Hoops are having a BIG moment in the world of weddings. They’re romantic, practical, beautiful and symbolic. And the hoop bouquet is one of my favourite ways to incorporate hoops into a wedding. Ultra-versatile, bridal hoop bouquets will look just as perfect at laid-back, boho nuptials as they will at a classic and elegant wedding. They make a beautiful alternative to the traditional bouquet and can double up as décor after the ceremony. Wedding hoop bouquets can be bought for anything up to £60 online, but today I’m going to show you how to save yourself approximately £45 by creating your own DIY hoop bouquet for just £15.

DIY Hoop Bouquet {What You Will Need}

Wooden hoop (£1.78) Flower tape (£2.70) Flowers and greenery (£10.50) Scissors For the flowers I went faux and used this coral peony and a tiny section of this floral garland, which was perfect as it also provided some very realistic-looking greenery. As pretty as real flowers are, they’re just not as practical as faux, which can be used to craft these hoops well in advance of your big day without worries about wilting, and can withstand much more faffing!

DIY Hoop Bouquets {Instructions}

1. Work out how you want the hoops to look by arranging your flowers underneath. I used the peony just off centre and balanced it out with smaller flower heads to the right. 2. Wrap the flower tape around the section of the hoop that you would like to be covered with flowers and greenery. This creates a base for the florals and ensures that the section underneath the flowers is all the same colour.
3. Twist the greenery and flowers around the taped section.
4. Use shorter strips of flower tape to attach the greenery and flowers to the hoop. It should already be a bit sticky because of the flower tape base that you created at step 2 above, but these smaller strips will ensure that the flowers stay in position.
Ta-da! One beautiful hoop bouquet. Now you just need to make one for each of your bridesmaids :)

For more inspiration of the hoop variety, head to our 2019 trend predictions post, and to see hoop bouquets in action check out this Real Wedding. Will you be doing your own flowers on the day? Have I tempted you to try your hand at a hoop bouquet?

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Hoop Bouquet

Lisa Soeno

Written by Lisa Soeno

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