This stylish shoot from Tenerife wedding planner Priscilla Salazar is just gorgeous. I love the rich colour palette and the combination of textures. Dried hydrangeas, lots of foliage and feathers show that you don't aways need an abundance of fresh blooms to create a striking impression. The incredible venue is full of gorgeous architectural details too, crumbling lichen covered walls, concrete floors and winding stairways just calling out for their photograph to be taken. The whole effect is beautiful and is the perfect slice of escapism for your lunchtime viewing pleasure...
Priscilla The Wedding Planner: I love my job and I feel a great need to show the world all the beautiful things that can be created in the world of weddings. For this reason we have gathered great professionals full of talent and in love with their work to perform this beautiful shoot. For the realisation of this editorial, we have been inspired by the new trends, leaving aside the traditional dresses and wedding rooms. We decided to create a channel through the photos, where the future couples, could see another way to say I DO!! For this shoot, shot in Tenerife, we looked for a beautiful architecture marked by the passage of time; where the simplest detail acquired an authentic glow. This location was found in San Cristobal de la Laguna, a city declared a World Heritage Site; belonging to the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which remains intact to its original design in the XV century. A small corner of the world, full of history and uniqueness. To elaborate the decor, we mixed the old with the modern, the romantic and classic with touches of this time, making use of different textures and trends. Every detail in the decor was added to create an authentic environment. Couples want weddings with attitude and personality and that was the effect we wanted to show. The wedding world lives in continuous growth and we will continue to enjoy it in 2017!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Wedding Planner: Priscilla Salazar | Accessories: Marta Moore | Flowers: Bonsai | Dresses: Blumynt | Groom: Silbon | Cake: Free Heart | Stationery: Doblele Studio | Tableware Hire: Cosas De Maruja | Wooden Details: Tenerife Creations

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