Oh, Natalia and Tariq... making our dried flower dreams come true. Natalia looked flawless in her, wait for it, Asos Bridal dress that she had specifically tailored at a boutique to fit her perfectly. Tariq donned a navy suit that complimented the dried flowers perfectly. You can see how all the flecks of colour match Natalias's bouquet. It's the little things, isn't it. And they were all captured by talented Recommend Supplier Gina Fernandes.

We had to re-plan our whole wedding due to Covid. Originally we were supposed to have 200 guests.

Tariq and I both come from diverse backgrounds. Tariq is half Pakistani and half English and I am half German and half Pakistani.

The restrictions had made planning things just a little bit easier (in terms of deciding who to invite and costs), even when many things were so uncertain. Our wedding was much more intimate with only 25 people but we wouldn't have had it any other way.

Natalia & Tariq


As I was walking down the aisle "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" by Aerosmith was played. "Ve Maahi" by Arijit Singh was played during the singing of the marriage certificate (we decided to add some of our South Asian cultures into the ceremony). "You and Me" by Lifehouse was also played during the signing. As Tariq and I left the altar "I Want to Know What Love Is" by Foreigner was played.

Dried wedding flowers

We researched online and found that is the best site to find customisable items and found Florence and Flowers on Etsy who make lovely headpieces and bouquet's with dried flowers. They have amazing pieces and at a reasonable price too! All of the buttonholes, bouquet's and flower crowns were customised and made by Carly at Florence and Flowers.

Personalised wedding vows

Since we were not able to say our vows during the ceremony due to COVID restrictions, we decided to say our vows as speeches at the wedding breakfast. We had speeches by the bride's dad, the groom's brother, and the groom's dad. All of the speeches were so touching and emotional and showed how much we all care and love each other. It really tied the day up together so nicely.

I bought my ASOS Bridal dress but had it tailored by Maxine at Evelyn Rose Bridal in Tamworth.

Make sure you and your partner talk openly about what you do/don't like before planning (communication is key!), there will likely be some compromises that you and your partner will have to make. Do not leave things until the last minute, you really need to plan everything in advance so you can fix problems earlier. Finally, not everything will go to plan on the day. Sometimes it might, but things can go wrong and you can't control it. Just relax, take a deep breath and don't stress, just roll with what happens and enjoy your special day!

Natalia & Tariq

ASOS Bridal dress

Did you know that some boutiques will alter your dress for you? If you're buying high street then it's always worth considering asking your local boutique if that's' a service they offer as they will be the best kind of tailer to alter your wedding dress for you, especially if it comes with delicate or intricate fabrics. This is exactly what Natalia did with her ASOS Bridal dress.

The sleeves on Natalia's Asos Bridal dress look immense, don't they? And the whole style fits so perfectly with the venue and those surrounding forests. Ultimate boho princess vibes. It's so reassuring to see virtual weddings happening too - proving that you can share your wedding all over the world, Covid or no Covid. For more boho goodness you can check the links below.

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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Venu: Moor Hall Hotel | Dried Flowers: Florence and Flowers | Cakes: Cakes From Me | Makeup: Makeup By AJ | Brides Dress: ASOS | Bridal Boutique for alterations: Evelyn Rose Bridal | Grooms and Groomsmen: The Wedding Barn | Flowers: The Florist at Coppice

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