able to dance it as husband and wife…!!!

    300. We’re having Ellie Goulding – Still Falling For You at our wedding next June. We wanted something that was slow enough for an awkward shuffle but turned into something more upbeat by the end so we could dance with all our guests. It wasn’t our obvious first choice as we always assumed we’d have one of our other favourite songs but I’ve always been regarded as a bit of a Bridget Jones and I’m a huge Colin Firth fan and my husband-to-be looks a little like him, so after seeing the Bridget Jones’ baby film we knew it was the song for us! The best bit is we’re keeping our first dance song a secret too!

    301. We are getting married next October and we will be having fun it first dance to fleetwood mac – gypsy
      Fleetwood mac was the first vinyl he ever bought me and we both love that song!!!

    302. We are getting married on Godd Friday next year- eeek. Less than 6months to go!! Our first dance is You Make My Dreams Come true, Hall and Oates. We are having our friend sing an acoustic version, and then will go into the normal version where everyone can dance along! CANNOT wait ???? It’s been our song for 7 years, so to finally be able to dance it as husband and wife…!!!… ahhh!!

    303. Happily married for 5 years now and we had florence and the machine, you’ve got the love… I was dramatically swung round loosing my veil in the process! Fab memories x

    304. Picking our music was one of my favourite wedding planning activities- to chose our ‘first dance’ music, we put all our favourite songs on a playlist and tried dancing around the house to each one. In the end, we had a ‘first dance’ and ‘end of the night dance’ at our big day as we couldn’t narrow it down to just one song.
      For the first dance, we chose Jason Mraz “I’m Yours'” and for the end of the night dance, we chose Stevie Wonder “For Once in My Life”. Everytime we hear them now they remind us of our lovely day and we still dance around the house to them now.

    305. It’s a rather un-orthodox one…
      Rag N’ Bone Man, stripped – ‘As You Are!’
      Getting married on 3rd June 2018.

    306. We had Guiding light by Foy Vance – we had to cut the song time down to half but then end is the best part 🙂 shivers every time ????

    307. The song I would like to walk down the aisle to will be Lana del Rey young and beautiful as Owen had it playing when he proposed, our first dance song would be the Maccabees toothpaste kisses and it reminds of us both of when we first met! We plan to get married in New York August 2019! 🙂

    308. We’re getting married next May, we haven’t decided on our first dance song yet but At Last by Etta James is high our list. We’re considering dancing to half of it and then breaking in to something more upbeat to get everyone on the dance floor – we both love One Week by the Barenaked Ladies! 🙂

    309. We’re thinking of going with a spot of Ceilidh dancing to get the party started, especially since it’s on a beach in Scotland ????????????????????????

    310. So my first dance will be a song that’s very close to our hearts “run by the killers”.
      Then we’re going to step it up abit to “Anaconda by thee Nicki Manaj”…. we just need to learn the booty dance now.

    311. We’re getting married in May at an old Victorian Swimming baths and having a more alternative D.IY style wedding, so we wanted our song to be fun and about us. We’re having ‘can’t feel my face’ by The Weekend as it reminds us of dancing around and singing our heads off together. We’re also two brides, so will be doing rock paper scissors to split out the goodies if we win ????❤

    312. I walked down the aisle to ‘I’m gonna be (500 miles)’, slow version sang by a woman. It still gives me goosebumps when I listen to it! My sister is now planning her wedding, I would love to give this to her. x

    313. Islands in the stream by Kenny Rodgers and Dolly Parton!!!! We are getting married on the 10th of November and are very excited!!

    314. We don’t have a song, so we have a ‘borrowed’ song, which is my Fiancé’s favourite: Matt Monro, On Days Like These. …maybe he’ll whisk me away to Italy for the honeymoon so that we can re-create the scene from the original Italian Job movie (although hopefully without being killed by the Mafia bit!) ???? Kx

    315. We went a bit off the beaten track – Together in Electric Dreams by Human League. World’s longest intro, but the look on everyone’s faces was priceless! And we had all our guests come and dance with us once the awkward bit was over. It was the best choice, and that song always brings a smile to my face whenever I hear it now!

    316. Hi RMW, We are getting married next October and would love to win this great prize! Our first dance is going to be Hannah Grace “Praise You”, breaking into the FatBoySlim version to get the party started The song is really special to us.

