We're sharing a couple more snippets from the gorgeous book Paper Parties by Berin Made today. If you love your crafting and are having a DIY wedding then I cannot recommend Erin's book highly enough. There are lots of simple but really effective projects, the instructions are clear and concise and all of the templates you need are in the back of the book. A couple of weeks ago we shared five ideas from Paper Parties that will help you to create an incredible paper backdrop for your wedding aisle, top table or accent wall. Today we're sharing some super creative ways to dress up your reception table. Oh, and for you London based Brides, Erin is holding a series of workshops THIS WEEKEND at West Elm. Get your tickets booked, get your book on order and you'll most definitely be the queen of crafting for your wedding day.

Five Creative ways to dress up your reception table
  • Seafoam Chair Backs - Chose a colour that matches your palette and this is the perfect way to add additional texture to your decor.
  • Liquorice Garlands - Streaming from the back of chairs, when ribbons are over budget but you have your heart set - paper twisted like liquorice is the perfect solution!
  • Flower Power Party Poppers - I don't think life gets any better than this. Flower-shaped party poppers!!! These would be amazing for the kids' table and would keep lots of adults happy too ;)
  • All Kinds of Confetti - It's not a wedding without confetti.
  • Glitter Dipped Drinks Sticks - The perfect way to make guests feel special while they sip on their cool drinks in the sunshine.

For more ideas, you can buy Erin's book Paper Parties here. And for a limited time only receive a signed copy, and pack of star boxes in her special new season patterns. And don't forget about the not-to-be-missed workshops THIS WEEKEND at West Elm. All projects are taken from Paper Parties by BerinMade, published by Pavilion.

Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Projects Taken From: Paper Parties by Berin Made
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