The header image taken by Saya at Studio Ohlala literally sums up this whole destination wedding in the sun perfectly. The couple are happy, relaxed, carefree, bright and bubbly, and had an absolutely beautiful wedding. Firstly celebrating on the beach near St Tropez France with family and friends, followed by a big party in an industrial venue, filled with even more spectacular colourful decor, and festoon lights. You know how we love festoon lights. (insert multiple heart eye emoji's here). You'll probably also fall in love with the bride's adorable short gown's by Elodie Michaud. Both creating unique looks perfect for each location. And not to be forgotten, the grooms dapper navy suits with immense bow ties.


A the Bride: I never dreamt of getting married, it was a big surprise, so the dress was not something easy. First of all I didn't want a long dress and I was very happy when my mother found the website of Elodie Michaud ! She is very patient when you don't really know what you like, her dress was really confortable, I even forgot I was the bride when I started to dance!


We love the sea and especially the Mediterranean sea, and that's where we met, in a tiny village in the South of France. The nature is preserved and beautiful there, compared to other places near the Golf of St Tropez, and we were very lucky to be there at spring time when the weather is wonderful. We brought all our good friends and close family there a few days before to enjoy time together, it was even as important as the big day and party for us. We decided to cheer on the beach, and to arrive on a Pédalo, this was actually organized the day before as a surprise for everybody. For the big party, we chose to be in the middle of the vines, and to have a view of the sea and the islands Porquerolles and Port Cros. Amazing place that was in renovation and we came to visit, we recommend it for people who like the beautiful nature of the South of France.

Colour Scheme & Decor

We decided to have a colorful wedding because we both love colours and it was a way to say how happy we were to bring friends and family together. We chose a "madras" fabric from the carrebean "les Antilles" for the children and the decoration, and we told people who wanted to dress with the colours of the "madras" ... We both come from places on islands so we decided to call our tables on names of islands were we travelled. Our table was the "Love Boat" like in the old tv show everyone has watched one day.


Marie the florist, showed us her work in a small boutique in the suburbs of Paris. She has magic in her hands and knows exactly how to create the atmosphere you describe her with your own words. She is also a very fun person, and very generous, and will do an amazing job in such a short time she had for our wedding, She decorated the ceremony, the tandem bike we used to go to the wedding cocktail, about 3kilometers, and of course the bride bouquet I loved, and didn't leave the whole time, just to throw it to the girls of course.


We love music, and I love singing , so we asked to all our family to sing for the ceremony and to play music. It was such a wonderful moment, with a lot of love around us. We had the surprise that our families and parents prepared some songs they sang during the party. And my future husband had a surprise because I sang a song for him just before our first dance. A lot of music during the whole day, this is also why the emotions were so special. We also will never forget the little live show our best friends prepared. We laughed so much.


The food and service was amazing, during the whole night. Fresh products, and great atmosphere, Carthier Traiteur team was also part of the party, and especially the maitre d'hotel called Pierre.


We were very lucky to meet Saya through a friend, she is a wonderful photographer, the way she sees through her camera is unique because she manages in a real simple way to catch the emotion of this special day, even when you don't like to be photographed. You never feel that she is around, but she knows when to be there and how to leave you the best memories in pictures. Saya also is a wonderful person, and she also became a friend, we don't know how to thank her for all the work she has done for us, and for her kindness.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Bridal Gown: Elodie Michaud | Bridal Shoes: Alix de la Forest | Makeup Artist: Studio Ohlala | Venue: Les Reception Galoupet | Florist: Studio Ohlala | Caterer: Carthier Traiteur | Entertainment: Daniel MC | Stationery: Fanny Teissier | Grooms Suit: Samson

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