Mastering Calligraphy is on that virtual list, emblazoned on the brain of things to conquer in life. Dreams of having beautiful written Christmas cards and correspondence. The reality is, it’s really hard and takes time, practice and dedication to get remotely good at the art. Thankfully our exclusive wedding directory, The List has some amazingly clever folk who have done the hard work for us. 

Wedding invitations are traditionally handwritten which is why both Brush lettering and Calligraphy work so well within this arena. In a world where so much is typed, text or even emoji'd it is just the biggest treat to see beautiful handwritten typography.

The delicate strokes, slight differences, perfect imperfections are forever elegant and a fitting complement to weddings.

The beauty of both is how transferrable they are in different print effects and stock choice. Embossed, Letter Press, Foiled, Black and white, delicious and whimsical watercolour and laser cut.


Calligraphy, traditional or modern calligraphy always stuns. Names and titles look beautiful mixed with another font for the copy body. Calligraphy is written using a variation of nips and inks. Nibs come in different shapes and sizes which create a different look for the lettering.  The nibs, or quills, are dipped in ink and then when used pressure is applied on the down stroke, making those strokes thicker. Down stokes are drawn with less pressure, making them thinner, this is how the varied look of a letter is created. It is very tidal and precise. 

Calligraphy Subtle, elegant, classic.

Brush Lettering

Brush lettering has a softer, chunkier look that stands out in invitations and on the day stationery such as on name places for table settings. A single word in Brush lettering is highly effective and a bit of a showstopper in my opinion. Brush lettering is written using brush and paints or a brush pen specifically for this variety of typography.

Brush Lettering Soft, whimsical, fun.

When considering your wedding stationery it is important to consider the whole stationery package, not just your invitations. Especially because both Calligraphy and Brush lettering can pull together your wedding theme. Your table decor could be dictated by the tone of the stationery. Brush letting in all its bold glory is complimented with delicate flowers whereas a more slimline Calligraphy falls in the opposite and will suit larger florals and foliage. The colours used in your stationery package will also be your lead into the style of your wedding’s theme.

Floral Calligraphy and Brush Lettering A match made in heaven.

The List Stationers

Stationers we recommend on The List are handpicked and are the best in their field. They are the people who took the time to learn these skills, to hone them until perfected, who know what works where and why. They are professionals and are always ready to answer questions and to offer advice. You can find them all on The List where you can find galleries, testimonials and links to features where they have appeared on Rock My Wedding.

Amy Cooper

Written by Amy Cooper

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