Black and white wedding decor so chic, so stylish, so deliciously modern, you’ll be chomping at the bit to see more… and don’t worry - we’ve got it! From a groom with a bouquet (we love), to bridal earrings we’ll be dreaming about for days. We love the super sleek styling, complete with the coolest table plan you have ever seen. Oh, and the bride in trainers and trousers? Now that is something we can get onboard with. So, we’ve decided, when in doubt, get yourself some black and white wedding decor inspiration. You seriously won’t regret it. 

Black and white wedding decor with ultra-chic accessories and groom with bouquet

WHY NOT? A bride in pants, slippers, without a bouquet, and a groom with a bouquet.

Tatiana Llevenes

Black and white wedding decor. Gold and crystal are our must! Urban couples with their own comfortable style. The maxi and chic accessories for him and her. We want to inspire couples who want to be free to make their big day just the way they want without following rules.

Tatiana Llevenes

We’re all about being comfortable on your wedding day! If you’re feeling wearing trainers & trousers - then go for it. 

Here at Rock My Wedding, we're all about your day, your way. So, ensure your day is exactly what you want, and no one else. It's all about you and your other half. So, think about what you truly want, and if you fancy throwing away traditions? Well, there's no one stopping you - especially not us.

Rock My Wedding

Black and white wedding decor your thing? We completely understand, and we have so much inspiration you’ll be here for days! Take a look at this black and white luxe wedding in Los Angeles, complete with a candlelit aisle and champagne shelves. Or this beautifully intimate black and white wedding in the Tuscan countryside

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Planner & Stylist : Llévenes Events | Venue : The Hat Madrid | Bouquet & Accessories : Grace Bridal Industries | Bridal Boutique : Lamaryé | Grooms Suit : Félix Ramiro | Makeup & Hair Stylist : Paula Guzman | Female Model : Ana Bokesa | Male Model: Karel H.Neninger

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