Bright wedding flowers are just what we need today! This gorgeous elopement is giving us all the summer vibes, and we love it. Complete with the most glorious cake, finished in bold and captivating colours. Oh, and a backdrop that’ll stop you in your tracks. The overall look feels carefree, yet so beautifully intimate. Oh, and don’t get us started on that tablescape! We really have jumped right into glorious technicolour… perfect for the fast-approaching summer months.

Bright wedding flowers with scenic Spanish backdrop 

This kind of view has its advantages and disadvantages when designing the wedding. You obviously can’t compete! But you also need to create something that isn’t going to be easily lost by the eye of the viewer.

Lara Onac Photography


Using floral columns behind and in front of Bianca and Oliver, we wanted to create depth in the floral design. Using painted whites and an ample floral colour palette, we hoped to design something sufficiently original that would stand out yet still feel natural. Background is an essential element in all decoration and must always be taken into account while designing.


Bianca and Oliver met whilst travelling through Europe. When deciding on a venue for their elopement, they were looking for a place with all the conveniences of a large city but in a natural, mountain-esc setting. The Sierra of Madrid became their favourite option. Taking into account the international travel accessibility, the closeness of the mountains to the city centre (half an hour drive), the gastronomic and cultural richness of Spain, the great weather, and the long summer days.

We love how each aspect of this elopement has been perfectly designed and placed so you don’t lose the incredible background! 

Bianca was very clear from the beginning about wanting to create a summer, carefree feeling. By having an open air ceremony with the Sierra in the background, and by using a bright colour palette of brights and pastels. Also adding elements of watermelon, apricots and cherries on the table decoration, and most of all by the electric vibes between Bianca and Oliver, we’d have to say that love was in the mountain air.

Lara Onac Photography

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Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Florist: Savia Bruta | Dress Designer: Angela Pedregal | Accessories: Martina Dorta | Hair Stylist: Cristina Navas | Makeup Artist: Cristina Lobato | Stationery: Estudio Requetebien | Wedding Cake: Fairy Cakes Virginia | Textiles: Warm And Wild

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