Having a wedding gift list with The Wedding Shop is not only the easiest way to manage your wedding presents, it also offers you the most flexibility. With The Wedding Shop you can mix physical items, cash contributions and experiences to your hearts content, with the simplicity of having everything in one place and nothing to worry about organising on your actual wedding day. The Wedding Shop constantly blow us away with ideas for creating an amazingly varied and fun wedding gift list - including lots of things you'd never even realise you could add to your list. Here's 10 unusual things we'll definitely be including in our own...

1. Artwork The Wedding Shop have a beautiful selection of artwork you can add to your wedding gift list. Nothing makes a home feel more inviting or grown up than lovely artwork on the walls. This is the kind of gift guests love to club together to purchase and it'll make you smile every time you look at it.

2. Mini Breaks As well as contributing to your honeymoon, with The Wedding Shop you can ask guests to contribute to mini breaks in Europe too. Trust us, if you're waiting a while for your honeymoon, having a little escape to avoid the post-wedding-blues is a really good idea!

3. Smart Home Gadgets Smart home technology, has truly taken off and as always, The Wedding Shop have a great range on their site that you can add to your wedding list. From Sonos sound systems, robotic vacuum cleaners and video doorbells you can future proof your home in just a few clicks of a button.

4. Baby Items It may feel like a lifetime away, or you may have started your family before getting married, but The Wedding Shop have a lovely selection of nursery items from The Little White Company that you can add to your Wedding List.

5. Cash Contributions. It can feel awkward asking for cash, but having a wedding list takes this problem away. As well as the standard honeymoon contributions, you can ask guests to contribute to home improvements and even your garden. An online transfer is very straightforward and safe. The Wedding Shop also allows you to create cash funds for charities close to your heart. Guests will incur a 2% admin charge for cash contributions, all charity donations are of course completely free of charge.

6. Subscriptions Subscriptions are the gift that keeps on giving. The Wedding Shop has teamed up with some of the UK's favourite subscription providers so that you can add these to your list. The only problem is deciding between cheese, real ale or flowers...but then you could always add all three ;)

7. Beautiful Statement Chairs The rise of Instagram has seen the popularity in statement chairs grow - there's a chair for every room and The Wedding Shop really do have the best of the bunch. Whether you need dining room chairs, an armchair for your living room or a lovely chair for your bedroom, The Wedding Shop have got you covered.

8. Date Nights Perhaps you have a small number of guests and want to keep your list to things that are really special - here's where The Wedding Shop's selection of experiences come in. From afternoon tea, Spa days and special dinners, there's a romantic treat there for every couple.

9. Books & Games Perhaps a little random, but items like books and games really do bring heart to a home. A lovely coffee table book is always a conversation starter and having games on standby for dinner parties and BBQs makes an evening of fun even more jolly.

10. Flight Into Space And finally, The Wedding Shop is the only gift list provider to allow you to add an out-of-this-world trip to the very edge of space to your list. Yes, this is a trip that most of us will only ever dream about, but it really does show that when it comes to wedding gift lists, TWS really do make the world your oyster!

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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