Something a little different for you all this morning - to make you think about what you want from your wedding video...when this one arrived via our submissions platform, I was absolutely transfixed by it - Dream Colors have created something that's more like a piece of cinema than a traditional wedding film and I LOVE it!!! Andreea & Tibi are close friends with both their wedding videographer and photographer, and they gave them total creative freedom. I guess what I'm saying is, if you find suppliers who you love, let their creative juices flow as you just never know what amazing things could happen! I'm also loving Andreea's Zara wedding dress, such a perfect gown for a bohemian Bride.

Tiberius + Andreea - Trailer | DreamColors - films from DreamColors - films on Vimeo.

The Bride

Andreea The Bride: I knew I wanted a simple wedding, in our hometown, and believe it or not, we took the preparations very lightly. Our families were pushing us to do this and that, but we knew there was time - of course the last few days were a little hectic, but we managed it all. My wedding dress was special to me because it was made by my Mum, she is a dressmaker. I didn’t know from the beginning that I wanted her to make my wedding dress, but after trying some wedding dresses on,it simply hit me. The second dress that I wore at our day after, was bought from Zara, I loved the details on the dress, and the fact it had long sleeves. I had a hair band - also from Zara.

The Decor

We decided we wanted a lot of green and white flowers, the venue had a barn feeling, and the decor was a lot of white. so the green and white details merged perfectly. Many of our friends and family helped, and because my mother in law owns a pastry, she made our wedding cake, and it was just what we wanted.

The Entertainment

Music was provided by family, my husband’s siblings are very good musicians; even my Dad sang a few songs. And some friends also played some tunes.

The Wedding Party

We didn’t have bridesmaids or groomsmen, my husband bought his suit, actually he bought every piece from different shops and he borrowed the details he had on the jacket from a friend.


My advice would be - if you plan your wedding without the help of a wedding planner, be sure you have a lot of help offered to you. I’ve been blessed having so many talented people in my life, and so many friends who helped.  
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Dress: Zara | Decor: Glamour Image | Videography: Dream Colours
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