There is something so joyous about a confetti picture, no? Whether they are planned or take the couple completely by surprise the results are always epic. Especially when there's a confetti cannon involved. The clever cylinder of nitrogen allows individuals to launch and spray paper pretty high into the air producing a beautiful canopy of confetti around you, perfect for creating moments of pure magic for your photographer to capture. Here's why you need a confetti cannon at your wedding...
Confetti Cannon {Ceremony Exit}
Long has it been a tradition to shower the newlyweds with confetti after they say I do. Originating in Italy (confetti actually means sweets in Italian), but now adopted all over Europe confetti is thought to bring the happy couple fertility and prosperity. Thankfully we've moved on from the British tradition of throwing rice and there are a plethora of less painful confetti options to suit your chosen colour scheme and save you from a few nasty grains in the eye. There are even bio-degradable options to help us reduce our carbon footprint and be more eco-conscious. Or you could opt for a pretty petal, adding fragrance to the moment. Our handpicked supplier, Shropshire Petals can offer beautiful, colourfast options which will not transfer onto your dress even in wet weather, but if using alternatives please do be aware that some can leave colour stains when wet. And whilst we're on the subject of checking, it's always best to ask your venues permission if it's ok to throw confetti. Some venues like to restrict this wedding tradition to certain areas, others are more than happy for you to partake in it wherever you see fit.
Confetti Cannon {Dance Floor}
Couples are no longer restricting the use of confetti to after the ceremony either, many are opting to use confetti bombs to launch their first dance and get the evening reception started. I mean who wouldn't be in the mood to party after their very own ticker tape parade! You don't have to be bound by the examples we've shown here either, there are numerous opportunities for you to use a confetti cannon on your wedding day, whilst you're cutting the cake, leaving for your honeymoon or entering your wedding reception as the newly married couple. If we've convinced you to recreate your own confetti cannon moment, we would love to see your pictures, tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #RMWconfetticannon and we'll share some of our favourites on our stories.
If you’re looking for a Photographer well versed in capturing the perfect confetti moment or even buying some confetti cannons yourself, look no further than The List, our handpicked selection of the very best suppliers in the industry.
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Confetti Cannon Portraits: RMW. The List
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