Lovely couple Cheryl & Mpho were in a car accident just 6 weeks before their big day. It resulted in Cheryl breaking BOTH of her ankles. How she managed to look this gorgeous AND walk down the aisle is absolutely amazing. The images from Jennifer Moyes of this very happy South African wedding have captured the essence of the day perfectly, there's nothing posed or staged - everyone looks so happy and there's a lot of hugging going on. I suppose being in an serious car accident makes all the emotions of a wedding day even more acute and it shows in everyones faces. Congratulations Cheryl & Mpho!!!
Cheryl The Bride: Our wedding day was special for so many reasons. We had been dating for over 11 years as a mixed race couple in South Africa, we had guests attending from all over the world as well as different parts of South Africa. We had just been through a traumatic car accident 6 weeks before our wedding and I broke both ankles and had to have surgery, but I managed to walk down the aisle without a crutch and managed our first dance!!! Due to my Scottish heritage Mpho decided he would like to wear a kilt, he absolutely loved it and I must say he looked extremely handsome. Thank Goodness I chose a long dress apposed to the ¾ style I was so determined to wear when I first started looking at dresses. It covered my cast perfectly! As they say everything happens for a reason. As Mpho’s family is African we decided to use the popular material ‘Shwe Shwe’ for our table runners for décor. Instead of having the usual canapés we chose to have a cheese wheel cake, we love our cheese and we were providing a 3 course buffet meal for our guests later in the evening and thought that the ‘traditional wedding’ cake would be a bit of a waste.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Dress: Lady Marmalaide | Kilt: Rob Roy | Venue: Le Sel @ The Cradle | Cake : The Cheese Cake

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