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Allow us to introduce you to Yulia. She believes in capturing not only the way the moments of a wedding look but how they feel. Having shot over 200 weddings, she continues to grow her business and make her couples wedding photography dreams come true. Here's what a day in her life looks like.

Name: Yulia

Category: Photographers



How did you get into this industry/What made you pursue a career in this industry?

I wanted to be a photographer from the age of 15 and it has never changed since. Wanting to capture the moment in the most beautiful and emotive way is what made me do it.


How do you structure your typical working day?

I start with answering emails and enquiries in the morning, post or prepare posts for social media and blog and then switch to editing which I can do until very late depending on the season.


What excites you most about your job?

Reading glowing feedback! And creating beautiful imagery.


What do you find most challenging about your job?

Being self-employed could be nerve-racking sometimes.

Someone’s wedding day is just a day for us but it’s everything for the couples.

Is there one thing that you do every day without fail?

Yes, being active on IG and replying to enquiries.


What is the most important thing you’ve learned since you started this career?

Someone’s wedding day is just a day for us but it’s everything for the couples.


 What advice would you give others looking to move into this field?

If you do something for your dream job every day, chances are you will be doing it permanently.


Is this your full-time job or do you do it alongside another job?



How do you switch off from work?

Exercise is the best for switching off (I know lame, haha).



Tea or Coffee (loads)

Comfies (are you kidding) or Workwear

Lots of little breaks or One big break

Music or No music

(I want to say water but...) Snacks or Water

Sofa or Desk 

Texting or Talking

Netflix or YouTube

Android or IOS

Book or Audiobook

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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