    317. We are thinking of having For Once in My Life. Not sure if it will be Frank Sinatra or Stevie Wonder 🙂

    318. We had ‘Baby I’m Yours’, the Arctic Monkeys version. We’re both massive fans and used to talk about their songs a lot on our first few dates. It was great and zero cheese! I still listen to it a lot and it really takes me back <3 some great choices here!

    319. We’re hoping to get married in September, and have the Earth, Wind and Fire song of the same name. This always reminds us of times when we were being silly together!
      That and we’d also like to have a lot of Coldplay, who we saw in concert together last year! I’m thinking of walking down the aisle to Coldplay song but I haven’t decided which yet!

    320. We are having A Frank Ocean cover of Aaliyah- At your best from his album Endless and I am walking down the isle to Izzy Bizu Mad Behaviour!!!
      A little bit alternative however we dont want to follow tradition and want our day to reflect Ius completely. We are due to get married 19th September at the beautiful Dewsall Court and we are so excited!!!

    321. We’re getting married next August, we’ve chosen to have ‘Bill Withers – Just the two of us’ as our first dance.
      We’ve a live band booked in and can’t wait!!!

    322. We are having power of love but the Gabrielle Aplin version. This song has been our song for 5 years so seems fitting to have it as our first dance 🙂

    323. Loving reading through everyone’s choices!
      We’re getting married on 1st September 2018 and are trying to decide between a few songs.
      – Grow Old With Me by Tom Odell because we love the lyrics and the fact it gets a bit faster to get people dancing
      – You & Me Song by the Wannadies because we always sing it to each other jumping on the bed
      – XO by John Meyer because he’s a favourite artist of ours and it’s such a beaut cover of Queen B
      Luckily we have some time to decide!

    324. My now husband always played Oasis in his car while we were dating, he mentioned once that he would have Live Forever at our wedding (We are big Oasis fans). Some years later we had an acoustic version sang as our first dance by a very talented lady who also played the guitar.

    325. We haven’t chosen our first dance yet but my favourite from a friends wedding we attended was home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, it suited the wedding and couple amazingly well and it was such a memorable day.

    326. No Diggity…because when we first started dating whenever he was out drinking he would call and sing it (terribly) on my voicemail for when I woke up ????

    327. We are getting married June 2018 after 17 years together. Still discussing music but we think going down the aisle it will be the Jurassic Park theme (although he wants the Jaws music, Duuh dum Duuh dum, very cheeky)
      Back up the aisle we will be walking out to Hopipolla by Sigor Ros. So uplifting.
      First dance could be Ho Hey by the Lumineers. That song was the first we heard after he proposed to me. We both love One day like this by Elbow though so things could change. First song after thst to get people up will be Mr Brightside.
      We’re getting married in Mallorca ☉

    328. ‘Say you Won’t let go’ by James Arthur. The lyrics totally relate to us and make us smile every time we hear it – can’t wait for it to be our first dance next year ????

    329. I’m getting married next August and I have decided to do something a little different for our first dance. My father and sister are musicians and I have asked them to compose a song about me and my husband to be. It will involve how we met and leading up to our magical wedding day.

      I can not wait to hear my sister sing it while my dad accompanies her.

    330. We were going to have Whitney Houston – I have nothing as we both love doing it for Karaoke and he sings higher than me!
      But now we’ve chosen Yours (RAK sessions) by Ella Henderson as it’s not as dramatic but it’s amazing.

    331. Gerry Rafferty – Right Down The Line. An oldie, but my god it’s a goodie! We’ve been together for almost 6 years, and my fiancé can at times be a man of few words but he says that this song reminds him of me. The lyrics are just ???? “You know I need your love, you’ve got that hold over me. As long as I’ve got your love, you know that I’ll never leave. When I wanted you to share my life I had no doubt in my mind, that it’s been you, woman, right down the line…” ❤️

    332. Buona Sera by Louis Prima. We have a cooking playlist with lots of 1950’s music on, plus we got engaged in Rome so it’s pretty perfect ☺️. We didn’t want a slow song but something we could dance to and have fun. Our wedding is next October!

    333. We were going to have Whitney Houston – I have nothing as we both do a duet at karaoke everytime and he’s always higher than me. But we have now chose Ella Henderson – Yours (RAK Session)

    334. We haven’t chosen a procession song yet, but we have asked a good friend of ours if he wil play whatever we choose for us on piano as I walk down, which is going to be really special!!

