I am literally in awe of Dalia & Teo, not only is their rustic wedding absolutely gorgeous, but it was planned it just 53 days! Dalia's stunning pink tulle gown was also handmade by a dear friend and looks like a couture dress that could have easily taken months to design and create. The setting for this autumnal wedding was the very lovely The Wedding House venue in Romania. It is a stunning picturesque village far away from the rush of the big city with quaint buildings and breathtaking views. Even though the house is bursting with personality, Dalia & Teo still managed to put their stamp on the ceremony & reception with what is some of the lovelies decor, details and blooms I have ever seen. Get those pinning fingers ready as Andreea Alexandroni Photography has captured the gown, the table scapes and all the love of this free spirited bohemian day.

The Wedding

Dalia the Bride: Our wedding was a beautiful and challenging story, one we had to put together in only 53 days! What we’ve learned along the way was the tremendous blessing of having dearly supportive family and friends by your side, and we truly believe we wouldn’t have done it without them. We are so grateful for all of them and their precious help and for how they genuinely contributed to those perfect little details of our special day.

The Bride

My dress was made by an old and dear friend (Consuela) and it was such a special process for me to witness! When I picked her I knew I was in for a lot of imagination, high quality, attention to details, and, above all – a person I could wholeheartedly trust. Given the fact that I only had a couple of weeks to get my dress done I needed someone bold and crazy enough to join me in this adventure, but also someone who would take the time and patience to listen to all my dreams, emotions and desires when it came to my pink wedding dress. Consuela was my best choice and she offered me the truly unique experience of being able to watch her work on my dress, sewing every detail and cautiously adjusting every part to offer me exactly what I’ve dreamed of. I had my shoes custom made, adapted to the idea of an outdoorsy wedding and I went for golden – one of my top favorite colours! As jewellery I wanted a pair of statement earrings and my kind friend Irina surprised me with a beautiful, pink-sparkling ones from Etsy.

The Groom

I always thought that a colour like the one of Teo’s suit will beautifully complement my dress and, moreover, this petroleum blue is one of our favorites! So this was a pretty simple choice. His Vitale Barberis Canonico was paired with some brown shoes and he sure looked dandy!

The Venue

When we imagined our wedding day we kept thinking it would take place in a setting full of life, in the middle of nature, one that would instantly make you feel good and relaxed. We wanted something informal, laid back, that would fit our story and match our preferences and that would be full of vibrant nature. The wedding house was exactly that!

The Flowers

Being part of a flower business, I designed the concept and picked the flowers myself and had dear friends help me transform it into reality. My colleague Lavinia took care of my bouquet, a large wild one, with strong contrasts, as I wanted it to incorporate rich, fully flowers and a lot of greenery.

The Photography

I've known Andreea for quite some time and I appreciated her straightforward character, her easiness and how comfortable she makes you feel around her. These were for sure things that I wanted from a person who was going to be with us all along our wedding day. We connected so naturally, there were no awkward moments and, on top of all these, she was as enthusiastic as we were about having our photo sessions in the nature.

The Wedding Planner

To us, Irina is the person who managed to do what for us seemed like impossible: a wedding – a day of celebration in the middle of nature, where all the details found their perfect spot, and all of these in just 53 days! She was with us every step of the way, sharing the joys of planning a wedding and helping us face the challenges that came along. She is full of life, she knows how to celebrate well and she enriched not just our experience, but also our lives for sure! For her friendship, her professionalism and all the joy she brought – we are beyond grateful for her!

The Ceremony

We really wanted our ceremony to be outdoor, in the middle of nature, and in the same place as the reception to avoid unnecessary hustle. It mattered a lot to us to have dear people involved even in this area or our wedding – Teodor’s cousins sang before the sermon and we invited family and close friends to pray blessings upon us at the end. Hearing them was so special and moving!

The Entertainment

I am repeating myself, I know, but even this part was a group effort of people so dear to us! Teodor’s sister put together a couple of fun games and activities and all of our guests joined and played along – we even gave them witty prizes that involved activities done together! The weather was unusually warm for the beginning of October in Romania, so we were able to dance under the stars and have lots of fun. One big surprise was when Teodor, who plays the guitar, had a special song for me, filled with promises and thankfulness. And another one of my favorite moments was the one put together by a group of our friends, who wrote and acted out a poem describing our relationship. It was hilarious!

The Food

We wanted our menu to be different, yet filling and delicious for all of our guests. We opted for a rich, interesting appetizer, then soup and a main course, and all of them were highly appreciated. We kept receiving positive feedback for our choices. For the candy bar we really wanted cakes and sweet that would not be covered in sugar, icing or marzipan full of colours. We opted for handmade sweets and of course, tarts – our all time favorites! We had a couple of mini tarts with chocolate, coconut and sour cherries, some cheesecake, brownies, cupcakes and some big round tarts with frappe and white chocolate. We felt really loved when one of my friends from my hometown offered to bring along his pancake station and made fresh, hot pancakes for us during the reception. One of our favorite desserts is carrot cake, so this was a natural option for our wedding cake, too. We asked Sweet Ela to make it a naked cake and decorate it with greenery to match the feeling of our relaxed wedding.

DIY Projects

Being such a personal, intimate thing for us, we wanted to be involved as much as possible in those tiny details that mattered. I started by drawing the wedding invitations myself, setting the tone for our wedding – they were simple, with a lot of greenery. I ended up designing the menus to match them. Then, me and my mother in law picked and prepared the materials for our photo corner and we took all the official photos with our guests there. During those 53 days of planning our wedding we gathered tens of bottles and used them as holders for the tall candles that were everywhere. I loved the warm light and the dramatic effect they provided!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress: Baraka | Bridal Shoes: Creative Shoes | Earrings: Etsy Shop - Angel Pearls | Hairdresser: Laurentiu Ilie | Makeup: Alina Alexa | Groom: Vitale Barberis Canonico | Venue: The Wedding House | Catering: Gala Catering | Desserts: Sweet Ela | Florist: Suvenir | Entertainment: DJ John | Wedding Planner: Irina Negut - I Do Events
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