Like babies we're not supposed to have favourites, but this Dirty Dancing lake lift engagement shoot by ALifeLessOrdinary Photography has definitely got to be up there with one of my all time favourite features. So innovative and so personal to this gorgeous couple, is what makes it so special. Not to mention the gorgeous colour saturation and edit of Gavin's captures. If there is one message that is clear from this pre wedding shoot it is to do whatever makes you happy, be that a lake lift, a stroll, or posed portraits. As your love will truly shine through and the memories will be there to treasure forever.
Gavin Halse The Photographer: These two have been engaged recently but never got engagement photos and really wished they had but they had always wanted something different, out the norm and hadn’t found the photographer to give those shots until they saw my work.

Dirty Dancing Lake Lift Engagement Shoot

My name is Gavin, my company is ALifeLessOrdinary Photography. I am based in Lancashire, UK. I specialise in storytelling for free spirited, adventurous and In Love. I have a HUGE love for classic movies, I watch an 80’s classic most Sundays with my fiancée and I as well as bringing natural moments and adventure to my shoots I have for a while wanted to bring inspiration from these classic movies. Abi LOVES Dirty Dancing so when they got in touch I threw this idea around of going to the lake and doing the lift, jumping in, wild swimming they were so up for it.

Location - Lake Coniston

The shoot took place at Lake Coniston on a sunny evening. They jumped in, swam, skimmed stones, lit a fire, and….. WE DID THE LIFT! To get the shot I was actually waist deep with my camera, praying to god I didn’t fall, but what we captured I really think is beautiful!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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