    335. OH I love this question! Me and my fiancée Laura booked our wedding last weekend – 1st March 2019! We have chosen the song “The Story” by Sara Ramirez – we prefer the cover to the original and the lyrics are just spot on! I think our first dance is one of the things I’m most looking forward to, and I’m just so grateful that we can legally get married now 🙂

    336. We are having thinking of you by sister sledge. It won’t be a surprise to anyone – my fiance requests it wherever we go to dance to with me. He loves disco music and says it reminds him of me ???? x

    337. What an amazing prize first of all!!! We are stuck between African Queen – 2face, No-One Like U – P Square, and Wa CV Ya Bo – Maskal ft. Piksy! They are all African songs which symbolise how we met ????
      We met on a volunteering experience in Malawi in 2011 and were there for 3 months. We listened to a lot of African music whilst there and thought it would be a great way to honour the way we met and the experience we had together with a song that is special to us, and only us!xxx

    338. On our first date he found £40 on the floor of a bar and we stayed out until 3am! We loved going out dancing, just the two of us, to Old Skool Garage!! So it has to be Flowers by Sweet Female Attitude for us.

    339. We’ve always had a “song” but it’s not really a first dance song as it’s a bit slow & neither of us like the idea of everyone staring at us… so when we were in Ibiza weddding venue hunting (to no avail!) we were in a gorgeous speakeasy bar in Santa Eulalia & Jay Z, Kanye & Otis Redding’s “Otis” came on, both of our hairs stood on end & we looked at eachother, we just knew from then that no matter what our venue, that will be our song ❤️

    340. We are getting married next August and my fiancé is a composer so will be writing our own music as a surprise! Can’t wait to hear it!

    341. Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars, this song was number 1 when we first started dating in 2006 when we were 17 – next year we are finally getting married!

    342. We’re not quite decided yet as we get married in 11 months time but, Ella Henderson – Yours. We’re both in love with the song

    343. Lenny Kravitz – I Belong to You
      We got married in August. We’re both huge Lenny fans, which is one of the things we found we had in common when we met. Having this song for our first dance meant so much.

    344. We’re having a style of mash up of A thousand years – Christina Perri and Shut up and dance. Were not massive fans of been centre of attention so the slow Christina Perri song is for us and then the shut up and dance song shows our fun loving nature and it means we can dance with loved ones without an awkward two step.

    345. First dance – We’re having the cover version of “Stand by me” by Florence and the Machine, which was done for the FF15 game that came out last year.

    346. Our song is super cheese. It chose us & that’s the story we’re sticking to. We met at a black tie charity event and this song was playing as we met… Angels by Robbie! There I said it out loud ????

    347. Our first dance will be to Only Love by Ben Howard … all through our relationship our favourite thing to do is go camping and sit outside under the stars with a campfire going listening to Ben Howard. It’s always been our song and I can’t wait till the moment we get to dance to it together as husband and wife ❤️❤️❤️

    348. Our first dance is going to “You look wonderful tonight” but the Damage version not the Eric Clapton version! This is very important to my fiancé!

    349. Kings of Leon- use somebody. We danced to this in a club 8 years ago then stood front row at the Rico arena watching them live! We very married in lake como next year! 🙂

    350. Hellooo! I am a fiancé still in shock. ???? My boyfriend proposed to me on a beach On the lovely Greek island of anti-Paxos on the 23rd of September. I was not expecting it at all ❤️???????? After he proposed I was on cloud nine, I felt like I really was walking on air. On the last speed boat back to paxos and the most perfect song was playing as we speed over the waves ‘love song’ by The Cure. It was a House ???? remix we think by Solomon. We are still enjoying searching for the exact remix played on the boat to be our first dance at our festival themed wedding. ???????? ???? ????

    351. Our first dance will be ‘Life on Mars?’ by David Bowie as we are both huge fans of his music (who isn’t, he’s an absolute legend), it reminds us both of our childhoods & an episode of American Horror Story that we watched together jet lagged in Australia, which we always quote to each other. Plus we get to swing around the dance floor in a Florence-Welch-ethereal kind of way.

    352. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. I’m a huge Twilight fan and once we saw Bellas wedding and heard the song we knew it was the one! ????

