It's no secret that I'm a sucker for anything to do with the coast - throw in some gorgeous contemporary bridal wear (Charlie Brear) and some delicious blooms (Ruby & The Wolf) and I'm 100% sold. No, scrap that, I'm head over heels in love. Dreamt up and executed by the stylish Laura of The Bridal Edit, this gorgeous shoot shows the stunning Lulworth Cove in such a romantic, magical light. Images come from the wonderful Rebecca Goddard, who has captured every last detail to perfection.

The Inspiration

Laura the Stylist: I was longing to head to the pretty coastal line that runs along the south of England. Known as the Jurassic Coast, this gorgeous stretch of coast is a World Heritage Site and it was somewhere I used to go to as a kid. The different colours and shapes in the rock formation in one little cove were perfect. Black and sand jagged rock on one side of the beach, and smooth, rounded white curves on the other. Due to the wild natural beauty, I really wanted to strip back the styling and use this incredible landscape focusing on simple elements, natural silks, and earthy hues and flowing hair.

The Details

The bridal outfits were part of Charlie Brear’s new collection, on loan from Perfect Day Bride. The clean, simple elegant lines were perfect. Amazing pieces for the modern bride. Laura from The Bridal Edit chose the pieces and styled each look. Kirstie from Ruby and the Wolf instantly got the florals from the ‘super brief’ brief I’d given her. I knew she’d work her incredible magic and the results were stunning. She produced two beautiful hand-tied bouquets with flowing ribbons from Lancaster and Cornish and a bowl arrangement to place on the rocks. The jewellery was from a personal favourite, Zoe and Morgan. I love everything about the company, the ethos, their design influences and of course, the pieces. We chose the Chandra Collection in silver and Amber Fort pieces in gold. The long hike down to the cove was worth it, even the hike up!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bridalwear: Charlie Brear | Boutique: Perfect Day Bridal | Styling: The Bridal Edit | Flowers: Ruby & The Wolf | Hair & Make Up: Alison Jenner | Calligraphy: The Calligraphy Girl | Jewellery: Zoe & Morgan

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