A little 70s vibe from our bride in a floppy sun hat today, (and a little rhyming…) How gorgeous does Suzie look in her handmade gown?! Sewn by her mother based on the wedding dress she wore, she kept the original pattern to work from to put together this gorgeous creation! We also love this couples love story… having written off marriage and settled for a life in Cornwall, Suzie & Seb met by chance, falling in love deeply and quickly. Although the pandemic hindered the attendance of many of their friends and family, they were still surrounded by so much love. We just can’t get enough! Oh, and check out the Carrie Bradshaw inspired shoes…

Bride in floppy sun hat for 70s inspired handmade wedding gown

The vibe of the day was very much relaxed city chic! We wanted to be creative and unexpected in our outfit choices.

Suzie & Seb


We both discussed this and agreed it was hard to choose one particular moment. I think it had to be when we were walking over Albert Bridge and someone shouted "congratulations" to us from across the road. It was also when we officially got married. Then, the other incredibly special moment was when we arrived at The Hollywood Arms and our friends & family were waiting for us. ‘All You Need Is Love’ by The Beetles was playing and Seb & I had a cheeky dance whilst guests sang along!


The biggest advice I would give is to choose a day that makes you two the most excited and happy - then plan everything from there. Those who are important to you both will support whatever you want to do for your special day. Try to also remember why you're actually doing it, as it can easily get lost when you get caught up in the excitement of planning your big day. And, it can really help take the pressure off. Ultimately, all that matters is that you two are going to get married.

How gorgeous is Suzie’s bouquet? It was a gift from her sister, and we are just in love!

The biggest project of all was my dress, which my mum made throughout lockdown. It was the same dress my mum wore when she married my dad in the 70s. She didn't keep the dress, but she did keep the pattern which she used to make mine. We only managed to meet up once in-person given my mum lives on the other side of the country. So all fittings were done via Zoom and FaceTime. It was my dream dress!

Suzie & Seb

Fancy being a 70s bride in a floppy sun hat? Honestly, we are just obsessed. Take a look at this 70s disco wedding inspiration, complete with outfits that will have you daydreaming for days! And wanting to head out for a groove… Or how about this LGBT wedding, with a bridal jumpsuit and retro decor that’ll leave you wanting a whole lot more!

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Florist: Roseur | Wedding Cake: Lily Vanilli | Wedding Hat: Mu Du London | Wedding Shoes: Manolo Blahnik | Reception Venue: The Hollywood Arms

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