    353. We’re getting married in two months on December 8th! Eek! We’re going for ‘You’ve Got The Love’ because we heard it live at our first festival together and that was the time I realised he was the one. <3

    354. We’re getting married in February after 10 years together and our first dance is ‘Banana Pancakes’ by Jack Johnson.. as the song gets played on repeat in our house, inspiring our tradition of him making pancakes and coffee every Sunday morning!

    355. As we have polar opposite taste in music we’ve decided on acustic versions of songs we love. He’s a big guns and roses fan so one of there’s and not sure on others. Was also thinking of a cover maybe from the live lounge but can’t decide x

    356. We were married in Aug 2012 and danced our first dance to AMAZED – by LONESTAR. “Every little thing that you do, baby I’m amazed by you” ????

    357. Our song would be Westend Blues by Louis Armstrong – the very first song we’ve ever danced to, in the street of Brick lane when it played on a vintage record player one autumn evening ☆*:.。.*・゜゚・*

    358. We had the rock version of the Foo Fighters song Everlong. It was perfect for us, and fun to watch people try to dance to!

    359. Having ‘you can’t hurry love’ by Erickson Clapton seemed apt given we met in school, waited until college to get together and will have been together over 11 years when we get married next year xxx

    360. Having ‘you can’t hurry love’ by Eric Clapton seemed apt given we met in school, waited until college to get together and will have been together over 11 years when we get married next year xxx

    361. I walked down to the isle to “First Day Of My Life” by Bright Eyes. Could not have found a better song to describe how I felt that day 🙂 We had our first dance to one of our fav songs that my husband chose “The Girl” by City & Colour. It’s great because as well as being a beautiful song it changes pace halfway through and switches from a slow song to quite upbeat! We had a band complete with banjo and acoustic guitar and they just lit up the whole room xx

    362. We’re hoping to find a vintage inspired band that will play (with a twist) modern tunes. We’re still searching for ‘the’ song but something that starts slow but then kicks in with a beat!

    363. OUR whole wedding theme is based around music! Each table is a song that is special to us which will be the playlist for the aisle and will be on a CD as a favour! We’re still deciding on our first dance. It’s a toss up between 2 Beatles songs as they have been a playlist to our relationship!

    364. We’re having Kodaline – The One. My fiancé played it to me as he got down on one knee and every time I hear it I cry thinking of that wonderful evening, it only seems right to play it the evening of the wedding now!

    365. We had a song called ‘My Favourite Book’ by the Canadian band Stars. Although it’s not a well known song it means so much to us as the lyrics are about knowing your partner inside and out ????

    366. I’m Scottish and my husband-to-be is Australian, we’re getting married next summer. To celebrate our different heritage, I’m walking down a eucalyptus leaf-scattered aisle to Highland Cathedral so that it sounds like Scotland and smells like Australia.

      Before that, my bridesmaids will walk down the aisle to ‘The Valley’ by Laura Marling, I love the way it ends by saying ‘I will do my very best’ – fitting for the vows we will be about to say!

      Our first dance is to ‘I Lava You’ from the Pixar short before the movie Inside Out. It was the first film we saw together and we were both almost in tears before the film started! We tell each other I lava you all the time so it was the perfect choice.

    367. We’re due to get married in may next year, so far we’re conflicting on ideas. I want shut up and dance by walk the moon. My partner is favouring on Christina Perri arms. Maybe we could combine and do a mixture of the two to show both sides of our personalities or just my hormonal sides.

    368. We got married three weeks ago and our first dance song was This Will Be by Natalie Cole – I was first introduced when watching Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version!) and have loved it ever since!

    369. Tenerife sea by Ed Sheeran…..we are massive fans in our house but the words in that song are just perfect ❤️

    370. Getting married in 3 weeks time and we’ve chosen Gravity by Embrace. We’ve been together for 18 years so have many songs that remind us of special moments but this one feels right. x

    371. We are having Bill Withers – Just the two of us <3

      We get married next year after 6 amazing years together, can't wait to become a wife.

