Be prepared for your jaw to hit the floor when you see real bride Adelen's backless 'Lenora' Watters Wtoo bridal gown. It is literally breathtaking and suits her down to the ground. The delicate lace fabric amongst the natural woodland location in Oslo, Norway brings a lovely relaxed bohemian vibe to the wedding and couldn't be more prefect. The oh so brilliant Through The Woods We Ran photography worked their magic in capturing the picturesque setting and dreamy moments, fun and laughter, so make sure you are sitting comfortably, because believe me you're going to want to savour every minute. After that if you're yearning for more, we highly recommending checking out the rest of Through The Woods We Ran portfolio on RMW. Enjoy.

The Wedding

Adelen the Bride: We wanted a casual, but yet original wedding with a lot of soul and personality. Our budget was not that high, so we saved a lot of money by doing a lot on our own. We rented a beautiful place in the woods just outside of Oslo, Norway, got the food from a caterer of our own choice, bought alcohol and drinks in Sweden (cause its a lot cheaper there), and rented a tent (from We also borrowed the music-gear at an independent company. We had to get the place ready by ourselves. We also bought almost everything used - from forks to the chairs and decorations, lights and so on. We wanted a simple dinner and an atmosphere where people could sit themselves where they wanted. I think we managed to do that! The appetizer was "fingerfood" that was served along with the welcome-champagne. so we only had one meal in the tent. We wanted enough time before people sat down in the tent, to talk to eachorther, listen to music and just relax. thats why we had the appetizer here. We got all the decorations, chairs, plates etc. from fleemarkeds and through different internet pages where people sell used stuff. The jute cloth/duvey for the tables was bought on eBay. We made the pennants ourselves.


We chose the venue/dinner/party place bacause we love the nature and hikes, and really wanted that in our wedding as well.

Bridal Wear

It gets cold in Norway in the evenings in the summer, and I didn't find a jacket I think fit my wedding dress, so my friend made a sweather as a wedding gift for me. She runs a knitting company called SKAPPEL, where You can buy their own made knitting recepies and yarns. Their instagram Page is @skappel_ My instagram page is @addegull.


Al Green - Lets Stay Together, The Beatles- Here Come the Sun and Eva Cassidy - Songbird were our songs, along with a Norwegian hymn. I walked in to Songbird. The plan was to walk out of the church to Otis Redding - Higher and Higher on speaker, but the groom forgot to set the song ready, so the brides father and Sister in law sang Here Comes The Sun one more time. My favorite moment was seeing my future husband in the church, and walking out of the church together. We also had a lot of fun in the ceremony at church, bacause we did everything wrong, but that was just a a lot of fun, and everybody laughed.


After the ceremony in church we drove to our venue /dinner place to take the pictures. That was also one of our favorite moments. Glenn and Lauren, our photographers, are very laid back and makes you relax, so was just a lot of fun. We also bought our dog to the pictures and party, so that was fun too. The guests arrived a lot sooner then they was supposed to do bacause the bus driver came to early, so we wish we could have more time to take a little break before the guests arrived.


Our transport from church to the venue was our own car, pimped up by our two waitresses for the day. We wanted to put money in things we think is important, and a fancy car wasnt on the list.

Drinks Reception

When the guests arrived, they poured their own champagne and we got a lot of time to talk to everyone. The speeches was also a very nice part of our wedding. We told everyone to keep them short, so that the dinner wouldn't take forever - and is was perfect. Everyone could change seats where they walked and it really was a casual atmosphere.


We had speakers at the venue, so the music before, at, and after dinner was from the speakers and Spotify. after dinner, everybody sort of did what they felt like, eat some cake and coffee, sat outside or in the tent. Very chilled. The plan was to have our wedding dance outside with lights sticks all around in the dark, but bacause of rain we had to take it inside in the barn. We hadn't got time to rehearse our dancing at all, so it was not a bad idea to dance in a crowded little barn after all. Then we continued the party in the barn, and we slept at the venue.

Final Thoughts

The result of a DIY wedding is amazing, but it is also very hard work. We got a lot of help from our families and friends the days before and after, so that was what made it possible. the flower girls dresses were from Zara. They are my sister and niece. The ringbearer (brides Brother) wore shorts and shirt from H&M and the rest of his stuff (the bow tie +) were from ebay.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Bridal Gown: Watters Wtoo - Lenora | Bridal Boutique: Kristins Brudesalong | Hair Stylist: Studio Alf | Florsit: Floriss | Caterer: Strøm Larsen | Bridesmaid Dresses: Reformation | ASOS | Lindex | Grooms Suit: Oscar Jacobson | Venue: Markastua Nygård

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