Having done this job for rather a long time now, I've developed an obsession with beautiful photography. Once you're poured over wedding images for years and years and years, you really start to get an instinctive feel for talent. The way people capture light, their subjects, frame their images and draw emotion from every scene. Then there's the edit, a way to truly set your style apart from the rest. I'm hopeless with a camera myself, but I'd like to think I can pick a good photographer a mile off. Julian Zacsfalvi is definitely one the best I've come across lately, there's nothing fussy or overdone about his work - Anna Maria and Anders look completely at ease. The setting, a rugged beach dotted with the sweetest little candy striped huts near Malmö, Sweden, is simple and natural, the perfect backdrop for this portrait session.
Julian the Photographer: I have known Anna Maria for a while as she is a wedding photographer too. Anders, her partner has a cool app called Beer With Me. So they both work in the creative field. This is, of course, a privilege and a little pressure too to photograph people from creative industries. I went over to shoot a session for them in February which is the middle of winter in Sweden. The location we chose was a nearby beach called Skanör-Falsterbo, a short drive from the centre of Malmö. It is a perfect setting with the sea in the background and with the colourful beach huts on the other side. It was freezing cold on the day but they both braved the minuses and it was well worth it. We had amazing smooth light throughout the afternoon and we ended up with some lovely shots.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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