    372. It’s so hard to find songs which you like the sound of as well as having meaningful lyrics but we both love rose of my heart by Johnny Cash so we’ve chosen that xx

    373. We had Adele’s cover of ‘make you feel my love’. I still get emotional whenever I hear it now.
      I’m entering this for my little sister who has recently got engaged, so I’m not sure of the song that they will choose! But I am sure that her little boys will have a say in it so it could be interesting 🙂 x

    374. This looks great! I’m getting married in December this year and our first dance will be to Amos Lee’s Sweet Pea….something a bit different and with a fun beat. 🙂

    375. We are getting married in April and having Wagon Wheel by Darius Rucker (slowed down version). He lived in New Zealand for a year and while apart he loved listening to the song in his truck to work. The first time I heard him sing it (he has a dreamy voice) I just fell in love with it. When we argue he plays the song and it calms me down! <3

    376. We are having Love of a lifetime by Firehouse. We both waited years to find our soul mate. It’s been our song since day one.

    377. I’m gonna be (500 miles) by the proclaimers- we love it because it talks about doing the distance together no matter what ????????

    378. We had the way you look tonight by frank sinatra, i always forget what we had though- sweet home Alabama always reminds me of our wedding more than our first dance song did, I remember the band playing it and everyone dancing their socks off. It was a brilliant day- my friends said they had a fun-over for the next few days while they recovered!
      My little sister is getting married next year in a lovely old mill so this would be a brilliant present for her.

    379. We have chosen John Legend ‘All of Me’ as our first dance for our wedding next year. Its quite a common first dance song but it feels really personal to us.

    380. We had Stevie Wonder ‘For Once In My Life’ played by a 7 piece funk and soul band. Nothing like live music to get everybody up and dancing!

    381. We got married in July. Our first song was slovenian song Ne bodi kot drugi (Dont be like others). It is about being different, doing stuff differently to still stay in love for a long long time. It is a poem from Slovenian poet that was made into a song a few years ago. We wanted this song so that we will remember each day that we dont have to do the things like every other couple and fall into routine, we can be different and maybe love eachother more because of that.

    382. Bride to be…i’d choose Mr Big’s “to be with you” as by boyfriend recorded himself playing guitar and singing onto a cd for me shortly after we met ….one of my favourite songs and now “our” song

    383. We’ll be having our first dance to a Beatles song. It’s not one that I knew, but when my partner played it to me, I cried, so knew it had to be the one.

    384. I get to love you – Ruelle

      Beautiful song which epitomizes exactly how lucky we feel to be getting married to one another in July 2018

    385. We have chosen “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves! It was the song that came on the radio when we made our first meal together, we danced, pranced and spun around the kitchen and it felt like we were actually walking on Sunshine! We are getting married next June and obviously cannot wait, let the sunshine (and champagne) flow!! ☀️????☀️

    386. I got engaged 2 weeks ago and automatically knew we would have ‘bonfire heart’ by James blunt as our first dance, followed by Lionel Richie dancing on the ceiling as the second dance. This would be a great prize to start my winter wedding planning!

    387. Me and my Fiancé have excitedly just booked ore wedding for 2019.
      Our first dance song will be wonderwall by oasis.

    388. Through Glass by Stonesour will be our wedding song. It’s our song and I’m walking down the aisle to the instrumental version aswell x

    389. We’re not getting married until Christmas next year so haven’t fully decided on our song yet but currently thinking Is This Love by Whitesnake. May need to reconsider after reading some of these great suggestions ????

    390. We had Ray Lamontagne – you are the best thing. Such a hard decision as you don’t want a massive cliche and you need to be able to dance to it or at least try haha

    391. Childhood sweethearts and 10 years later… We are getting married September 2019! We have had to plan most of our wedding already as next year my other half will be in New Zealand training to be a pilot so preparation has already begun!
      We are having “Ed Sheeran – thinking out loud” as our first dance as we first heard the song when we were on our 6 month backpacking trip in a camper van on the radio. We knew then that would be our First dance song!

    392. The Beatles – In My Life

      One of my Dads favourite Beatles songs – it’s my way of having him close to my heart during my wedding as he is no longer here to walk me down the aisle. Plus it’s just a beautiful song <3

    393. Bit soppy, but we had “Stolen” by Dashboard Confessional. I’ve loved it since I heard it in an episode of Scrubs (!) and the line “you have stolen my heart” summed up the day for us.

    394. Our first dance will be ‘You’re my best Friend’ By Queen. It was played during a friends wedding once, and as my partner and I were dancing, I realised that I wanted to dance all my dances with him. I can’t wait to become his wife!

    395. Our band created a medley for us with our top trio! Kiss me by sixpence none the richer, the blower’s daughter by damien rice and finishing with shut up and dance with me! #bestdayever