This beautifully styled, fairy light filled wedding celebration will have you swooning, I can guarantee it! The stunning outdoor ceremony set up is gorgeous enough, but then when you head inside the barn for the reception - you'll be blown away. Every last detail has been carefully considered and perfectly executed by planners and stylists El Mono Con Sombrero. Think bamboo furniture, raffia place mats and terracotta pots filled with plants - all of which create rustic luxe vibes for this stylish destination wedding.

The Venue

From The Planners: The romantic rustic wedding of Adriana and Manu in a botanical garden of Galicia (Spain). They could not have had a better location than a botanical garden located in the Rías Baixas in Pontevedra. The gardens have an area designed at the end of the XIX century by the gardener and landscaper of French origin Dorgambide and in the years 1975-1980 Victoriano Piñeiro Acosta, it was occupied that the existing flora was restored according to the historical tradition, and to which it added the Magnificent collection of camellias and other plants imported from different parts of the world. The gardens of Quinteiro da Cruz are of a high botanical and ornamental interest, where many species grow, both autochthonous and foreign, introduced with a landscape and ornamental criterion over the years.

The Decor

The bride and groom Adriana and Manu were looking for a different wedding, full of nature in the heart of Galicia both flower lovers saw in Quinteiro da Cruz the perfect space to give the if I want. They wanted a wedding with thematic rustic romantic and came to the team "EL MONO CON SOMBRERO" to carry the organisation of his wedding. Another of the areas we used was a large vine of Kiwis where we set the beautiful ceremony that counted on the latest trends like an arch of flowers XL, bamboo chairs and wooden pedestals with Baroque vases with lots of flower.

The Reception

Then they moved to a Bedouin tent in which was served a cocktail prepared by the award-winning chef Iñaki Bretal of the reputed group 9 in which they used products of the land. The last area was a beautiful alpendre where the banquet was celebrated and in which I Wooden SAS in sight, Bamboo wild Florist chairs, candles, Warm lighting and a plant area I leave the guests astonished. The beautiful bouquet of the bride and the flower was commissioned "El MONO CON SOMBRERO" team with hat that performed a perfect job combining many greens with wildflowers. All the organisation, management, idea and decoration was the company of Pontevedra "EL MONO CON SOMBRERO" and was a surprise for the bride and groom who were fascinated with all the decorative details of their day.

The Fashion

The bride Adriana for her dress chose Javier Nogueira, known as Mr. Paramecio, who is also the brother of the bride. A simple and elegant dress with a fine gauze overbody knotted to the back in the form of a loop. For his part, Manu chose a blue suit of purification Garcia complemented with a green tie.

The Photography

The photograph was commissioned AHR photos, the Sevillian did not lose detail of both the bride and groom and all the decoration and the best moments of the wedding.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Planning, Styling & Decor: El Mono Con Sombrero | Catering: Eirado Eventos | Venue: Pazo Quinteiro Da Cruz | Bride: Mr Paramecio | Groom: Purificacion Garcia
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